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AB Tasty

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AB Tasty

I can only mention where AB Tasty has been useful as I haven't had negative experiences on the tests we have carried out. A useful scenario for us is that we use AB Tasty to test changes on pages in a test environment instead of having to test on live


  • Simple interface, easy to use dashboard, reporting, editor and targeting options.
  • Ability to test different using the various options they provide such as personalisations, AB test, multiple pages and predictive tests
  • Great support form the team to help mazimising efforts and tests.


  • One point of improvement could be the implementation of multi-account management. Indeed, being in charge of the management of Eurosport sites around the world we try to share our actions and evolutions on our various sites.
  • Nevertheless, this point is not blocking to the extent that we use our major sites to do our global redesign tests. I think that this need is specific to the media, and that the increasing implementation of customization of the UX brings us to have a more precise approach, which requires a case-by-case study.

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AB Tasty7.7
Based on 8 answers
I guess I will not change my headlines every day


AB Tasty8.2
Based on 1 answer
People are avalaible and they know very well their product wich help to resolve quick issues. Also the benchmark they have help us to improve our own business

Alternatives Considered

We selected AB Tasty after using Google Analytics because setting up tests on Google's free test was not as easy and the results were not very precise. We had illogical results due to the way tests were set up on the tool so we chose a more reliable tool with flexibility for the marketing team. Our website technical architecture can sometimes be complex and AB Tasty was the only tool with a french support team that allowed us to set up the tests we needed

Return on Investment

  • It has helped us gain higher conversion rates on certain pages
  • It has helped us use data to make decisions and reach goals
  • It has given a clearer picture as to how pages and websites are being used

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AB Tasty

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