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Board and TIBCO Jaspersoft.

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Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software Overview

What is Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software

Full-stack BI solutions are useful for organizations that wish to deliver relatively stable operational reports in a consistent format to front-line staff across the organization. The advantages of this kind of enterprise reporting capability is the consistency of the data sets being used across the entire organization which makes it easy to create alignment.

Key Components

These solutions have a number of key components, although every solution does not necessarily have each component of the stack:

  • Data warehouse: A relational database designed specifically for data analysis instead of standard transactional processing. It acts as the conduit between operational data stores and the gaining of insight based on composite data. Slices of data from the warehouse—usually summary data for a single department like sales or finance—are stored in a “data mart” for quicker access.
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL): The first important task is to extract the data from the various data sources and load it into a data warehouse where it is normalized (organized into tables while cleaning the data and removing redundancy and inconstancies). Once it has been appropriately structured it is available for querying and analysis.
  • OLAP or ad-hoc query tools: OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), and its close cousin ROLAP—(relational) online analytical processing, is a technology that allows users to query data across multiple dimensions, for building standard reports or for enabling users to ask a specific business question.
  • Presentation layer: Dashboards, scorecards and reports presenting the data to users in a visually appealing way that is easy to understand. In response to the great success of data discovery and visualization tools like Tableau and QlikView, many full-stack vendors have also built their own data discovery and visualization tools which are sometimes, but not always, integrated with the rest of the platform.

On-Premise vs. Cloud BI

Full-stack solutions are often primarily on-premise solutions and can be difficult and expensive to deploy. Increasingly, though, full-stack vendors are building cloud versions of their platforms, although these are often not true multi-tenant SaaS offerings. However, there are a number of vendors like Birst and GoodData who offer full-stack solutions which were originally designed as multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

Full-Stack Business Intelligence Products

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TIBCO Jaspersoft
147 ratings
112 reviews
Top Rated
TIBCO Jaspersoft is an embedded business intelligence suite designed to be built-into SaaS products as an integrated reporting engine. It provides reports and dashboards for customer-facing applications without requiring app developers to build their own reporting engine.
87 ratings
96 reviews
Birst offers multi-tenant cloud BI for deployment in a public or private cloud, or on-premises. It provides an in-memory columnar data store and a BI layer comprising a reporting engine, predictive analytics tools, mobile native apps, dashboards, discovery tools, and an open client interface.
Microsoft BI (MSBI)
755 ratings
70 reviews
Microsoft BI is a business intelligence product used for data analysis and generating reports on server-based data. It features unlimited data analysis capacity with its reporting engine, SQL Server Reporting Services alongside ETL, master data management, and data cleansing.
IBM Cognos Analytics
352 ratings
64 reviews
IBM Cognos is a full-featured business intelligence suite by IBM, designed for larger deployments. It comprises Query Studio, Reporting Studio, Analysis Studio and Event Studio, and Cognos Administration along with tools for Microsoft Office integration, full-text search, and dashboards.
47 ratings
56 reviews
Sisense is a BI software and analytics platform. With what the vendor calls their In-Chip™ and Single Stack™ technologies, users have access to a comprehensive tool to analyze and visualize large, disparate data sets without IT resources.
Dundas BI
19 ratings
51 reviews
Dundas BI is a business intelligence and data visualization software that includes customizable dashboards, reporting, and visual data analytics. Dundas BI can be integrated into users’ existing business applications and its visualization and reporting tools can be customized to their needs.
MicroStrategy Analytics
189 ratings
46 reviews
MicroStrategy Analytics is an enterprise business analytics and mobility platform. Key features include automatic big data analysis and reporting, data discovery and visualization, digital security credentials, and support for mobile devices.
Oracle Analytics Server (formerly Oracle BI Foundation Suite)
389 ratings
39 reviews
Oracle Analytics Server, replacing the former Oracle BI Foundation Suite is a business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. It provides users with a series of integrated tools for ad-hoc query and analysis, dashboard and scorecard creation, enterprise reporting, mobile analytics, multidime…
48 ratings
35 reviews
Top Rated
BOARD is a business decision-making platform for organizations of any size. BOARD hosts several business modeling, planning, and analysis all in one cloud-based platform.
90 ratings
27 reviews
Pentaho is a suite of open source business intelligence and analytics products, now offered and supported by Hitachi Data Systems since the June 2015 acquisition.
Information Builders WebFOCUS
14 ratings
15 reviews
WebFOCUS brings data to decisions across the organization with tools designed to drive insights and supercharge collaboration at scale. Boasting an intuitive, immersive experienc, the vendor states WebFOCUS invites new users to begin creating dashboards and reports in minutes. The platform empowers …
OpenText Magellan
10 ratings
10 reviews
OpenText Magellan Analytics Suite leverages a comprehensive set of data analytics software to identify patterns, relationships and trends through data visualizations and interactive dashboards.
1 rating
1 review
Izenda is a business intelligence software offering from Izenda.
Magellan BI & Reporting
7 ratings
1 review
The OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting (formerly OpenText Information Hub (iHub)) component of OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite is a scalable analytics and data visualization platform that enables IT leaders and their teams to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports…
Backed by Dun & Bradstreet, Stytch is an analytics platform that offers a connection to Dun & Bradstreet’s data services to deliver better data matching, blending, and cleansing via the D-U-N-S number. This solution includes a dashboard and self-service data preparation tools. The vendor’s v…
i2e- Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting platform
i2e is a fully integrated forecasting and insights platform that leverages Microsoft Excel® for ease-of-use. The vendor says i2e enables organizations to conduct the following: Strategic long range forecasting and planning globallyOperational historical forecasting locally and globally i2e provides…