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Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge


What is Adobe Bridge?

Adobe Bridge is a creative digital asset manager that lets you preview, organize, edit, and publish multiple creative assets (including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Dimension files) with thumbnails and rich previews. Edit metadata. Add keywords, labels, and ratings…

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What is Adobe Bridge?

Adobe Bridge is a creative digital asset manager that lets you preview, organize, edit, and publish multiple creative assets (including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Dimension files) with thumbnails and rich previews. Edit metadata. Add keywords, labels, and ratings to…

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Product Demos

Secrets of Adobe Bridge


Digital Demo #1 - Bridge


Found Object Typography Demo


Workflow: Creating a Contact Sheet in Adobe Bridge


PDF tutorial for the Adobe Bridge


What's New in Adobe Bridge v10.1 (June 2020)

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Product Details

What is Adobe Bridge?

Adobe Bridge Features

  • Supported: creative asset workflows
  • Supported: photo editing
  • Supported: export options for publishing work

Adobe Bridge Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Adobe Bridge here in the office of Marketing and Communications for processing photos. It is very quick and enables us to process hundreds of photos quickly.
  • Renaming files
  • automation processes with Photoshop
  • utilizes adobe raw
  • great tagging features
  • can add metadata
  • occasionally quirky with renaming files
  • occasional slowdowns that go away after restart
I love the workflow process we have set up with renaming, tagging best and worst photos (stars) then being able to select with colors.

We also use it to help find rgb vs cmyk photos when processing files for production.
  • quick
  • easy to use
  • reliable
  • saves time
Bridge is just easier and quicker. It suits our purposes more.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I manage a team of graphic and web designers and it is actually awesome for viewing photo info like, keywords and tags, any of the metedata stored and thumbnails for quick reference. We purchased Adobe Creative Cloud and routinely use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator so it is pretty fantastic tool in addition to those.
  • User friendly.
  • Works well in combination with it's other adobe products.
  • Like that's it's included in the cost of Creative Cloud.
  • It's a pretty good product, I'd say need less RAM when getting the files because some computers get really loud trying to process.
  • This seems to be fixed now but it would crash when previewing some .tif files.
  • Sometimes it freezes when I view a larger file but that could be a computer issue.
I love to use it when I need to rename a group of photos from one of my photographers because they named the files incorrectly. My team seems happy to use it from now and then in combination with InDesign and Photoshop.
  • User friendly.
  • Free - that is huge.
  • Visually pleasing.
  • Just makes my life easier when I have photo dumps.
  • My team seems happy with the product and when they are happy I am happy.
  • Love that it's free.
I mean, it's the same company so it's really interchangeable. It's like an assistance tool.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am using Adobe Bridge to catalog all my images, videos, and other images I have that I use for compositing photographs, creating painted portraits, and videos for advertising. I have dyslexia and this makes it so much easier for me to categorize and catalog my vast library so I don't spend hours looking for things.
  • It saves me hours by quickly batch renaming files.
  • The ability to compare two or three images easily and zoom in on the minor details makes it so much easier for me to figure out which are the better files to work with.
  • Culling through hundreds of images to narrow down to the best 15 images can be done in just minutes.
  • It's a billion times easier to see the files and their file names so when you think you named something one thing and discover that you're past self was a dork for naming things doesn't take you hours to find it.
  • It took me a while to figure out how to get Bridge to work faster. Apparently, you need it to cache your entire library and once that library is cached then it can refer to those files quickly.
  • It takes up more space on your computer and you should consider buying a computer with plenty of space and a great graphics card to help this program work at its best.
  • I wish it would recognize that firewall software and virus protection software isn't its enemy and work with them running all the time. This error doesn't always occur for me, but when it does, I am annoyed.
If you're working with tons of files and different types of files and you have to keep them sorted out and be able to tell the differences within the files...this is the best option for you. It will make your life so much easier being able to preview everything quickly while seeing the small details.
I do know that some photographers are really happy with how Lightroom catalogs their images, but I think for anyone doing major compositing or video work, Bridge is hands down the way to go. It just saves you so much time and headaches.
  • The ability to cull quickly.
  • The ability to see zoomed in differences between files so I can quickly decide which one will be used.
  • How easy it is to find different files and how it shows you where the file is stored.
  • Basically Bridge is the reason why I can work faster.
  • It's saved me probably thousands of hours at this point. I used to spend so much time looking for different files and now I can find them all quickly.
  • I can now decide which are the 15 images I will deliver from a portrait session within 10 minutes. It used to take me around an hour to open them each up and start deciding.
  • I quit negatively speaking to myself for misnaming files and then never being able to find them.
  • I only complain about Adobe Bridge when it doesn't work with a firewall and I have to turn it off or restart my computer.
Okay so I've actually tried to use Lightroom. Photoshop is its own beast and doesn't have the catalog that Bridge of Lightroom has. Lightroom is not as powerful with being able to check between images, finding files, etc. I wanted to love it, but Bridge won hands down with all the time it has saved me so I can get back to my children instead of complaining that it takes me so much time to narrow down images.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our business uses Adobe Bridge to view, sort, and tag images used in our client projects. It is an efficient way in viewing all images at a glance. We also use it to batch rename images from different stock libraries that use their own naming system to our agency naming convention (e.g., clientname_jobcode_sequential number).
  • Displays all images at a glance
  • Ability to sort images alphabetically or manually within a folder
  • Highlight images with star ratings
  • Batch renaming image files
  • User interface could be more friendly--currently it has a very techy feel
  • Sometimes it’s a bit slow to load the program initially
Adobe Bridge is great for viewing, sorting, and short-listing images for use in projects. The batch rename functionality is another favorite feature that we use all the time. You can also tag different images by color or a star rating, and Adobe Bridge remembers how you manually order the sequence in each folder, which you can’t do in Explorer.
  • View, sort, and rate images
  • Batch rename files
  • Convenience and ease in seeing all images at a glance and being able to select chosen images for use in Photoshop and XD
  • Saved us time through the batch rename functionality
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