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Cyberark Conjur

Cyberark Conjur


What is Cyberark Conjur?

Conjur is an open source interface to securely authenticate, control and audit non-human access across tools, applications, containers and cloud environments via a secrets management software solution. Secrets grant access to applications, tools, critical infrastructure and other sensitive data. Conjur…

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This product serves as a valuable tool for organizations by offering a wide range of use cases. Users have found it to be especially …
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What is Cyberark Conjur?

Conjur is an open source interface to securely authenticate, control and audit non-human access across tools, applications, containers and cloud environments via a secrets management software solution. Secrets grant access to applications, tools, critical infrastructure and other sensitive data.…

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Product Demos

Bamboo Datacenter integration with CyberArk Conjur


Video CyberArk DevSecOps - Demo CyberArk Conjur integrado con Apps en ambiente OpenShift


CyberArk Conjur CICD Demo

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Product Details

What is Cyberark Conjur?

Conjur Enterprise is a secrets management solution tailored to the unique infrastructure requirements of cloud native, container and DevOps environments. The solution helps developers and security organizations secure, rotate, audit and manage secrets and other credentials used by applications, automation scripts and other non-human identities.

Conjur Enterprise is specifically architected for containerized environments and can be deployed at massive scale. The solution integrates with widely used DevOps tools and platforms. It also integrates with existing systems to help organizations extend established security models and practices. The solution enables organizations, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journey, to secure applications and automated processes, and to integrate secrets management best practices into developer workflows.

Conjur Enterprise is an enterprise-class solution backed by CyberArk’s support and services organization. Features include GUI access, rotation, audit and reporting, and HA/DR functionality. Additional resources for securing DevOps environments can be found at and the open source version, Conjur Open Source and developer community are available at

Cyberark Conjur Screenshots

Screenshot of CyberArk Conjur UIScreenshot of CyberArk Conjur UIScreenshot of CyberArk Conjur UI

Cyberark Conjur Videos

Cyberark Conjur Integrations

Cyberark Conjur Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAmericas, Israel, UK, Canada, France, GMBH, Spain, Netherlands, Italia (Milan), Italia (Rome), Turkey, Australia, Asia Pacific, Japan, India, Denmark
Supported LanguagesArabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Simplified Chinese - Traditional
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

This product serves as a valuable tool for organizations by offering a wide range of use cases. Users have found it to be especially helpful in managing and maintaining privileged account users, addressing security issues, and resolving force breach concerns. It also assists in onboarding secrets, managing compliance policies, and authenticating access. With integration capabilities with tools like Splunk, it enables automated report generation for compliance requirements such as PCI, SOC2, and ISO27001. Furthermore, the product offers granular RBAC architecture and API access management, making it suitable for automation, DevOps, orchestration tools, and CI/CD pipelines secret management. Users have praised its ability to simplify password management experiences and effectively manage devops secrets. Additionally, the product acts as a central repository for storing and controlling access to sensitive information like passwords, keys, and certificates. Notably, it verifies and authenticates vendors before granting access to protect against unauthorized disclosures. Overall, this product has garnered praise for its versatility in various authentication purposes including apps, scripts, containers, databases, and virtual labs.

User-Friendly Tool: Many users have found CyberArk Conjur to be a very user-friendly tool, with a simple management interface for secrets. The ease of learning and excellent user experience, along with helpful tutorials, has made the learning curve easier for them.

Market Leader in Native Cloud Domain: Several reviewers believe that CyberArk, with Conjur as its product, is a market leader in the domain and is particularly useful in the native cloud domain. They appreciate the robustness and efficiency of this solution for DevOps secret management.

Excellent Tech Support and Documentation: The tech support provided by CyberArk has been praised by multiple users who consider it the best. Additionally, they appreciate the good documentation available which further enhances their experience while using CyberArk Conjur.

Confusing Navigation: Initially, some users found CyberArk Conjur to be confusing. However, after spending some time with the application and exploring its functionalities, they were able to navigate it more easily and efficiently.

Lack of One-to-One Communication Feature: According to one user, a potential improvement could be the addition of a feature that facilitates one-to-one communication about specific topics within the application. This would enhance collaboration and streamline discussions among users.

Frustrating Application Components: While recognized as the market leader with an array of impressive features, CyberArk Conjur's components can occasionally present challenges and test the patience of users. Some reviewers have highlighted areas where improvements could be made to enhance user experience and reduce frustration while working with these components.

Users have made several recommendations for CyberArk based on their experiences and observations.

Firstly, many users believe that CyberArk is one of the best tools available today for privilege access monitoring and automating compliance requirements. This recommendation suggests that CyberArk provides efficient and effective mechanisms for managing privileged access to critical systems and ensuring compliance with security regulations.

Secondly, users suggest using CyberArk Conjur as a security solution specifically tailored for companies using DevOps or developing cloud-related applications. This recommendation highlights the suitability of CyberArk Conjur in these specific contexts, indicating that it offers the necessary features and capabilities to secure DevOps processes and protect cloud-based applications.

Lastly, users recommend referring to the documentation and consulting CyberArk support when using their products. This recommendation implies that accessing the provided documentation and seeking assistance from CyberArk's support team can be beneficial in understanding and effectively utilizing their tools. By doing so, users can make the most out of CyberArk's offerings and address any questions or issues they may encounter.

Overall, these recommendations emphasize the strengths of CyberArk's products in areas such as privilege access management, DevOps security, and customer support resources.


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January 24, 2023

Best Deal!

Saranya Kathir | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Cyberark Conjur tool helped my organization to secure and manage secrets such as passwords, keys, and certificates. It acts as a central repository for storing and managing sensitive information, as well as tools for controlling access to those secrets based on role-based access control.
  • Secret Management : Allows organizations to securely store, manage and rotate sensitive data and secrets, such as passwords and API keys
  • Mobile Support : Cyberark Conjur doesn't have mobile app and it is not optimised for those devices.
Cyberark Conjur is well-suited and includes the following:
> Securing access to sensitive data in multi-cloud environments.
> Providing secure access to secrets and credentials for 3rd party services and applications
  • Multi Cloud Support : Conjur Support for multiple cloud environments is important, as it allows users to protect their sensitive data and systems regardless of where they are hosted
  • Conjur has the potential to have a positive impact on a business's overall security objectives by providing roubust secure control, secrets management, and compliance capabilities. This helped to prevent from data breaches, ensured compliance with industry regulations, and improved overall security posture
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Cyberark Conjur is widely used in my organization for various authentication purposes. This could be for apps, password storage, scripts, containers, or databases giving quick access to the information we need. We also use Cyberark Conjur to verify and authenticate outside vendors giving them access to our network and highly private information. Only when they can answer several predetermined questions provided from Cyberark Conjur will a password be generated and access can be granted.
  • Provide allow-list
  • verifying authority
  • validate access
  • Searching containers can be difficult if you're not sure which you're looking for.
  • Initial authorization can be slow, specifically if the first instance failed.
Cyberark Conjur is great at housing secrets or passwords both for personal and professional. Accessing containers can be difficult if you're not sure what you're looking for. A global search can bring up some things but not everything leaving out important passwords or logins. Links within the containers are a great fast way to get into sites.
  • Links within containers
  • quick authentication
  • One stop shop
  • Before Cyberark we put passwords in a spread sheet - leaving exposure to theft.
  • Gives security compliance to our company
  • Keeps company and teams secure and safe.
Cyberark Conjur has been a great asset to our company as it is a one stop shop that holds individuals, teams, departments, and the entire company accountable for the safety network. Not only do you have to be authorized to access Cyberark Conjuryou have to reauthorize to open, copy, or see individual passwords or accounts leaving a cyber trace of all your actions. There's no way to accidently get into something you're not supposed to be in.
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