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What is eTakeoff?

eTakeoff is a construction and estimation software offering from eTakeoff.

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What is eTakeoff?

eTakeoff is a construction and estimation software offering from eTakeoff.

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Product Details

What is eTakeoff?

eTakeoff is a digital takeoff tool. eTakeoff Dimension includes prebuilt assemblies and auto-counting, along with work breakdown capabilities. eTakeoff Bridge is an integration tool with 3rd-party estimation tools, particularly Sage and Autodesk products.

eTakeoff Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's a miracle because it takes me less time on multiple measurements and calculations when I'm quoting my projects. The other thing is that it is much easier to identify the changes in the drawings. It also helps me to simplify the counting of the elements to be quoted. It is extremely easy for me to integrate it with other softwares.
  • Much more agile when quoting projects
  • Easy integration with other projects
  • Nice visual interface
  • It can provide more affordable options
  • I would recommend expanding the explanatory video gallery to learn more its functions
When quoting projects are required where there is not much time and more precision is required. In these circumstances eTakeoff is spectacular. And it allows to integrate with BIN systems to have a better performance. The important thing is also that it does not limit you when making the necessary estimates.
  • Improves precision when carrying out a project and does not spend as much on follow-up
  • It allows us to have a clear vision of the execution of the work and reduce costs
  • We can clearly see where we are exceeding the budget.
eTakeoff is much more dynamic, more up-to-date, it has more functionalities and integrations that allow us to be more focused on project development. I would recommend promoting the platform more and creating a community of users to share their experiences and grow with the use of eTakeoff. I could also recommend a section where the user can be guided in real time.
Victor Arana | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
eTakeoff is being used by our estimators as a comprehensive software to provide electronic views and takeoff tool for integration and to sync all the measures specs of footprints in the company across all construction projects.

This is a consolidated suite that gathers all to meet the needs of construction businesses, regardless of project size. The solution also integrates with a variety of electronic plan rooms and construction estimating solutions like Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, or A360.

There are three product levels in eTakeoff, including a free Basic version, so companies can find their best fit and upgrade as needed. I do strongly recommend to use eTakeoff Server Client, with at least for starters 1 Server license and 4 seats for concurrent access for the estimators.
  • Client Server Solutions that allows to work simultaneously on the several footprints projects
  • Integration with Construction Management Software's like Sage 300 CRE - Estimating
  • Compatible with mobile devices like Microsoft Surface
  • Savings upon the printing process to start the measurement phase
  • Simplifies the amount of materials with only a pack of PDF footprints, granting the calculation of the material lists
  • eTakeoff for Construction companies that work with client-server architecture the experience for the end user can be rush between lag or slowness to access to the shared folder resources within WAN access, VPN SSL or IPSEC connections
  • eTakeoff can presents several tips and tricks to share project traces, common access for all the estimators can be overwhelming in case that the main shared folder is not set.
  • eTakeoff requires at least 100 Mbps for remote branch office to connect to Terminal Server station. The format and consult method of shared configurations and footprints can drain the network bandwidth.
eTakeoff for Multinational Construction companies has a challenge to overcome with the communication of package between shared resources, shared folders that came from the Server Solutions and also to declare new information without disrupting the pace of work from one to other estimator. Needs to cover the compression format view for Terminal Server users.
  • I strongly recommend to declare a design and scaling plan before making the purchase the eTakeoff Basic license has several limitations that will drive you to make a forced upgrade before even kicking out the app for the estimators
  • Affordable at a regular cost considering that Autodesk Solutions like Revit will be a much higher fee per services.
  • The ROI can be achieved after the first 6 months of the initial set up of traces, custom settings and list of items to be used on the construction project.
we mainly select the eTakeoff Client Server solution 'cause we needed to simplify the project estimating calculation made by our estimators, and the chance to sync their work directly from eTakeoff to the Sage 300 CRE Estimating modules, also this kind of integration option can allow us to work with BI apps around the market to get the scale of initial investment per project.
August 31, 2017

Etakeoff review

Nelson David Sanchez Villasmil | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
eTakeoff is used in our organization which is a construction company by the department of project , as a high end construction contractor we receive set of pdf drawing and we are using eTakeoff with the eBridge functionality to bring the measures to Sage estimating , the main problems we have with the app is issues with licensing and server-client license because we are working through a server to store all the company data. Also we have offices in various countries.
  • Organize measures of a project.
  • Create formula to measure various items including pitch and board sizes.
  • It can connect to estimating software like Sage.
  • Measurement summary list could have more intuitive ways to organize measures.
  • The server-client and project sharing needs to be easier.
  • The reference of a measure from other drawings is a process that need to be simplified.
Etakeoff is a software dedicated to project measuring and notes over pdf drawings, it is a software dedicated to the measurement side of an architectural project , so it have several options to enhance the measuring process , you can create custom formulas and use bid codes to identify each measure , and it is not suitable for any creation or drawing of a project.
  • It simplifies the process of making measures of a project.
  • As a centralized measure station it helps to keep track of all the data.
  • The one negative to be noted is the technical support.
eTakeoff is a software with only one basic function which is project measures and this is a prominent differentiator. Taking measures in Revit it requires a lot of more steps, so eTakeoff is a single task software, that performs it's single task really well.
they represent the construction team and is two architects and one project managers , they take care of pricing and creating estimates wich are based on a takeoff wich comes straight out of etakeoff.
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