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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeMicrosoft BI benefits from the ubiquity of SQL server, and the set of tools built around the database, including an ETL layer, master data management, data cleansing, and reporting. This combination of tools is an attractive proposition—particularly given the relatively low price point. Visualization and data discovery are now provided by Power BI, which provides data preparation, data discovery and interactive dashboards as a standalone web-based tool. Power BI is a relatively inexpensive tool and has seen rapid uptake by the Microsoft BI user base. However, this product has been designed to compete head-to-head with Tableau and Qlik.

Microsoft BI is Top Rated in the enterprise segment. Note: Microsoft BI, and not Power BI, determines position on the TrustMaps. Once we have enough reviews of Power BI, we will add it to the TrustMaps as a separate product.

Company Status: Public
Customers: N/A
Employees: 112,000+ (entire company)
Location: Redmond, WA
Founded: 1975
Most compared to: QlikView; Tableau Server; SAP Business Objects
Best fit for: Microsoft BI is a good choice for large Microsoft shops, already using SQL Server across the organization. Power BI is a strong data discovery and visualization tool at a competitive price.

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Microsoft BI Pros Microsoft BI Cons
Integrated suite
  • SQL Server for data management, Integration Services ETL, plus the SQL Server RDBMS engine and Analysis Services provide a complete integrated, enterprise solution.
  • Excellent integration with other MS products like Office, SharePoint, .NET Apps, and Project Server.
Report Builder
  • Report Builder, the end user authoring product, lacks basic features such as the ability to move columns within tables.
  • The Integration Services ETL capabilities for data blending and integration are highly flexible and work well.
Ease of use
  • Microsoft BI is an IT enterprise platform, and ease-of-use remains a problem for business users with limited technical skills.
Excellent value
  • The entire suite of applications is excellent value for money compared to competitive options.
Report delivery
  • Front-end report delivery is still too dependent on MS Excel and SharePoint.
  • Visualizations have traditionally been weak compared to products like Tableau. These limitations have been substantially reduced however by Power BI, which provides preparation, data discovery and interactive dashboards. Capabilities in this area, however, still lag competitors.
Azure cloud options
  • Microsoft is rapidly migrating their business offerings to Azure. including Microsoft BI.
  • Hybrid on-premise/cloud data management scenarios are possible for clients who do not want an all cloud solution.

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