A Quality Research Platform with Authentic Reviews
December 31, 2021

A Quality Research Platform with Authentic Reviews

Hiran Thorera | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

[It is good at] helping [us] find a value-for-money software in the sense of the solution we are obtaining from the software and making a good purchase decision for the company. [We did a] comparison of similar products with respect to features, pricing, and after-sales services. The reviews submitted by software users help the other users and improve the feedback system for the software developer companies. This platform has authentic reviews and ratings on the software by the software users. This platform is also a quick purchase guide for organizations.
During the purchase of video editing software purchase for the organization, there was [an] urgency for the company to create [a] basic level promotional video, but at that time, we didn't [have] a professional video editor. So our team decided to create and edit the video on our own, so we [did] research for video editing software [that] is compatible [with] entry-level editing skills on TrustRadius. We found some of the software with advanced features, but our team selected software compatible [with] our team and made a purchase decision for our company.
  • [The] overall rating helps to filter a low rated software without wasting time [and] the user can research high rated software products for making a purchase.
  • The pros and cons can be viewed for every software, which speeds up the [research] on the key points of [the] user experience [of] the software.
  • [The] features scorecard helps to see how effectively the software's features [are] helping the user.
  • [The] alternatives features help the user to see other competitive software or platforms, which provide a solution for the user.
  • [It] needs to list all [of] the software [that] exist.
  • The UX interface needs to be optimized [for] mobile web version.
  • Customized search options based on user requirements and budget would be great.
The features available are [varied] and very specific about the software review based on [the] differences [in] usage of the customer. The software developers will be relying on the feedback of the customer's user experience. Only genuine reviews are published and protect software products with authentic reviews, which makes a big difference in [the] optimization of [the] feedback system for the software developers.
In Capterra, the UX is simple and [user-friendly] to have an [overview of] the software. On Capterra, the reviews are brief and crisp, which saves research time. Almost [all of the] software [is] listed [on] Capterra and [some of] that is missing [on] TrustRadius. On TrustRadius, reviews are lengthy and [a] bit time-consuming while doing research.
On TrustRadius, authentic reviews are obtained, so it is recommended for the organization. This platform with its many features, like ratings, pricing, pros, cons, product details, and other alternatives, helps the organization [with] quality research to make a quality purchase decision, which helps the organization calculate their return of investments.
A platform [that] doesn't waste much time [or] effort in making research of [a] product effective [via] features like overall rating, pricing, alternatives, product details, [and] pros and cons. [The] details save a lot of effort and also optimize the purchase-making decisions of the individual and the organization, too.