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BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Gateway


What is BlueCat Gateway?

BlueCat Gateway is an enterprise automation platform that turns business logic into automated DDI workflows, and integrates with adjacent systems & technologies.

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What is BlueCat Gateway?

BlueCat Gateway is an enterprise automation platform that turns business logic into automated DDI workflows, and integrates with adjacent systems & technologies.

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Product Details

What is BlueCat Gateway?

BlueCat Gateway allows users to automate and transform mission-critical business requirements into DNS, DDI, DHCP, and IPAM workflows, plugins, and applications to enable the rapid development of turn-key integrations with existing technology investments. Its zero-touch automation aims to free IT teams from time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive network configuration and provisioning tasks. BlueCat’s automation platform automates the DNS services necessary to provision and deallocates cloud and on-premises resources, enabling IT to respond faster to user requests.

Additional Features:
  • Workflow Management - Import/export workflows; import development workspaces from any Gitlab or GitHub repo, and use Snapshots to preserve workflows and safely rollback if needed.
  • Do-It-Yourself Workflows - Create a custom workflow using UI Component Fields.
  • Adaptive Plugins & Applications - Access an array of applications and plugins that help automate DDI tasks and integrate with 3rd party tools
  • Customize BlueCat Gateway - Create a new GUI or REST API endpoints.
  • Self-Service- IT service requests for device registration, onboarding, configuration, permissions management, or anything else you can imagine with built-in web forms.
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Reporting - Get insight into endpoint health, server status, server logs, and user behavior. See DDI Reporting and Gateway Logging and Monitoring
  • BlueCat Labs Community-Powered PlugIns and Workflows - “Use at your own risk” open-source python scripts that can be found on BlueCat Labs, our Github repository

BlueCat Gateway Features

  • Supported: Adaptive Applications & Plugins
  • Supported: Self-Service
  • Supported: Workflow Management
  • Supported: Configuration and Provisioning
  • Supported: Cloud Discovery and Visibility

BlueCat Gateway Video

Introduction to BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Gateway Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

BlueCat Gateway Downloadables

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Reviews and Ratings



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I currently use and have used BlueCat for SSL certificate validation purposes. Upon ordering a SSL certificate from our vendor, we are supplied with an CNAME string to add to our external DNS. Even though I don't belong to the department that supports BlueCat, I do have access to make DNS changes to it. This is a process I have been doing for the past 4 years. It became more efficient to add the CNAME entries myself as we order in the hundreds throughout the year. I learned the process of adding an external host value, as well as the host name in the correct domain, and deploying the partial change.
  • Deployment capability made easy
  • Navigation in the web application
  • Organization of objects
  • Page rendering speed / access of data
  • Number of clicks it takes to get to the page you need can be cumbersome
  • Feels a bit outdated at times / standard html website interface
It is well suited for quick manual updates, not too many as the interface could stand an overhaul. Not an easy interface to use when doing research - reverse lookups. Results aren't always accurate. The search capability could be a bit more robust, expanding the search capability into the comments area would help.
  • Ease of use
  • Extensive search capability
  • Quick navigation
  • It has had a great impact on reducing deployment times
  • Made my job easier by providing an understandable interface
  • Makes day to day tasks easier
BlueCat is the only DNS manager platform that I've had experience with. We had one prior to this, but it was before I had the need to interact with it doing one of the tasks I do now. I remember the switchover to BlueCat - not everyone was impressed with it, but so far my experience with it has been positive.
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