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AB Tasty

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AB Tasty

AB Tasty is well suited to all websites that are looking for an optimization of their UX/UI. Whether you are an e-merchant or a media, this Saas solution will allow you to quickly find solutions to break blocking points of your conversion funnel.
At Eurosport, we also use this solution to customize the experience of our users according to their behaviors and interests. These actions coupled with optimization of the customer path, allows us to gain in performance.
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  • A solution for marketers. Indeed, Ab Tasty's Saas solution does not require advanced technical knowledge, and thus allows marketers to regain control over their websites.
  • A team dedicated to listening and performing. This is one of the major strengths of this start-up. Teams are available and accompany us at every moment: from training to the use of the tool, to the implementation of very specific tests.
  • The interface is perfectly thought out. It is intuitive and allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently with clear and relevant analysis tables. In addition, the solution fits perfectly into our ecosystem because it is connected to our Google Analytics account, our CRM and other internal tools.
  • Finally, listening to their team makes it possible to regularly improve their tool by adding new functionalities according to the needs of the users.
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  • A debugger console is missing, because it is sometimes hard to understand why your personalization is not displaying.
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AB Tasty7.7
Based on 8 answers
AB Tasty's tool as well as the support team completely met my goals on A/B Testing. Editing a test is really easy and AB Tasty made the marketing team free to launch nearly any test. Reporting is also easy to set up and give us the information needed to keep improving transformation on landing pages and forms
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AB Tasty8.2
Based on 1 answer
People are avalaible and they know very well their product wich help to resolve quick issues. Also the benchmark they have help us to improve our own business
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Alternatives Considered

AB Tasty shares data with many analytics solutions as Google Analytics or At Internet solutions
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Return on Investment

  • It has helped us gain higher conversion rates on certain pages
  • It has helped us use data to make decisions and reach goals
  • It has given a clearer picture as to how pages and websites are being used
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AB Tasty

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