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AntWorks RPA (discontinued)

AntWorks RPA (discontinued)
Formerly ANTstein


What is AntWorks RPA (discontinued)?

AntWorks RPA, ANTstein, was a robotic automation platform (RPA) that featured a machine learning platform built on fractal science to deploy AntWorks Bots, including QueenBot, processes which perform the automation. The product has been discontinued and is no longer…

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What is AntWorks RPA (discontinued)?

AntWorks RPA, ANTstein, was a robotic automation platform (RPA) that featured a machine learning platform built on fractal science to deploy AntWorks Bots, including QueenBot, processes which perform the automation. The product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Product Details

What is AntWorks RPA (discontinued)?

AntWorks RPA, ANTstein, was a robotic automation platform (RPA) that featured a machine learning platform built on fractal science to deploy AntWorks Bots, including QueenBot, processes which perform the automation. The product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

AntWorks RPA (discontinued) Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I do research and provide consulting on Robotic Process Automation software. Antworks’ integrated automation platform, ANTstein uses Cognitive Machine Reading or CMR to address the limitations of Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology by processing various types of data such as structured, unstructured, image, and inferred data types such as like printed, handwritten (block and cursive), stamps, signatures, logos, etc. Antworks platform’s multi-tenancy feature enables both human and bots to work together on same machine. For specific requirements, AntWorks uses its Full-Stack Integrated Automation Platform with the domain to provide industry point solutions such as TaxBOT, TitleBOT, etc. These point solutions are 80% ready and only need 20% customization. AntWorks’ ability to automate an increasingly large volume of tasks with minimal or no coding requirement reduces the time in the deployment of bots in data extraction process and increases the productivity of data ingestion in the long run to companies in diverse sectors.
  • ANTstein processes unstructured data , which constitutes 80% of the data in enterprises in various industries. It addresses the limitations of RPA by processing various types of data including structured, unstructured, image, and inferred data accurately and fast.
  • AntWorks combines data curation and digital workforce management to enable end-to-end process automation capabilities for higher straight through processing (STP).
  • AntWorks offers multi-tenancy in which multiple bots and human to work on same machine.
  • Within just 3 months of training, ANTstein is able to deliver 85%+ data accuracy.
  • Some of the tasks still needs human intervention. The level of complexity of autonomous tasks handling without human intervention is needed to be improved.
ANTstein needs no code or minimal programming. This makes the assigning tasks to bots much easier without wasting time. ANTstein in very useful in performing rule-based tasks. For some tasks and special cases, human assistance is still needed to make decisions.
  • With minimal or no coding, AntWorks saves tremendous cost in staffs training in coding. In addition, the deployment of bots are done fast and easily.
  • Multi-tenancy feature which enables workers and bots to work together on the same machine prevents the idle time of workers and this in turn increases the productivity of companies. This feature lacks in other Robotic Process Automation providers.
  • ANTstein's bots are intelligent that they can learn over time with pattern recognition and improves the data processing accuracy fast and thus accelerates the ROI of companies.
ANTstein is designed to automate the entire business process rather than merely a single discrete task. Leveraging fractal networks, rather than neural network technology, ANTstein is able to use relatively small data sets to train the engine thus enabling faster training, testing, deployment and execution of business processes.
Concur Expense, HCL Sametime (formerly from IBM), GlobalMeet Collaboration
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We always have to automate repeated tasks such as excel logging, data fetching from servers, and data analysis in excel. Thus we get a complete process from data input to data analysis or business insights. The ANTstein process worked for us as: Read data > Interpret data > Make rules and constraint validation > Repeated patterns in input data > Report generation > End user dashboard insights.
  • Ai enabled RPA: unique in the market. Most of the RPA tools do not provide Ai in RPA. A.I. in RPA means making an intelligent and self-monitoring robot army.
  • It creates numerous ants when the task is overloaded. Most of the time in Big Data Analytics, unstructured and semi-structured data comes in a pipeline. ANTstein knows very well how to channelize the data.
  • Automated Data analytics and code free automation. This supports all formats like PDF, digital data, and spreadsheets.
  • The OCR tool can be improved for multiple languages so as to recognize local fonts and for faster processing.
  • Screen scraping is not accurate. Sometimes it shows special characters for unrecognized fonts.
  • Computer Vision and Machine learning could be more accurate with training data and adaptive models.
Suited for:
1. Channelize data in motion.
2. Knowledge of data formats and structures.
3. Image and Video optimization.
4. Data wrangling and visualization on the go (Integrated using RPA).
5. Optical Character Recognition and Computer Vision.
6. Native Encryption and Compression techniques.
  • Positive: Robotics Process Automation with AI and self-learning eases repeated tasks. Even when data structure changes, ANTstein handles by itself
  • Negative: It shoes special characters when input fonts are not available in the system. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle local language fonts.
  • Positive: Detect text and non-text content in screen scraping, and web scraping with replication accuracy using OCR and Data Scraping.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used to have ANTstein tool installed. I worked as an Intern at the company. ANTstein is RPA based automation tool which has a large data type knowledge within itself. A non-coder can easily learn this technology. The ants/bots can be made without coding and allow automation for repeated processes. The self-ruling technique of bots makes it suitable for Machine Learning and Analytics.
  • First: Being accoladed by as a cognitive tool for machine learning and analytics, challenges repeated tasks to complete within no time, thus called AI based RPA.
  • It understands the category of data and segregates the data into structured and semi-unstructured. Thus, it helps in achieving cognitive tasks in Image and pattern recognition. OCR capabilities make it compete with other RPA in the market.
  • Its business pillars lie in Business Process as a Service (BPAAS) and Technology as a Service (TAAS). I used to integrate Zoho CRM, SugarCRM and FreshSales CRM with YellowAnt bot. Oauth 2.0 and token management play an important role in Antworks.
  • The best part of the Antworks is that they have queenbot™ which makes colonies and give birth to threads to work on different computers and machines to automate a single and repetitive task.
  • Most of the times when performing a task on a remote machine, we have to deploy a screen recorder so that we can debug the process bu actually visualizing the workflow. There should be a remote monitoring tool on the Queen machine.
  • When automating Google spreadsheets to plot regression graphs, there are cases when some cell has NaN values. ANTstein always sends an error log in the admin machine. It skips the row and we end up with a smaller amount of data. We have also made a logic for predicting the NaN values by finding the median and fillna pandas-python library. Thus, improvement in flexibility is needed.
  • One should have to be familiar with the user experience of the technology or get certified to work upon. Because the tool is not so easy to learn at one go.
Their cost is high, but it's easy to install, and getting familiar with the tool is quite fast. Compared to other tools and software, there are many other options to achieve the same business goal with very vast community support. They say Antworks can be trained with ML to extract data and process it automatically, but we find bugs daily. One of our business goals is web scraping first and then analyzing the scraped content. But many times when websites don't follow the same rule, it sends error messages and stops the process.
  • The self-learning mechanism makes it so powerful that all the business tasks get completed with no time. It handles the new data automatically without any human workforce behind it.
  • It has various ML models which makes it unique in performing repetitive tasks with learning from previous mistakes.
  • Generating Industry insights and market analysis is a key application of ANTstein.
  • A separate business goal we have achieved using Antworks. A slack platform is integrated with various chat-ops, for example, integrating google drive, GitHub, Gmail at one place and getting all of the information just by asking a query to the ANT. Example query—"New mails", "Updates in XYZ spreadsheet"
Mostly we use data scraping tools and then take deep insights from the extracted data. Till now, we were unable to perform automation after scraping the data with the above-mentioned tools. But using ANTworks, we can automate the complete process. Our mainstream work process looks like: Twitter Hashtag extraction > Saving the scraped data to CSV > Importing the CSV in Python > Natural Language Understanding / NLTK in python > Creating pos/neg columns > giving positive and negative insights using analysis.
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