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ABP Commercial

ABP Commercial


What is ABP Commercial?

A web development platform for modern ASP.NET Core applications based on the open-source, strong, and mature ABP Framework. Volosoft states the service provides:enterprise-ready, feature-rich, pre-built application modules (e.g. Identity Server management, SaaS management, language management, etc.)rapid application development tooling to…

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Solid Foundation for Developing Domain-Specific Business Applications: Many users have expressed that the ABP framework provides a solid …
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3 included developer licenses, limited forum support



5 included developer licenses, unlimited forum support



5 included developer licenses, limited forum support

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Product Demos

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Product Details

What is ABP Commercial?

A web development platform for modern ASP.NET Core applications based on the open-source, strong, and mature ABP Framework. Volosoft states the service provides:

  • enterprise-ready, feature-rich, pre-built application modules (e.g. Identity Server management, SaaS management, language management, etc.)
  • rapid application development tooling to support your development productivity (e.g. ABP Suite)
  • professional UI themes
  • Premium support
Time is the most precious resource which shouldn't be wasted fussing with redeveloping most used functionalities. ABP Commercial aims to save developers & enterprises a lot of time by providing common application requirements. It is a base solution and a rapid start for production-ready web applications. It is fully customizable with the source code included. There’s a global open-source community behind dedicated to making it better.

ABP Commercial Features

  • Supported: Application startup template
  • Supported: Pre-built modules ( Identity Server management, SaaS management, language management, etc.)
  • Supported: ABP Suite (Rapid application development tooling)
  • Supported: Professional UI themes

ABP Commercial Screenshots

Screenshot of Professional UI ThemesScreenshot of Web Development Platform

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ABP Commercial Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesAll
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Solid Foundation for Developing Domain-Specific Business Applications: Many users have expressed that the ABP framework provides a solid foundation for developing domain-specific business applications, addressing standard business requirements. They appreciate how it applies industry best practices and solid design patterns, making it an excellent and complete Full-Stack framework.

Well-Integrated Framework Addressing Cross-Cutting Concerns: The framework is well-integrated from persistence code to UI and does an outstanding job of addressing numerous cross-cutting concerns. Users are impressed with how seamlessly the different components work together, saving them time and effort in dealing with common technical challenges.

Ready-to-Use Basic Features with Powerful Extendibility: Reviewers find the framework's basic features ready to use and appreciate its powerful extendibility for customization. Some users initially struggle with the amount of generated code but later find it beneficial as everything is in the right place and accelerates programming time by more than double. This flexibility allows developers to focus on solving problems rather than infrastructure.

Steep Learning Curve: Several users have expressed that there is a steep learning curve associated with ABP, particularly for entry-level or mid-level developers who are not familiar with the modular approach to application development. This can make it difficult for them to grasp the platform without guidance from more experienced users or support staff.

Lack of Comprehensive Documentation: Some users feel that there is a lack of comprehensive and up-to-date documentation for ABP, especially regarding its internals and customization options. They have mentioned spending extra time reading through source code in order to understand certain aspects of the framework. While the documentation has improved over time, some users still believe that there is a need for more extensive documentation, including basic examples and templates to assist first-time users.

Challenging Support Experience: The support provided by ABP can be challenging at times according to some users. They have mentioned receiving unhelpful or generic responses from the support staff, often being directed to read the help documentation instead of receiving direct assistance. While some users have found certain support technicians to be excellent, others have encountered less satisfactory experiences.


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Chris Ryan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using ABP Commercial for the past 2 years as the foundation for a new SAAS product we have been developing to replace our 40-year-old on-prem solution. ABP Commercial has been invaluable in allowing our small team to focus on requirements that are specific to our business and our solution, rather than building out all of the necessary "plumbing" from scratch. Just the authentication piece alone has already paid for itself, as we would have based our solution on IdentityServer4 when we started, and would have been forced to switch to something else when that product license changed (ID4 commercial would not have been cost-effective for us).
  • Creates a fully functional web application without code
  • Allows for single-tier, multi-tier, or microservice architecture (again, without any coding required to get the minimum functional product)
  • Provides pre-built modules for common functionality (chat, payments, etc.) which can be extended and customized for your use case
  • ABP Commercial keeps the tooling up to date with the latest versions of all dependencies
  • Initial learning curve - There is a lot of training and help material available, but one of the hardest things to grasp (and also to explain) are all of the reasons why the 'ABP way' is better. Many times, it seems to be more complicated or more difficult than the 'simple' way of doing things. Over time, as you expand on functionality and add more and more layers of complexity, you realize WHY they build the software the way they do, and it goes from appearing complex to appearing elegant.
  • Support - Some support techs are excellent, but others seem to be missing to just supply ANY answer to a question (which is often something along the lines of 'read the help').
If you are building a simple web application and want to bypass all of the basic building blocks (authentication & authorization, multi-tenant, etc, etc.), then ABP Commercial will allow you to do this very quickly with their tooling. It is also an excellent tool if you are building a large complicated SAAS product, as long as you are willing to invest the time required to understand the 'why' behind their architectural decisions and follow their methods throughout your development.
  • Based on .NET Core, deployable on a conventional web server model, or using Docker
  • The toolset is constantly being updated and upgraded. ABP provides tools to migrate the necessary changes into our projects to keep current on dependencies, security updates, etc.
  • Designed to allow extension, expansion, and integration with any other software
  • We have a small team, and ABP Commercial has allowed us to build a SAAS application that is feature-rich in much less time than if we built everything from scratch.
  • ABP Commercial continues to provide benefits with every update. Keeping current on new versions of dependencies (such as .NET) requires a fraction of the work on our end since ABP Commercial updates the base framework and we can leverage that work. This was a HUGE benefit when IdentityServer4 changed from Open Source to a very expensive commercial license.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm working in a small team where we create software products vary scales. ABP Commercial allowed us to save a lot of time, money, and doesn't make us reinvent the wheel. Clean architecture, many helpful modules out of the box and a large community are big advantages. We hope that the ABP Commercial team will continue in the same spirit and will expand the set of modules, as well as develop existing ones. I can definitely recommend it for purchase!
  • Documentation
  • Premium theme
  • Basic modules
  • Extending ABP Suite
  • CI/CD boilerplate
Best choice for SaaS development as well as prototyping because many standard things are available out of the box. Doesn't hesitate to extend or replace basic functionality of modules for your own needs because the architecture allows you to do it without any problem. But I don't recommend you use it for small landing pages or business card sites because it'd be unnecessary.
  • ABP suite
  • PRO modules
  • Premium theme
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Time saving
  • Costs saving
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm a single, self-employed developer and create individual software products for my customers in form of web apps. Without ABP Commercial I would not be able to provide high-quality products and features as fast, since I would need to care about a lot of common basic features that I would need to implement all by myself. ABP Commercial speeds up my development and also helps me to get into Domain Driven Design and microservices. It's almost always up to date with the latest .Net Version. Additionally, the support provides fast responses and is very helpful. For new ideas, I can also help by contributing to the whole ABP Framework via Github. All in all the price is perfect for the [number] of features and templates you get. So if you are a single dev looking for a rock-solid base solution to speed up your development time, I totally recommend ABP [Commercial].
  • Amount of templates
  • Common features like authentication, localization, etc
  • Support and community
  • More modules are always welcomed
As a single developer, it's well suited because you don't have to care about a lot of basic features like identity management, authorization, [or] feature management.
  • Themes
  • Common modules
  • Project templates
  • Faster delivery of the products I build for my customers
  • More contacts that I can work on
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