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14 Ratings
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If you want to run a multichannel eCommerce business, which is most, you probably need ShipStation. All of your orders are in one place, tracking is communicated and updated, and it really helps you get a handle on your cost of shipping. It's not something I'd use for my personal Etsy shop, but if I ever added a 2nd selling channel like eBay, I could definitely justify the starter package, which is incredibly cheap.
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  • Customer service is always very important to me; I've never had any issues getting a question answered via live chat, which is super convenient when I'm working, and can't budget time to be on the phone AND working.
  • The search in ShipStation is pretty robust, it's fairly easy to find an order using pretty much any bit of information from an eBay user name to first or last name. I've never had trouble finding an order when I need.
  • I like that I can save custom exports in ShipStation that help me determine my average cost of shipping, which helps me be more competitive with pricing. I just search an item number, sort by quantity, export, and I have a custom "cost of shipping" export that I just run through excel and get my average.
  • ShipStation features a shipping calculator, right there, super convenient in the header. You'd be surprised to find that it's really difficult to find a good shipping calculator online, so it's nice to have it here in my shipping software.
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  • I am not sure why you cannot Close Out Shipments from previous days.
  • Also, for some reason, the BAR CODE for the End of the Day Shipments does NOT scan at the USPS offices. I have had to PRINT it out.
  • When you Schedule A Pick Up, it should pull the End of Day Shipment info into that area, so we don't have to fill it out again. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't feel like it does that.
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Alternatives Considered

I honestly think ShipStation is best of bread in this area, hands down.
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Return on Investment

  • I can't really answer this since I don't know costs of other competitors well enough.
  • I will say that when I compare Shipping Rates of Shipstation vs. Shopify Shipping, ShipStation wins so that is helping our bottomline and expenses.
  • I also think that the ease of use saves labor time, so that also helps.
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