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GateKeeper Proximity

GateKeeper Proximity


What is GateKeeper Proximity?

GateKeeper Enterprise by Untethered Labs is automated password management, authentication, and auditing. It is designed so that IT admins can eliminate password and authentication problems with hands-free computer and website access through proximity-based 2FA. Instead of authenticating only once to…

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Gatekeeper has been praised by users for its ability to eliminate the risk of listening algorithms deciphering keystrokes, providing …
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  • $500 per installation
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Product Details

What is GateKeeper Proximity?

GateKeeper Enterprise by Untethered Labs is automated password management, authentication, and auditing. It is designed so that IT admins can eliminate password and authentication problems with hands-free computer and website access through proximity-based 2FA. Instead of authenticating only once to log in to a computer and website, GateKeeper Enterprise enforces continuous authentication to ensure that the logged in user is still there. When the user leaves, the computer detects the user is no longer present and locks, rendering access to the computer and websites inaccessible.

This system of hybrid convenience and security provides IT admins with the ability to enforce passwords policies such as minimum character amount, complexity, etc. Compliance mandates including HIPAA, CJIS, DFARS, NIST, GDPR, and more require more technical safeguards pertaining to computer access control, permissions, and security. Rather than making employees more responsible for even more passwords, access control policies, and additional authentication processes, GateKeeper Enterprise automates it all.

GateKeeper Proximity Features

  • Supported: Computer Auto-Lock
  • Supported: Proximity-Based Authentication
  • Supported: Continuous Authentication
  • Supported: Dynamic Passwordless Login Methods
  • Supported: Desktop Application Password Manager
  • Supported: Automatic OTP Mechanism
  • Supported: Token-Based Password Login
  • Supported: Wireless 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Supported: Adjustable Lock and Unlock Range

GateKeeper Proximity Screenshots

Screenshot of GateKeeper Enterprise proximity software for the client desktops. Users see their token's proximity to their computer. Green means the signal is high so the user is very close to their computer.Screenshot of Save all your web passwords on GateKeeper to access them with your key.Screenshot of GateKeeper Enterprise manages your login and authentication process automatically.Screenshot of See employee productivity data as well as access logs from a centralized admin console. Password policy enforcement and management solution.Screenshot of See which computers are locked and which are unlocked. See activity heat maps and productivity data.Screenshot of Login to your computer using your phone as your token. Wireless proximity login without passwords using your Android or iPhone as a soft token.Screenshot of See time and money saved through avoiding typing passwords, forgotten passwords, and associated downtime.Screenshot of Kiosk mode lets users quickly login and logout of shared workstations without typing complex passwords. Even with shared accounts, GateKeeper can identify individual users for auditing purposes.Screenshot of Manage passwords, users, computers, and access control permissions from anywhere through the GateKeeper Hub admin console. No more unlocked computers or weak passwords to worry about. Manage everything from one place.Screenshot of Login without passwords on shared computers, PC, Mac, websites, and desktop applications with a proximity token.Screenshot of Proximity Windows and Mac login with a wireless key fob that replaces all passwords on websites, workstations, and desktop applications for all users.

GateKeeper Proximity Video

Let employees log in and out of workstations with keys. Computers will always be locked when unattended. Admins get automated access log reports to make audits easier.

GateKeeper Proximity Integrations

GateKeeper Proximity Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesGerman
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Gatekeeper has been praised by users for its ability to eliminate the risk of listening algorithms deciphering keystrokes, providing worry-free password input. This feature has made it a valuable tool for individuals who are concerned about the security of their passwords. Additionally, Gatekeeper has made password sharing with colleagues incredibly easy, saving users time and hassle. Users have also lauded Gatekeeper for solving the problem of having to log in and out of workstations, making it convenient for them to have their computers ready as they walk into the office.

Installation and setup of Gatekeeper have been described as quick and trouble-free, allowing users to start benefiting from its features right away. The customer service provided by Gatekeeper has also received high praise from users for their patience and knowledge. Another key use case of Gatekeeper is its ability to simplify login and enhance security for medical practices, eliminating potential compliance failures. By automatically locking computers when users leave and unlocking them upon their return, Gatekeeper ensures personal machines are secure while providing ease of access.

Users have had a flawless experience with Gatekeeper, praising its reliability and support. The system's dual-factor authentication, combined with proximity authentication and a PIN, has been successful in environments where multifactor authentication can be challenging. Gatekeeper's password generator and manager have been widely recognized for maximizing security without the need to save passwords in multiple places. Overall, Gatekeeper saves time and improves work efficiency by reducing the stress of managing multiple passwords while maintaining security for critical information.

Easy to Use: Users have consistently found the product easy to use, with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Several reviewers have praised the simplicity and convenience of Gatekeeper, making it accessible for all users.

Convenience and Low Cost: Many users appreciate the convenience and low cost offered by Gatekeeper. The product combines the benefits of convenience and cybersecurity, which is not commonly found in other solutions. This feature has been highlighted by multiple reviewers as a major advantage.

Automatic Login/Logout and Security: The ability to automatically log in and out as the user walks in and out of their office is highly valued by users. It provides them with control over their computer's login/logout process while ensuring security. Additionally, the automatic locking of computers when users walk away adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive information. These features have been praised by several reviewers for enhancing security measures.

Connectivity Issues: Some users have reported experiencing connectivity issues between their devices, which can hinder the seamless operation of the product and lead to disruptions. These connectivity issues may affect the reliability and functionality of the product, potentially causing inconvenience for users who rely on consistent device connections.

Non-Rechargeable: One user mentioned that the product is not rechargeable and suggested that this feature would improve it, potentially limiting its convenience for some customers who prefer rechargeable options. The absence of a rechargeable capability may require users to rely on disposable batteries or constantly purchase new ones, adding to the overall cost and environmental impact associated with using the product.

Occasional Computer Lockups: Occasionally, while using the product at their desk, users have encountered instances where their computer locks up. This intermittent issue can cause interruptions and potential frustration during work or other activities. Users may need to restart their computer or troubleshoot the issue, resulting in productivity loss and an undesirable user experience.

Users have made several recommendations for this software. Firstly, they suggest offering it to managed clients, indicating that it is a reliable and cost-effective password management solution. Secondly, they recommend getting a demo to see how easy user and workstation credential management can be, highlighting its simplicity and effectiveness. Lastly, users mention that this software is a boost in security profile for a reasonable price, emphasizing the value it provides. Overall, users find this software to be affordable, highly effective, and not overcomplicated.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
We use GateKeeper for ourselves, and for our customers to allow faster login to PCs as well as password storage, without having to type in your password every time you sit down at your desk. The produce allows us to save time each day from typing the same passwords over and over, while also providing security and peace of mind.
  • Password storage
  • Proximity login to pc
  • Reporting of login / logout
  • Battery Life
  • Signal to pc
The best uses that we have found for GateKeeper have been for medical offices. We have a customer that uses mobile workstations when doing patient workups, and this has enabled them to step away from the station, evaluate the patient, and then go back to their mobile workstation without having to log in via password since they were within a set range the PC didn't lock. If they had walked more than 5 ft from their workstation, it would lock by Gatekeeper Proximity so the private data on the PC would not be at risk.
  • Proximity login / logout
  • User time tracking
  • Password storage so you can log in to websites with a saved password IF you have your gatekeeper key with you.
  • Although the number seems small at first, minutes saved per day not having to log in / having proximity unlock add up over time. Each user's gatekeeper pays for itself over the year just by shaving a few minutes of time off logins each day.
  • Training time with end users generally takes 15 minutes or less.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a rural critical access hospital with limited resources. We needed a way to have a secure two-factor login. We also wanted to have virtual desktops that would follow our medical staff from room to room. We looked at several vendors, but the cost was way out of our budget. We then discovered Untethered Labs Gatekeeper. It was in our budget and it has accomplished everything we were looking for. The customer service and engineering people have helped us design exactly what we need. They are always available and go out of their way to make sure all of your questions and issues are taken care of. I honestly have never worked with a more professional group of people at any other tech company.
  • Single sign-on
  • Tracking logins
  • Time savings
  • Improved security
  • User setup. This has improved over the last year.
  • Battery usage.
  • It makes all of our users more productive.
  • It saves it's cost in time spent logging into each computer and website.
By far the most reasonably priced solution. The customer support is top-notch.
They always answer the phone and someone is available to help. Emails are answered immediately.
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