Unbiased User Reviews + Professional Content that makes Buying Decisions Easier
July 23, 2019

Unbiased User Reviews + Professional Content that makes Buying Decisions Easier

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

We used TrustRadius to decide on an iPaaS. I was the lead on researching options and presenting my buying recommendation to the CEO. I also leveraged input from my team, who would be using the platform.
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
  • To validate vendor claims
  • To confirm my decision
  • To find evidence to support my recommendation to colleagues or my client
The most helpful tool I found was the Buyers Guide to iPaaS. At the time, I had already determined my top choice and was prepared to make a recommendation to my CEO. The Buyer's Guide was a useful tool for showing him the comparisons between products, and especially what types of companies were using different platforms. The platform reviews and list of competitors were also helpful earlier in my search.
Reviews that contain specific use cases are useful because I can compare what I need to use the platform for and how it matches up. I also like knowing what the biggest weakness of a product is so I can determine how important that weakness is to what we are trying to accomplish. In addition to reviewing the platform itself, I typically look for indicators of strong support from the company in the review.
I like being well-informed and know that a salesperson from a particular company will always have a reason to gloss over product deficiencies/tell me what I want to hear. Reviews from other companies help me understand how other people are using a platform to solve problems and how closely their experiences match what I'm hearing from the sales team and what our company is trying to accomplish.
The Buyers Guide to iPaaS was extremely helpful because it included two platforms we were considering as finalists. It also included a company my CEO wanted me to investigate but that I knew was out of our budget and more than we needed. The most helpful thing in the Buyer Guide to me was the product comparison chart, especially the profile of what size companies used which product, and the overall rating for the product. I shared the guide with my CEO during our final conversation on which platform to move forward with. It was an easily shareable and professional report with valid and useful information.
  • Unbiased Reviews
  • Buyer Guides
  • Product Comparisons
  • Being taken away from the main page to read an entire review can be a little annoying.
I also used G2 Crowd, which had more reviews for some of the platforms we looked at. I didn't read all the reviews but the average rating from G2Crowd was more important to me because of that. TrustRadius had better overall materials for comparing platforms and sharing within my company, beyond just the user reviews.
Other review sites are typically just user reviews. I really liked the Buyers Guide and the Alternatives section on TrustRadius, which were super valuable in selecting a platform and easily shareable to my CEO.
TrustRadius has a large database of platforms and reviews, the product comparisons are useful and it can be used to introduce you to platforms you were unaware of through the "Alternatives" section. They also provide tips for how to approach product purchases and materials for communicating the importance of a platform/comparisons within your company.