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Application Infrastructure Software Overview

What is Application Infrastructure Software Solutions?

Application infrastructure software and tools are designed to deliver all features of business applications to users, as well as support development and application monitoring. Depending on the application and vendor, application infrastructure can include whatever components are necessary to support an application. These features and components often include servers, application monitoring, and application security.

Businesses use application infrastructure software to create applications that can interact with each other using an API, and deliver that application to its users. Without a universal application infrastructure, businesses can have issues creating integrations for their applications. Application infrastructure software allows applications to store data, share data, and receive data from users.

Application Infrastructure Software Features & Capabilities

Application infrastructure software features depend on the application being built, as well as the vendor providing the software. Despite the differences between application infrastructure solutions, there are some features that are endemic to the category.

  • Software/application integrations

  • Load Balancing

  • Infrastructure Firewall

  • Centralized Monitoring/Management

  • Storage Management

  • Servers

  • Application Monitoring


Pricing for application infrastructure software is heavily dependent on the vendor and infrastructure in question. More complex applications may cost considerably more than smaller applications with less complex needs. Some vendors offer a time-limited trial for their software and provide detailed pricing to businesses directly.

Application Infrastructure Products

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TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)
444 ratings
215 reviews
Top Rated
TIBCO Cloud™ Integration is an enterprise iPaaS platform. It offers a drag-and-drop and API- led design approach for user-friendliness.
Amazon CloudWatch
90 ratings
31 reviews
Amazon CloudWatch is a native AWS monitoring tool for AWS programs. It provides data collection and resource monitoring capabilities.
65 ratings
25 reviews
Top Rated
According to NGINX, a business unit of F5 Networks since the May 2019 acquisition, NGINX powers over 65% of the world's busiest websites and web applications. NGINX started out as an open source web server and reverse proxy, built to be faster and more efficient than Apache. Over the years, NGINX ha…
Microsoft IIS
67 ratings
18 reviews
Microsoft IIS is an application server and infrastructure.
Apache Web Server
77 ratings
13 reviews
Apache Web Server (Apache HTTP Server) is an application infrastructure, an open source HTTP server.
WebSphere Application Server
55 ratings
12 reviews
IBM WebSphere Application Server provides... an application server and infrastructure.
92 ratings
11 reviews
Microsoft's .Net is an open source, freeware application infrastructure.
Microsoft System Center
31 ratings
8 reviews
Microsoft System Center Suite is a family of IT management software for network monitoring, updating and patching, endpoint protection with anti-malware, data protection and backup, ITIL- structured IT service management, remote administration and more. It is available in two editions: standard and…
Oracle WebLogic Suite
26 ratings
5 reviews
The Oracle WebLogic Suite provides an application infrastructure.
SAP NetWeaver BPM
28 ratings
3 reviews
SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management is a business process management offering and application infrastructure. It supports joint modeling of processes, central process execution via a Java-based engine, provision of interfaces for users, and integration of business rules into processes.
InterSystems Ensemble
3 ratings
2 reviews
Ensemble from global company InterSystems (headquartered in Massachusetts) is a middleware and application infrastructure offering.
IBM DataPower Gateway
10 ratings
2 reviews
The IBM DataPower Gateway is a security and integration platform.
Zend PHP Engine
9 ratings
2 reviews
The Zend PHP Engine from Zend Technologies (acquired by Rogue Wave in 2017) is an application infrastructure.
Magic xpa Application Platform
2 ratings
1 reviews
Magic xpa Application Platform is an application server and infrastructure from Magic Technologies in California.
Avaya Agile Communication Environment (discontinued)
4 ratings
1 reviews
Avaya Agile Communication Environment, or ACE, was an environment for integrating unified communications into business applications and systems. It reached end of support in December 2018, and is no longer generally available.
JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
10 ratings
1 reviews
JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform from Red Hat is an SOA governance platform.
WebSphere Message Broker
17 ratings
1 reviews
WebSphere Message Broker from IBM is an enterprise service bus (ESB).
TIBCO ActiveSpaces
8 ratings
1 reviews
ActiveSpaces from TIBCO supports an application infrastructure.
WebSphere sMash
IBM's WebSphere sMash supports an application infrastructure.
Avni Software Defined Cloud
The Avni Software Defined Cloud (SDC) from Avni in Milpitas, California supports migration of applications between clouds to support moving and deploying applications without vendor lock-in.
Uniface is the eponymous platform from the Dutch company, which left Compuware in 2014, that provides an application infrastructure.
Pramati, from Indian company Pramati Technologies, is an application server and infrastructure.
WSO2 Carbon
WSO2's Carbon provides an open source application infrastructure.