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AB Tasty

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AB Tasty

44 Ratings
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AB Tasty

The main question that we asked ourselves when we had to choose a tool for A/B testing was "is this tool adapted to our website architecture and will it allow us to launch the A/B tests we want to launch ?" AB Tasty is very well suited to launch tests using a redirect or even to make some minor modifications on some pages without dynamics


  • Tests are very easy to set up with the platform, or using the widget.
  • AB Tasty's team are very open to propositions of evolutions for the tool.
  • Reading and analyzing the results of the tests is quite simple and intuitive.
  • The results are also easy to share with the people in the company who might find them useful.


  • The user interface is quite clunky and could do with some improvements.
  • They could also do a better job onboarding customers with little experience.

Likelihood to Renew

AB Tasty7.7
Based on 8 answers
AB Tasty's tool as well as the support team completely met my goals on A/B Testing. Editing a test is really easy and AB Tasty made the marketing team free to launch nearly any test. Reporting is also easy to set up and give us the information needed to keep improving transformation on landing pages and forms


AB Tasty8.2
Based on 1 answer
People are avalaible and they know very well their product wich help to resolve quick issues. Also the benchmark they have help us to improve our own business

Alternatives Considered

We selected AB tasty because it corresponded with what we were looking for. It had really great feedback and it's almost one of the best tools in the market.

Return on Investment

  • Great improvement in conversion
  • More of a test driven culture

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AB Tasty

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