Tools like Vidyard are the key to competitive selling in the digital age. Be first, not last.
September 24, 2019

Tools like Vidyard are the key to competitive selling in the digital age. Be first, not last.

Bob Engelhart | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Vidyard

Vidyard has become a core tool with our Account-Based outreach program. The very first email a prospect receives from us has a personalized video embedded in the core of the email. In the past, we used hyperlinks to YouTube videos but with Vidyard we embed an animated thumbnail of the prospect's website. Using this kind of personalized approach we have probably tripled our engagement. With analytics like attention span and number of watches etc., we can track what is working and what is not. We will be expanding our use of Vidyard into other areas of the business including client onboarding. I am a fan.


  • Vidyard integrates with our HubSpot Sales Pro, making it easy to add a video to an email sequence. In the past, it was a clumsy effort. With Vidyard our output is much higher.
  • With Vidyard it is simple to record your screen and presenter simultaneously. I don't have hard data, but from my observation, when someone sees the human who is making a first-time contact, the trust level skyrockets.
  • I really like the Chrome Extension. Not only does it make it easy to make a quick video on the fly, but it also provides notification when a video is watched. This kind of insight is precious when making initial connections.


  • My only issue with using Vidyard is that when I send an email via HubSpot, I am not able to get some of the crucial analytics like how many times a specific section of a video was watched. This is great data when you think about tracking what is resonating with prospects.
  • This is from a CEO after receiving an email with a personalized Vidyard video embedded. "I've got to admit that your sales process is probably the best and most impressive I've encountered to date. I'd be happy to explore how you might be able to help us out. "{Mic Drop}.
  • We have been using Vidyard for about 6 months as a test. In 2020 we will be stepping up our use and formalizing the tracking and ROI.
I think Snagit is great for certain applications, but for our needs in sales and marketing Vidyard has many more benefits, starting with the simple integration to HubSpot. In addition, the call to action, analytics, and branding available with Vidyard make it the ideal sales and marketing tool.
Vidyard is our most powerful tool for initial client outreach. The personalization that is possible goes far beyond the old options. Further applications we have planned for 2020 include onboarding new clients and additional sale enablement videos explaining complex concepts.

For anyone in service, I recommend building an FAQ library in both written text and video. Give your customers a choice, it is easy with Vidyard.

Vidyard Support

Starting with the sales process, to onboarding to ongoing service, Vidyard has been great to work with. I think much of their support strength lies in their use of video. As for ongoing support questions, I always get a clear and quick answer. Sometimes I don't like the answer but not often.

Integrating Vidyard

I can not imagine how it could be any easier to integrate Vidyard into both Chrome and HubSpot. If you know how to add a Chrome extension then you can run Vidyard and record a video on the fly. As a direct connect to the HubSpot platform adding a video is as easy as adding a document.


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