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What is Bookeo?

Bookeo is an innovative online booking system that helps manage the booking process for businesses, schools and tour companies. With Bookeo, you can easily handle confirmations, cancellations and reminders with total flexibility to create scheduling rules. It doesn't charge commissions or fees related...

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What is Bookeo?

Bookeo is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name in Australia.

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What is Gravity Booking?

Gravity Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin manages all types of online appointments & schedules within Gravity Forms using Google Calendar for businesses that rely on an appointment operation.

What is Zoho Bookings?

Zoho Bookings is a calendar syncing and appointment booking app for consultants, firms, and small business.

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System Testing: Bookeo and MailChimp

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Product Details

What is Bookeo?

Bookeo is an innovative online booking system that helps manage the booking process for businesses, schools and tour companies. With Bookeo, you can easily handle confirmations, cancellations and reminders with total flexibility to create scheduling rules. It doesn't charge commissions or fees related to customers' payments and offers all key features starting from $39.95 per month.

One of Bookeos key advantages is its seamless integration with desktops and mobile websites enabling customers to book and pay using any device via your website as well as through your Facebook page. The software has already been utilized for more than 65 million bookings providing a high level of trustworthiness due to its secure online payment processing complete with on-the-go support.

Bookeo also stands out by offering real-time rate calculations for groups or seasonal events complimented by staff management capabilities, waitlists, remarketing tools as well as customer relationship management functionality. Additionally, there is an option available for gift vouchers, promotions and social marketing tools which increase sales potential without manual work requirements: giving you peace of mind knowing everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on other areas of business development. In summary, Bookeo is a comprehensive reservations systems designed to simplify the booking experience while eliminating many administrative tasks in this area.

Bookeo Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

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Users commonly recommend Bookeo for its versatility and ease of use, especially for businesses looking to grow quickly. They find it to be a convenient option for organizing online reservations, with helpful support and easy installation and management. Users also appreciate that Bookeo handles both payments and appointments, making it a one-stop solution. Additionally, users find the reporting features of Bookeo great and easy to use. However, some users have encountered difficulties with payment processing. Overall, users think that Bookeo is simple to navigate and train staff on. While some suggest looking for more visually impressive options, others recommend Bookeo for basic appointments. It should be noted that some users caution against using Bookeo for classes or courses due to limitations in showing attendance. Lastly, users find Bookeo simple and easy to use for both customers and businesses; however, they express a desire for a mobile app for businesses on the go.

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We use Bookeo to book birthday parties and group events at our laser tag facility. Double booking was a problem that Bookeo was able to resolve. Although I do not believe the product was designed for our type of business, we were able to configure the settings to meet our needs.
  • Customer booking
  • Permits reports to be exported
  • Reasonable price
  • Receptive to program enhancements
  • A customer field for the name of a business or organization would be helpful
  • Expand the search fields to include telephone numbers and business name
  • Enable the customer to purchase an item instead of only services
  • Provide an app for the Clover Station POS system
Bookeo is well suited for online booking. The software makes it easy to add links to a specific service for website integration. The customer is informed with a confirmation email, then a reminder email and finally a thank you email. The customer can also make changes to the event without using store staff.
  • online booking
  • report export to enable a schedule to be printed
  • Being cloud based
  • Bookeo has had a positive impact on our business
Bookeo performs it's function while the other program perform their function. They each address different business needs.
Management and supervisors
People that understand how the Bookeo system has been setup for our business and how it works. They need to have an understanding of our particular requirements.
  • online booking
  • customization
  • reporting
  • website integration
  • To book events in 3 different party rooms without double booking
  • Disappointing that we cannot sell products
  • allow us to sell individual products
  • Integrate payment to the Clover Station POS
Great price for a program that works well. We have never had a system crash during the 10 years of use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sussex County Dog Training has greatly benefited from implementing Bookeo into its operations. This versatile booking and scheduling platform offers numerous advantages that have streamlined and improved the overall efficiency of their dog training services. Here's a quick review of the benefits:
  • User-Friendly Booking System: Bookeo's user-friendly interface makes it easy for clients to book training sessions, seminars, classes, or 121 appointments. Clients appreciate the convenience of a simple and intuitive online booking process, which can be accessed from any device.
  • Automated Reminders: Bookeo's automated email reminders help reduce no-shows, ensuring that clients are more likely to attend their scheduled sessions. This feature saves time for the staff by minimising the need for manual reminders.
  • Calendar Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with the trainer's calendar, avoiding double bookngs and scheduling conflicts. This feature ensures that appointments are managed efficiently and prevents overloading trainers' schedules.
  • Customisation: We can customise our booking process to fit our specific needs. We can set different pricing options, manage class sizes, and tailor services to cater to various training programmes.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Bookeo provides valuable insights through its reporting and analytics tools. The business can track attendance, revenue, and other key performance indicators, allowing us to make informed decisions to improve services.
  • Online Payments: Bookeo allows clients to pay for their sessions or classes online, making the payment process convenient and secure. This feature reduces the need for manual transactions and minimises the risk of errors.
  • Customer Database: The platform stores client information securely, creating a database that the business can use for marketing and communication purposes. This database helps in building long-term relationships with clients.
  • Mobile Accessibility: With Bookeo's mobile app, trainers and clients can easily access their schedules and booking information on the go. This mobile accessibility enhances convenience for everyone involved.
  • Customer Support: Bookeo offers responsive customer support, helping Sussex County Dog Training resolve any issues or answer questions promptly. !
  • Easy to customise
  • User Freindly
  • Great reporting
  • Could do with a zapier Integration (although others are available)
In summary, Sussex County Dog Training has found Bookeo to be an invaluable tool in managing their dog training services. The platform's user-friendly interface, automated features, customisation options, and robust reporting have led to increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Bookeo has not only streamlined their operations but has also contributed to the growth and success of the business
  • Online Class and 121 Bookings
  • intergrates with our website
  • Booking button links
  • We have increased our business by 20% each year over the last 10 years (bookeo a great help with this)
Simply Book me - Too many optional extras
Setmore - wont really help with customising of classes

Honestly weve tested so many but bookeo is the only one that does all that we need!
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