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Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova


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Apache Cordova has proven to be a valuable tool for developers looking to create cross-platform applications. Users have praised its …
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What is Apache Cordova?

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Whether you are working to develop an application for your current business to keep up with the times or staking your entire business on a great app for any user - app development software is here to help you get it done. Apache Cordova is fantastic for the user that understan...
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Apache Cordova has proven to be a valuable tool for developers looking to create cross-platform applications. Users have praised its ability to enable the development of a single application that can run on both Android and iOS devices, saving significant time and effort. Cordova's access to native device features has allowed developers to create feature-rich applications that seamlessly integrate with the device functionality, resulting in highly responsive apps that provide a smooth user experience.

Reviewers have highlighted Cordova's responsive design capabilities, particularly on devices that struggle to load complex websites properly. By leveraging Cordova, developers have been able to create applications that are optimized for these devices, ensuring that users can access their content without any performance issues. Additionally, customers have reported that Cordova has significantly improved their overall experience by enabling them to develop multiple applications for various departments within their organization, streamlining the app development process and consolidating resources.

Startups have found Cordova beneficial as it enables them to quickly launch apps on smaller budgets. Its code reusability feature empowers these companies to build multiple applications without extensive resources or expertise in mobile technology. Users appreciate Cordova's ease of use and its ability to eliminate the need for learning complicated code languages for mobile app development, opening up opportunities for individuals with little knowledge of native app development to venture into mobile app creation.

Cordova's compatibility with web-based apps is another advantage. Customers have utilized Cordova's HTML5/CSS3 features to build web-based apps without deep expertise in mobile technology, leveraging their existing web development skills effectively.

Cordova has also been widely utilized in conjunction with other frameworks such as Ionic to avoid the need for developing native applications on multiple platforms. By leveraging Cordova's cross-platform capabilities, developers have successfully converted Progressive Web Apps - PWAs written in frameworks like ReactJS into mobile apps, streamlining the process of reaching a wider audience by utilizing existing web development resources.

Overall, Cordova has proven to be a valuable tool for various use cases, including developing cross-platform applications, streamlining the app development process, and enabling businesses to leverage their existing web development skills. Its ease of use and ability to create feature-rich apps that seamlessly integrate with the device functionality have made it a popular choice among developers. Additionally, Cordova has solved the challenge of developing applications for both Android and iOS without requiring extensive knowledge of platform-specific languages, allowing developers to focus on creating the app's features and user experience.

Cross-platform development capability: Users have found Apache Cordova's cross-platform development capability to be a major advantage, allowing them to write a single codebase and deploy it on multiple platforms without the need to learn different native languages or rewrite the app for each platform. This feature has been highly appreciated by developers familiar with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Access to native device features through plugin API: The access to native device features through Cordova's plugin API has been highly valued by users. It allows them to access a wide range of native features using standardized JavaScript APIs, greatly enhancing the functionality and usability of their mobile applications. Several reviewers have mentioned that this feature is one of the key strengths of Cordova.

Large developer community and availability of open-source plugins: The large developer community associated with Cordova has been seen as a positive aspect by users. They appreciate the availability of extensive documentation and the support provided by the community. Moreover, the vast number of open-source plugins available for Cordova allows them to easily add additional features to their apps without having to write native code for different platforms. Many reviewers have highlighted this benefit in their feedback.

Inaccurate Rating Algorithm: Some users have reported that the rating algorithm in Apache Cordova is not relevant or accurate, leading to confusion and frustration when assessing the quality of their apps. This has been a common concern among reviewers who feel that the ratings provided by Cordova may not accurately reflect the performance or functionality of their applications.

Performance Issues: Several reviewers have mentioned experiencing performance issues with Cordova apps. They have noted issues related to UI responsiveness, animation smoothness, and access to hardware resources. These performance limitations can result in a subpar user experience compared to fully native apps.

Limited Features and Functionality: Users have expressed disappointment with the limited features and lack of access to advanced native functionality in Cordova. The restricted capabilities within this framework can be restrictive for developers who require more robust features in their applications.

Users recommend Cordova for building cross-platform apps, as it offers a convenient solution for developers who want to deploy their applications on both iOS and Android platforms with minimal effort. Cordova is particularly suitable for mid to small projects where a single codebase can be leveraged across multiple platforms.

Reviewers highlight that Cordova is a great tool for rapid app development, especially for those without extensive C knowledge. It allows JavaScript developers to leverage their existing skills to create mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

Customers suggest exploring other solutions like ReactNative for better performance and native UI rendering. While Cordova offers cross-platform capabilities, there are emerging frameworks that may have a brighter future in terms of performance and user interface rendering. However, Cordova still holds potential and can be a valuable choice for users seeking a cost-effective way to deploy apps on multiple platforms.

Overall, users emphasize the importance of thoroughly reading the documentation, being cautious of app size and performance, and seeking help from the Cordova community when facing common challenges. Specific project requirements should be carefully evaluated to determine if Cordova is the best choice, as it may not be suitable for large-scale projects where native solutions could be more effective.


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Carla Borges | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by all the company's developers since it allows the development of hybrid applications. Thanks to Cordova, we have managed to develop multiple multi-language applications without the need for more developers. It is very useful because it allows for the centralization of the code; it is written only once and it is executed on all platforms.
  • Cordova is a very powerful tool for a JavaScript developer, since by simply developing in JavaScript one becomes a general developer of software and applications by implementing web technologies for various environments.
  • Cordova is not just an HTML application that runs in a browser, it allows you to write native plugins that work with any of the supported platforms, and a JavaScript container will integrate your HTML application with the native code.
  • Cordova does an amazing job in the field of hybrid application is super easy to use and functional.
  • It is not completely automatic since if you write individual style information for each platform objective, you can not make Córdova automatically apply the transormation at compile time; you have to change the linked style manually.
  • The support is deficient in general.
  • Configuration and use can be complicated as it requires the use of the command line.
It is suitable for making portable applications, with almost the same code for several platforms. You can access native features of the device or use an open source plug-in from the repository to create a local database and access the internal storage of the device. It is wonderful for the construction of a native application, through the use of standard web code. It is not recommended for enterprise applications.
  • It has a positive impact in general. Cordova is really a great solution for web developers who want to bring their incredible ideas to devices, but they just do not have a lot of time to put into iOS and Android learning curves.
  • Our biggest benefit was that the management of images for multiple devices.
  • Developing with Cordova has drastically reduced the cost of cross-platform deployment.
We selected Cordova since it provides ease of doing business and ease of use. The best thing about Cordova is that you can code once and run it on multiple platforms. Cordova provides add-ons that connect your code with native features of various mobile platforms. And you do not need to learn anything new since you can use your javascript skills.
August 17, 2018

Apache Cordova review

Andrew Shingleton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Apache Cordova has significantly reduced our overhead by providing a stable cross-platform tool for porting our web application to Android and iOS devices. Our development team is relatively small here at ShiftWizard so being able to leverage Apache Cordova's technology in order to quickly get an minimum viable product out to our testers was crucial. We were able to understand the documentation and implement Cordova into our existing system and workflow in a matter of weeks saving us time and money that we would've otherwise spent on engineers. There are a number of alternatives but we heard about Cordova through our very talented development team that builds applications full-time. Since incorporating Apache Cordova into our company's technology stack we have been able to catch up to competitors in the mobile space but utilizing the cross-platform technology that Cordova encompasses. We highly recommend using Apache Cordova especially if you are a small to medium size business that needs to grow fast. Cordova is perfectly lean enough for start-ups and strong and stably enough for enterprise applications. Our healthcare software application runs smooth across the board with very little to no latency or UI errors thanks to Apache Cordova. ShiftWizard will continue to use this amazing product in the future.
  • Runs on the command line in Node
  • Extensive usability for most platforms
  • Quality support from Adobe
  • Needs to be fully compatible with mobile machines
  • Support for a wide variety of platforms
  • Needs better backwards compatibility
Apache Cordova is well-suited for enterprise applications that need the ability to talk to a wide variety of platforms. Using Cordova you can scale mobile applications quickly into full-featured applications easily. Adobe provides extensive support so any major issue is surely able to be investigated through forums or user groups.
  • Very economic for ROI purposes
  • Scalable for code reusability down the road
  • Convertible, easily switch platforms if Apache Cordova doesn't suit your needs
PhoneGap is another viable option but lacks the amount of support Apache Cordova receives rendering it worthless.
Sazzad Hossain Sharkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Apache Cordova is an excellent tool to develop hybrid applications. Our organizations have developed 6-8 applications with Apache Cordova. Although, we have also published more than 15 applications outside of our organization/ company. The clients are also satisfied because of the highly customizable design with a pre-defined mockup concept from them. We also developed an app for government projects with Apache Cordova.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • Very easy to add packages to it. It also supports third-party package installation such as from GitHub or other repositories.
  • Hybrid application development made easy.
  • Command line syntax is easy to learn and implement.
  • Sometimes it's hard to configure VS Code applications with another IDE like WebStrom etc.
  • Emulators are slow performing.
  • Sometimes there are version conflicts with the newer codebase.
[It's well suited] To develop hybrid applications with less coding. Apache Cordova is well suited for people who are afraid to work with Java or native Android development SDK. Apache Cordova helps to publish apps in less time than native app development. Although, if anyone has HTML or JavaScript experience, they can get started with development.

Apache Cordova developed applications have less security than a native application because Apache Cordova's resource and other files are visible to others that can decrypt the .apk file.

  • We can develop a hybrid application which saves time and budget.
  • Need to develop a robust API server to maintain interconnection between an app to the server.
  • iPhone development is sometimes hard to maintain because their functionality sometimes does not work well.
Apache Cordova is the mother of all other frameworks. The Ionic developed framework is well suited for development but most of their features are offered by paid services.

As Apache Cordova is open source and has a license to modify it, it has no legal problems to work with it. Also, most well-known IDEs recognize the Apache Cordova snippets.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using Apache Cordova to develop hybrid enterprise mobile apps for our clients. Cordova has made it very easy to write once and adapt the apps to multiple mobile platforms.
  • Cordova makes it very easy to develop apps for multiple platforms. The setup is very simple when it comes to creating a project, adding platforms, building and deploying apps. If you have a little mobile app development experience, all you need to know is HTML, CSS, Javascript and only a handful of cordova commands to get started with your hybrid app.
  • Cordova provides a simple solution to access any and all of the device features through native plugins. You have a host of third-party and cordova plugins available to use device features like filesystem, camera, health kit, location services etc. You can also write your very own plugins and use them for your cordova based apps.
  • Cordova is free to use! The only cost you will bear is the individual mobile platform developer program enrollment cost to deploy your apps to those platforms.
  • Cordova app code runs inside a webview component. So, expect the performance to be a little slower as compared to the native apps. This is more noticeable on older devices though. It is hardly noticeable when it comes to newer mobile devices.
  • Crashes can be hard to debug since the crash logs will not point you to the culprit javascript code. This is not a limitation of Cordova alone. Any other hybrid mobile app development platform suffers the same problem.
  • Even with tools like Safari debugger and Chrome debugger, it can be tricky to measure graphics and animation performance. Achieving smooth animations can be a bit of a challenge sometimes with hybrid mobile apps in general.
Cordova is an excellent hybrid mobile app development platform that lets you build mobile apps targeted to multiple platforms.
It is free to use, simple to set up, allows you access to device features through plugins and the app performance is comparable to native apps as well. Implementing very complex animations smoothly can be a bit of a challenge. But if you are doing utility apps which focus more on features and don't go crazy with animations, there is nothing that you can't achieve with a cordova based app.
  • Development timeline for making Cordova apps targeting multiple platform is lower than developing individual native apps for each platform.
  • Its easy to learn and set up. Coming from a native app development background, the learning curve for me was fairly small to get started with my hybrid app.
I have worked on Appcelerator Titanium and also on Apache Cordova and I find Cordova is a much stable, easy, performant and cost effective solution to developing hybrid mobile apps. I will go with Apache Cordova over Appcelerator Titanium any day.
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