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What is Privy?

Privy in Boston is designed to enable online stores to capture more emails and convert first-time visitors into customers using the company's integrated suite of web conversion and email marketing tools.

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What is Privy?

Privy in Boston is designed to enable online stores to capture more emails and convert first-time visitors into customers using the company's integrated suite of web conversion and email marketing tools.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Privy for our email marketing, for our cart abandonment, and exit popups. We used several email marketing platforms and Privy was by far the easiest of the bunch to setup and use especially with the training sessions we received by our rep Melissa. Privy's cart abandonment works so well that we stopped using the one built into our website and switched that over completely to Privy.
  • Privy is phenomenally user friendly, email campaigns are very easy to create.
  • Privy has great customer service and implementation, our rep is Melissa who went above and beyond in getting everything setup.
  • It gets some getting used to setting up emails with pictures.
  • Service isn't cheap but you get what you pay for.
I would highly recommend Privy, their personal help of going into settings with you is great and it's very user friendly and makes campaigns look professional. I would 100% recommend this to someone using BigCommerce as Privy integrates natively with that platform making it easy to use and no external app is needed or used.
  • We have had better conversion rates on our emails.
  • We spend less time creating email marketing campaigns that look professional.
After having used quite a few email marketing platforms, I can say out of all of them we like Privy the best. Privy's integration with the BigCommerce platform makes it much easier to use than the others we tried in the past and we are happy with the results we have gotten and their excellent customer support which is superior especially to Mailchimp which can only be reached by email.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Privy on several of our ecommerce stores. The main function is to increase our email acquisition conversion, though we also use it for on-site messaging and product upsells. It is used by our team members within the marketing department, though client services occasionally has suggestions as well. We capture more emails per day using Privy than our standard email capture.
  • Spin To Win wheel
  • Cart upsells
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Integrations with Non-Shopify Stores
  • Integrations with different email service providers
  • Reporting with non-shopify stores
Adding Privy to your ecommerce store is a no brainer. You can very quickly increase your on-site email acquisition conversion rate through the Spin To Win wheel and other templates that Privy offers. You can also use it for additional on-site messaging like announcement bars and landing pages.
  • We have 3X'd our on site email acquisition on average
  • Sold thousands of dollars of merchandise through product upsells
The customer support team from Privy is incredible (shout out to Simone). Every person I have worked with has been knowledgable, helpful, polite, and responsive. They have a live chat feature and all CSRs do a great job.
Privy is very easy to use and is intuitive to new users. The templates they provide give you a head start on campaign builds and their customer success team is approachable and knowledgable about the product. You do not have to be a tech wizard to get rolling with Privy, but the results will make you feel that way.
page V | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Privy is an opt-in form creator and is being used by our email marketing department. We use this program to design, launch, and implement different kinds of opt-in forms for ourselves and for our clients on their websites. It turns website visitors into active contacts through email opt-in forms without custom HTML and integrates with a lot of other software. It's easy to use, tracks website visits and conversions and allows you to split-test different forms against one another.
  • Segments website visitors to your site: It can recognize who has been to your website once or many times. It allows you to present an offer to different user groups, present an offer, and then capture their email address.
  • Provides flexible opt-in form options: Embedded opt-in forms, pop-ups. bars at the top of your site. You can redirect to a landing page or a thank you window, create a form that takes up the entire screen, provide an offer at the end, or simply thank users for their information.
  • Easy user experience: Different options for designs, easy drag + drop builder. Easy installation, trackable results.
  • Support their users: Holy cricket. Their support is so helpful. Privy was one of the first software companies that I've encountered that has really gone above and beyond for my team.
  • Measurability: Privy understands that digital marketers want to track - They want to be able to split-test their options, track their results - not only views but conversions and $ conversions. Privy gives its users this ability.
  • Their A/B test option needs a little improvement - It can be hard to find where the second design is so that you can edit it.
  • Their embeddable forms need greater flexibility - To be GDPR compliant, you need the ability to give granular user options and provide a few checkboxes. Our team has to use other embed options or create custom HTML for our Euro users.
  • Social support group - Right now the software doesn't have a social group. They have a slack channel for partners but they don't have a social group for users. (common for most software these days to connect users to one another).
Privy is a great software for anyone who wants to turn their visitors into a relationship. Here's the deal: Websites can convert from 1-4% (great ones can convert at 10%), and landing pages can convert up to 30% (great ones can convert higher). What happens to that other 70-99%?

That's what email capture is for. It's vital for every site, business, and store owner to provide an offer and collect email information... So that you can develop the relationship through email marketing. Privy is well suited to users at many different levels because of its flexibility and customization ability.

I rarely say "everyone" should be doing a particular thing or another...Marketing plans usually mandate tailor-based solutions for specific problems... But in this case, it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't be able to use this software. Though, those who are driving paid traffic to their site and a strong offer will see greater conversion.

Those who have no offer, a poor offer, bad branding, and low traffic may see a poor result using this software...
  • Positive impact for our clients - Our clients can see exactly how many views each opt-in has seen, how it has converted, and how much revenue has been generated from that opt-in and email sequence that it is linked to. (We have used this tool + paid traffic + email to generate more than $15k for some of our clients. And that's just one part of their marketing systems...That's about 150x ROI).
  • Positive impact for us - We only want to recommend and use tools that have proven use cases and conversions. This is true here - and it means that we can reliably recommend and use it as a tool to grow revenue for our clients in combination with paid traffic and email marketing. They also support their partners - that means we're more efficient. Time is money - so that's a win here, too.
ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, and Shopify all have pop-ups that plug into your site and email marketing.
Indirect competition: Typeform, Google Forms, and Wufoo are different kinds of forms - not really created for email capture.

But Privy is better in this regard because:
  • It specifically addresses the problem of your pop-up offer, conversion, and turning visitors into revenue or leads.
  • It allows you to segment your website visitors based on various data and present the most relevant form to them.
  • It allows you to design, test, and present different offers, different opt-ins, and different tests to them.
  • It tracks your specific conversion - visits, conversion $ and conversion %.
  • It integrates into many different platforms.
  • The support is great.
Email marketing specialist: This person creates the opt-in form, designs it, and embeds code on the client's website or landing page. This person integrates it into the client's email marketing CRM.

Web designer: This person also can create the opt-in form, design it, and embed the code on the client website or landing page.
The software itself is very easy to use, very user-friendly and requires little technical knowledge. But the effective use of the software requires knowledge of marketing - End site users and visitors, how to craft effective offers, basic effective design principles (contrast, brand-relevant fonts & graphics), how to recognize and embed HTML on landing pages, and how to integrate this form with other parts of the marketing funnel.
  • Lead Generation for our clients: Using this form to turn site visitors into potential leads for clients. Creating an offer for users to opt-in to receive, and the beginning of a customer journey.
  • Lead Generation for our company: Using this form to turn site visitors into potential leads for clients. Creating an offer for users to opt-in to receive, and the beginning of a customer journey.
  • Offer testing: You can use forms in privy to test website visits / offers - and which ones are more likely to convert based on user opt-ins.
  • Design testing: You can use Privy to create pop-ups or embed forms that test different design elements (embedded vs. bar vs. pop up, black vs. white, image vs. no image)
  • Offer testing: Testing different offers to different users, or testing a lead magnet vs. discount.
  • Design testing: Testing black vs. white, photo vs. plain with different visiting audiences.
  • Lead generation to Revenue for eCom: Usually when people think about eCom marketing, they think about sales. But an important step between visits and sales is an email relationship (or a multi-touch relationship). Implementing pop-ups for eCom marketing that lead to email marketing can generate another 30-50% of revenue.
  • Privy has just introduced a low cost CRM attached to their forms - we will test using the entire system / setup (pop-ups plus email) for clients who need a cost efficient CRM.
  • Flexible options: The software allows so many different kinds of opt-in form solutions: Full-page, pop-up, bar at the top of the page, embedded, etc.
  • Easy UX: This software is easy to use for just about anyone on my team. It's easy to implement and work with. Design, form field determination, and integration is all relatively very easy to perform.
  • Great support: We've had in-person calls with their support team, and they've been answer specific questions and offer relevant strategies. They've been willing to get on the phone with me and my clients to help us solve problems.
  • Multiple integrations - No matter what CRM you're using, there's likely a way to integrate Privy forms into it.
  • Easy installation on sites: Just a strip of code.
  • Visible, measurable results: Tracking and data with visits, conversion events, and conversion $ tracked to the forms.
They offer premium support to those who use their software. We've found that they go the extra mile, offer relevant answers, are available to help, and follow up multiple times if you reach out for help. They've spoken to us in person on the phone multiple times and offered to help us and speak directly to our clients if necessary. If we could give them 10 stars out of 5, we would.
  • Real people! We've got email addresses for real people inside the company, who have been more than willing to help us.
  • Personal calls available - We have been on the phone with members of their team to get our problems resolved.
  • Quick resolution - we were able to get our questions answered quickly and help with implementation.
  • Flexibility - We've found that they've been very flexible in their solutions to our problems.
YES. We were implementing software on a client's site when we reached out for support.
  • A real person reached back out to us
  • They offered to have a personal call with us
  • They showed up on time for their personal call (we were five minutes late and they were gracious about it)
  • Not only did they help us with our immediate problem, they suggested an alternate strategy to test
  • They were friendly and curteous
  • They followed up with email multiple times after this point
  • They offered specific ways that they could help me and my clients in the future
  • Setup process: Broken down into 5 easy steps
  • Designing the form: It's a visual builder.
  • Integration with other CRMS: Very easy. If you don't see an immediate integration, then Zapier is available for this.
  • Implementing the form on the site - Just a strip of code
  • Measurement - Metrics are large and in the first window of the dashboard.
  • Turning campaigns on and off - just a switch of a button
  • Finding the "B" variation in your "A/B test". This isn't as easy in the UX.
  • The embedded form - needs to be more easily edited
  • GDPR compliance - You need additional checkboxes in the embedded forms, which you can't add. You can only add 1 but you need 2 to technically be in compliance.
Super easy -
Choosing the form fields - easy
Setting up the entire form - easy
Integration with other crms - easy
Designing the forms - relatively easy
Measurement - very visible
Support - great

The only thing it lacks is a little more visibility in the B variations of A/B tests
and the price - It's very low at first, but the more that you earn off of your pop-ups, the more that they will charge you. However, even compared to the revenue gained, this cost is not much.

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