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Top Rated
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AB Tasty

AB Tasty is well suited to all websites that are looking for an optimization of their UX/UI. Whether you are an e-merchant or a media, this Saas solution will allow you to quickly find solutions to break blocking points of your conversion funnel.
At Eurosport, we also use this solution to customize the experience of our users according to their behaviors and interests. These actions coupled with optimization of the customer path, allows us to gain in performance.
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  • Simple one-tag implementation allows you to get up and running in minimal time.
  • In-page visual editor allows changes to be made to the site without technical expertise.
  • Dedicated account and technical support with impressive turnaround times.
  • Strong segmentation and personalisation options.
  • Huge range of integrations.
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  • Session recording and heat maps are new features, and they are still below HotJar capabilities... but HotJar makes no difference today for versions of an A/B test... so I hope AB Tasty will further enhance those features to catch up.
  • Reporting and "insights" are great, but we [wish] AB Tasty could automatically analyze all the segment combinations to bring valuable info (like 8% overall increase but covering +16% on mobile and -2% on PC so we should exclude this segment from this optimized version).
  • Overall control on tests to send warnings like "you should not stop this test until it runs for one complete week", or "you should not consider overall performance as it is not stabilized" (when conversion curves are crossing each other so the winning version is not always the same...).
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Likelihood to Renew

AB Tasty7.7
Based on 8 answers
We are very satisfied with the tool and the service that comes with it. Not renewing our use of AB Tasty is unlikely.
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AB Tasty8.2
Based on 1 answer
People are avalaible and they know very well their product wich help to resolve quick issues. Also the benchmark they have help us to improve our own business
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Alternatives Considered

We selected AB Tasty over other leading A/B Testing platforms due to its huge list of features, dedicated account support and competitive licensing model.
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Return on Investment

  • Improvement on conversion rates from minor site improvements through to full page redesigns.
  • Test and deploy new content prior to launch to evaluate performance.
  • Deploy personalised content to enhance the user journey.
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AB Tasty

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