Authorization Systems

Authorization Systems Overview

What are Authorization Systems?

Authorization systems are software that essentially provide access control through centralized enforcement of access policy to a multi-user computer system.

Authorization Products

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Oracle Entitlements Server
2 ratings
1 reviews
Oracle Entitlements Server is an authorization solution.
Transmit Security
1 ratings
1 reviews
Transmit Security headquartered in Boston offers their identity orchestration solution, providing strong customer authentication and authorization for entities that need it.
SAP Dynamic Authorization Management
SAP Dynamic Authorization Management, developed by SAP partner NextLabs and sold by SAP, is an authorization solution.
Jericho Authorization Provider
The Jericho Authorization Provider from Jericho Systems in Dallas, Texas is an authorization solution.
Cloud Access Manager
One Identity offers Cloud Access Manager, providing single sign-on (SSO) browser based access to cloud resources and provides policy based access controls and authorization.
Axiomatics Reverse Query
Axiomatics offers an authorization solution.
AccessMatrix Universal Access Management
IAM specialist i-Sprint offers AccessMatrix Universal Access Management (UAM), combines web and federated single sign-on (SSO), web access management, hierarchy based delegated administration, to achieve application security.
Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform
A FIPS 140 L2 certified software solution that eliminates this single point of failure of public key cryptography by giving users a secure, distributed way to sign transactions, while managing digital assets. Unbound CASP is designed so that institutional investors no longer must choose betw…
Single Connect
Single Connect™ is a privileged access management platform from Kron which is offered to bring privileged accounts under control. With a range of products, Single Connect™ unifies privileged session management, password management, two-factor authentication, database access management and logging, d…