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Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID
Formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory


What is Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution supporting restricted access to applications with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) built-in, single sign-on (SSO), B2B collaboration controls, self-service password, and…

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  • Multi-Factor Authentication (86)
  • ID Management Single-Sign On (SSO) (86)
  • ID-Management Access Control (85)
  • Password Management (82)

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Identity Management

Identity management software manages information about the identity of software users and controls access to corporate resources

Avg 8.0
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Product Details

What is Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution supporting restricted access to applications with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) built-in, single sign-on (SSO), B2B collaboration controls, self-service password, and integration with Microsoft productivity and cloud storage (Office 365, OneDrive, etc) as well as 3rd party services.

Microsoft Entra ID safeguards organizations with a cloud identity and access management solution that connects employees, customers, and partners to their apps, devices, and data. Features include:

  • Secure adaptive access: Protects access to resources and data using strong authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies without compromising user experience.
  • Seamless user experiences: Provides an easy sign-in experience across a multicloud environment to keep users productive, reduce time managing passwords, and increase productivity.
  • Unified identity management: Manages identities and access to all applications in a central location, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises, to improve visibility and control.

Microsoft Entra ID Features

Identity Management Features

  • Supported: ID-Management Access Control
  • Supported: ID Management Single-Sign On (SSO)
  • Supported: Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Supported: Password Management
  • Supported: Account Provisioning and De-provisioning
  • Supported: ID Management Workflow Automation
  • Supported: ID Risk Management

Microsoft Entra ID Video

Authentication fundamentals: The basics | Azure Active Directory

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Microsoft Entra ID Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution supporting restricted access to applications with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) built-in, single sign-on (SSO), B2B collaboration controls, self-service password, and integration with Microsoft productivity and cloud storage (Office 365, OneDrive, etc) as well as 3rd party services.

JumpCloud are common alternatives for Microsoft Entra ID.

Reviewers rate Multi-Factor Authentication highest, with a score of 9.1.

The most common users of Microsoft Entra ID are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For an organization that is by default not in the Active Directory system, this tool allowed us to bring fresh approach in managing our resources, be it endpoints, users, GPOs and users' grouping via OUs.We are using the Microsoft Entra ID for 200 of our users that are subscribed to M365 product suite and manage them from here.
In what aspects are this tool being used in our organization ?
1. Access provisioning to certain resources
2. Access decommissioning to those resources
3. M365 Administration including OneDrive for business
4. Endpoint protections definition and orchestration
5. Sentinel protection

All in short, we are using as the door, both entry and exit, to manage our Microsoft's environment, there are still so much can be done with this tool
  • Access Provisioning and Access Decommissioning
  • Access Management
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Users grouping
  • As with other Microsoft Product, this tool really works well within Microsoft's ecosystem
  • Pricing is quite hefty for smaller organization
There are organizations out there that are choosing not to use AD, be it on premise or cloud based like Microsoft Entra ID, but the system has been around for very long time and it is only bringing an easier management of resources, more secure environment and easier to navigate changes ahead. so this system will be giving a great ROI to them that are adapting to this tool, as it will just integrate great with other product suite like Teams, Yammer, Onedrive, Sharepoint online etc. A dedicated team needs to be managing it to ensure it is doing what it suppose to be done and it is giving the potential values it has

For those organizations that are opting out from these, The budget reason will be most likely the case, as it will not be giving the ROI where that organization is already without AD in the first place, hence the migration will be a pain process
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is useful for integration with On-premise active directory through Azure AD provisioning. Plus it is helpful in assigning default licenses through the use of Microsoft Graph APIs
  • Maintaining users in Azure AD with enabled and disabled state
  • Provisioning users data from other apps to Active directory through integration
  • Use of Microsoft graph APIs in assigning default groups and OUs
  • The use of expressions in Azure AD provisioning can be improved
  • Use of scoping filters can be improved for GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO for datetime fields
It is well suited for creating and updating and deleting employee attributes through Azure AD provisioning. But there can be some scenarios such as installation of provisioning agent documentation can be improved with proper screenshots. This will help consultants better in further implementations in future. The integration perspective is good but still the documentation available has scope of improvement.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure) is a great product that we utilize for deploying VMs, integrating SSO within applications, managing users, groups, and inboxes, and more. While the online software is not always intuitive for administrators to use (the UI changes frequently) and the name change caused a great amount of confusion, the product is solid, mature, and most of all does the job in all the categories mentioned above.
  • User and group management
  • VM management and deployment
  • SSO integration app store
  • UI development
  • Communication regarding name change
Microsoft Entra ID is well suited for most organizations who want a cloud based AD solution that allows administrators to manage users, spin up VMs, and integrate their internal applications with SSO. The software may not be well suited for businesses that use other softwares to do any of the tasks mentioned above, as they may not get their full money's worth.
Rohan Kumar Panda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Entra ID in sync with the On-Premises Active Directory. We are using it to manage internal as well as external users from trusted domains. We also use this to manage Application Authentication using App registrations, Application SSO management using Enterprise Applications and Application access configuration using Entra ID Groups. We also use features like Conditional Access policies, Named locations etc
  • Application SSO management
  • Application Auth using App registrations
  • Conditional Access policies
  • External user management
  • Sometimes Azure just breaks and doesn't show proper details
  • The sync process from on-premises can be improved
  • it uses User Principal name rather than Email to authenticate
It is very good for managing applications, especially SSO and auth parts. The RBAC can be improved
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Microsoft Entra ID formally known as Azure Active Directory to authenticate our users(both internal and external users) to our portal. Entra ID helped us enable SSO to our application, where users had their Azure/ Office 365 accounts and we were able to provide a quick login with authentication and authorization on our product.
  • The SDK implementation is easy and quick with .NET
  • We did not face any issues with the integration with our app
  • Microsoft Entra ID was fast and secure
  • Entra IDs dashboard got a bit complex than previous
  • There should be a good and cheaper support plan for Entra ID issues
  • Vendor lock-in
Microsoft Entra ID is specifically good where the user needs quick and easy solution for authentication and authorization capabilities in the software. It is less appropriate where the user wants to implement a solution where it doesn't want to get locked-in via a vendor for example Microsoft. Also the console may be a bit complex for first time users.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for authentication and authorization with in our organization. We also use it for SSO. We manage user objects, computer objects, Groups, Printers etc via Microsoft Entra ID. Via Microsoft Entra ID we centrally manage all the auth policies and make sure users have limited access to resources based on their role, neither more nor less. We also manage Microsoft Entra ID integrated DNS for proper name resolution.
  • Reliable: We can rely on the authentication process and protocols it uses.
  • Fault-tolerant: Because of multiple DCs,,, its fault-tolerant so easy life for us engineers
  • Easy to manage: UI is easy to understand
  • It should have an in-built password generation tool that generates passwords based on set AD password policies, and we can use that to reset user passwords.
  • There should be a one-click feature to check the resultant GPOs being applied to any machine or user.
If you have more than say 10 machines to manage and 20+ users who login to these machines everyday, its tough to manage these users and servers individually so rather use Microsoft Entra ID to authenticate users and allow them access to resources or computers with restricted policies. So overall its very helpful in managing Organizational resources as the organization size increases.
November 17, 2023

Entra ID review

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra for Hybrid cloud functionality. Our local domain syncs with Microsoft services for email and applications
  • Syncing accounts
  • Provisioning account
  • Providing a hybrid envionment
  • The interface could be better.
  • Reporting is not very reliable and leaves off important information
  • Consistency is lacking as Microsoft has changed Azure and Entra multiple times.
It functions for hybrid environments in syncing to Microsoft 365 for email, onedrive, etc but we have a good amount of issues since they have moved over from Azure and it seems different components are constantly changing and require a fair amount of work to keep everything up to date.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID to manage our user credentials and privileges across the MS 365 platform. As a small company, it's important to have IT systems that are easy to implement, manage, and grow. And they need to be reliable and play nice with the rest of our environment. Since we use Microsoft products across the board, Microsoft Entra ID is the obvious solution.
  • SSO across all Microsoft platforms
  • Easy to manage users and privileges
  • Easy to implement MFA options
  • Support has been less responsive than we'd like. Sometimes, responses/callbacks can take days.
  • There seem to be some credential conflicts with users who had "personal" accounts in the past using the same email address.
  • Would like more options for chat-based troubleshooting, rather than phone or email.
Based on my experience using Microsoft Entra ID in a small business, I'd definitely recommend it for other small organizations. But I can see that it offers more features than we're currently able to take advantage of. It's obviously more tailored to large organizations, but I appreciate that it's simple to manage with a small, resource-limited team.
Yash Mudaliar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Entra ID (formerly called as Azure Active Directory) is the being used as an identity provider in my organization. Ideally the business problem that it solves is the management of user accounts and access management for those users. Beyond this, our use case also involves using Entra for access reviews, privileged identity management, group management, device management, application identity management, enabling business collaborations and customer identity management and identity protection.
  • The most used and useful feature is 'Privileged Identity Management' which helps us to not only limit the assignment of privileged roles but also to monitor and regulate the assignments with a variety of filters.
  • 'Conditional Access' is another feature which can be marked as one of USPs of Microsoft Entra ID. The kind of granularity and security that this feature allows is something that prevent a lot of attacks on the identity perimeter.
  • I personally love the simplicity and security of the 'Cross-tenant synchronization' feature of Microsoft Entra ID. It makes the collaboration process easier without making any compromises in the security aspect.
  • While a very popular feature, but I feel 'Identity Protection' has some improvement scope like improving the delay of alert triggering, provide more details on the suspicious activities and possibly through a simpler UX.
  • I think 'Identity Secure Score' dashboard should have some more detailed informational view instead of just providing some generic best practices and then re-directing to the M365 Defender portal.
  • 'Per-User MFA' should now either be deprecated or else should now be re-branded and re-worked to support conditional access policies specifically for combined registration policies.
Scenario 1: The most obvious would be if the org. has Azure presence with or without an on-premises AD instance. Scenario 2: Even from an SSO point-of-view, Microsoft Entra ID would be a great choice to be opted as an Identity Provider. Scenario 3: If the org. has a wide global footprint and wants to ensure a secure identity and access management platform that can prevent real time attacks without compromising user experience. Scenario 4: If the org. has both B2B and B2C collaboration scenarios.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Entra ID is a one place for managing all kinds of identities. It supports modern authentication protocols and provide security to signins via Conditional access. PIM, Identity Protection, Hybrid Identities, External Identities are other features available in Entra ID. Privileged Identity Management provide right access to right people. JIT also supported.
  • Supports modern authentications.
  • Easy to implement in any environment.
  • Easy to manage the identities.
  • Provides great security to the user accounts.
  • More customizations to signin page
  • Entra ID custom Roles should have been extended list of permissions
  • Add a backup solution for entra ID during disaster recovery
All kinds of organisations where they want to have a centralised identity, they can choose Microsoft Entra ID. We can integrate Entra ID with other clouds. Also, we can easily sync the identities to various public cloud and have a single and centralized identity. It can be implemented with ease and manage it easily.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID to provide authentication & authorization to our end users for all cloud solutions that are used within the company. It provides easy single sign-on capabilities to a lot of enterprise applications.
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Integration with cloud solutions
  • Useful security standards around password complexity, etc...
  • Fairly expensive
  • Limited reporting
Microsoft Entra ID provides easy management for users & groups in the cloud. We still use local Active Directory and are slowly integrating more and more with the cloud.
Currently we mainly integrate cloud solutions/applications with Microsoft Entra ID, while keeping our locally developped apps integrated with on-prem solutions.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We implemented Microsoft Entra ID, which made authentication faster and increased business security. This innovative program ensures secure access to sensitive financial data by addressing significant business challenges and improving our financial operation's efficiency and security. It strengthens financial security and streamlines authentication procedures.
  • Microsoft Entra ID's biometric authentication improves security and streamlines user access through facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, which are reliable and practical.
  • Users can easily confirm their identities using biometrics, smart cards, or PINs, increasing security without disrupting business operations.
  • Microsoft Entra ID provides us with a thorough security comprehension by allowing us to effectively manage user identities, regulate access entitlements, and track authentication events.
  • Initial deployment and configuration may require careful preparation and experience.
  • The program may require a lot of resources, particularly during heavy traffic.
  • Additionally, we occasionally encountered compatibility issues with outdated systems, necessitating further adaptations for seamless integration.
It reduces the risk of fraud by ensuring that only authorized individuals can approve important transactions through biometric authentication. In an era of remote work, the software's MFA features have been incredibly beneficial. It allows our remote workers to securely and easily access financial systems and data from anywhere. Microsoft Entra ID is effective in controlling access, permitting only authorized individuals to view private financial data and systems.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The rebranded Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra ID) is the core identity management platform for our organisation, and for many of our MSP customers. It provides us with Single Sign On to many enterprise applications, and really is the heart of everything IT related.
  • Identity management
  • integration with most software tools
  • security features and plugins
Any organisation that wants to use any off-premise/cloud based services should be using Microsoft Entra ID to centralised authentication and security. Having the ability to disable access to ALL applications through one account/portal gives the IT team back control over security for your organisation.
September 26, 2023

Microsoft Entra ID

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
used for our hybrid environment of Office365 (Azure AD and on prem AD). this is currently addressing our MFA and moving to the autheicator method. this also give us the ability of risky logs to see if anyone's account are trying to be attacked
  • Syncing
  • SSO
  • MFA
  • SSO
it is well suite because it helps with security. The SSO and MFA are by far the best 2 features in AAD today. moving to the windows authenticator method will be a easier option moving forward since sim swapping has occurred recently
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID with a hybrid AD and Exchange for our office 365 setup, we use AD sync to synchronize our users with Entra ID. We use Entra ID to manage applications access to send email and other functions with the graph API and we also use Entra ID to check users that are possibly compromised and manage MFA within the same interface.
  • Manage users from one interface.
  • Easy to check user activity in case of an audit.
  • Adding permissions to an application so it can send emails for example using graph API
  • A lot of good features are paywalled behind expensive monthly subscriptions.
  • Would be nice to have an option even if paid to conserve more than 7 days of user activity logs.
  • Having the option to add some paid features without buying a bundle.
Microsoft Entra ID is a must in any office 365 environment, but it is also useful to integrate into other applications so you can offer a single SSO service to your users without any additional products. It scales well so it can easily be implemented in a business with 5 users or 1000. The features that are included are great even without paying an additional subscription, but there are a few features from a P1 subscription that add a lot of important features that will help keep users safer from attacks.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Necessarily in the machinery company, it is necessary to keep control of many situations such as product inventories, new machinery, suppliers, customer information and so on. We had a main problem of allowing access on the one hand to collaborators and on the other hand to clients but we were distrustful Of our own access solutions, Microsoft with its login service provided and guaranteed support for certain colleagues or clients to access certain information they needed for their work and information.It has helped us manage users and create internal security.
  • The use has given us the reason that until now, with Entra ID, we have had a superior user experience than what we have had with other programs according to the fact that logging is super easy and very fast and the multicloud environment allows access from anywhere easily.
  • Identity management is easy; I place a strong point on the visibility and control given to the applications. I believe that in this sense, they have made an effort to create a safe, intuitive and easy-to-learn environment for the average user.
  • Authentication and access to data are strong; they have an encryption mode that protects each kb, this makes us feel safe.
  • The integration of apps from Workforce is very convenient, you can integrate from any device even when you are traveling and this does not generate any inconvenience, blocking, etc.
  • I consider only one aspect to be wrong, which is the cost structure. First, I could talk about the structure model provided by the vendors. It is a very complicated spreadsheet to understand for any user who is not from the IT department. Let's say that if you want to request budget and approve a budget you do not have the capacity for sufficient information at the moment to justify the purchase, why are there concepts only understandable for an IT engineer, I think this should be simplified for the reading comprehension of any individual, a simple spreadsheet, brief, and with plans for use only so that we can understand the marketing and financial areas of each company.
If I recommend it, the use according to our needs has been super simple; it also maintains the privacy of each user's access to the information they need to have, and it has guaranteed us superior security.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID, previously known as Azure AD, as a bridge between local and cloud AD and for unified user management and single sign-on access to our cloud-based resources, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, with the added benefit of multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Single Sign-On.
  • Multi factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Microsoft 365 User Management.
  • Depth of the administration menus often makes things hard to find.
  • Some basic, security-centric features are only available with paid per-user subscriptions -- such as restricting logins based on country.
  • Reporting and alerting is limited.
The use of Microsoft Entra ID, previously known as Azure AD, is necessary when using Microsoft 365. It can also be used for single sign-on, to link local AD to the cloud, and for implementing multifactor authentication (MFA). Using Entra ID to enforce MFA with Microsoft 365 is simple and should be considered if your organization is not already using it.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Entra ID is our cloud identity provider. We use it as part of the Azure core products, but also as idp for all the cloud applications that we have currently in place. It makes it a lot easier to deploy security measures, due to the possibility to apply conditional access rules, and also it's easy to manage both from the gui and from the console.
  • Conditional Access Rules
  • Logs (limited time by default)
  • Integration with 3rd party
  • Logs (security should be a basic, not a paid feature)
  • Price (you can do lot of things but must of them depend on the license, and the most interesting ones are always on the top one)
  • Stop changing names (this was Azure AD before, no need to change names, it can be confusing some times)
If you're already using Microsoft products, Azure tenant, O365... you will be using Entra ID. At that point, you should consider to use it as cloud identity provider, as it is really easy to use it with 3rd party applications, it has a lot of pre-built integrations, and you can apply conditional access rules, wich is a plus.
If you're not using any Microsoft products, either on-prem or on Azure... maybe it's not your best choice, as it'll be more expensive than other solutions.
September 26, 2023

Entra ID a simple overview

John Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Probably the best known tool for Active Directory management. Integrates with just about any other online software that needs an ID provider (as it's so well known). Not always the easiest to set up or use at times, but the support documentation is good and online community is very large. Useful for managing security, and identity of staff and guest users to our systems.
  • User management
  • Role Management
  • Multi factor authentication
  • They could stop changing things so often, hard to find things if you don't use them frequently.
  • Occasional outages are annoying, and the alerts not terribly helpful sometimes. they tell you when something is down, but don't always notify when its back up.
  • Things are deprecated fairly often, so don't get too invested in one way of doing things, you may have to change how things work in the future.
Good if you're all in on the Microsoft online environment, MS365 or using Azure services. Integrates very well with those.
Not so much if you're just using it as an IDP for other services. It does try to take over somethings (like MX and DNS records) that you may want to keep having managed/hosted at 3rd parties.
Nathan Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID in our company for staff identity verification when accessing our company applications and various services. It provides good single sign on across multiple platforms and centralises the management and administration of user accounts. It sits seamlessly next to our Office 365 and allows us to continue to use our on premise AD. We have also rolled out MFA across the business thanks to the solution.
  • Integration with other Microsoft solutions
  • Many methods of authentication available
  • Conditional access configurability
  • MFA offering
  • The user interface can be confusing and is noisy
  • Features are often hard to find without support
  • Can take time to learn how to implement and use elements of Microsoft Entra ID
The MFA offering was great and really helped us add a new level of security across our business. Great central location to manage all of our Azure AD and O365 users, reducing administration overheads. It can be difficult to find effective support, a lot of time is spent reading articles online when problems are encountered.
Mike Paron | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for more than five years. We have used Microsoft 365 Identity Protection (now known as Microsoft Entra ID) for three years.

In my org we use Microsoft Entra ID for security and ease of access for our users. First, we deployed self-service password reset to all of our users, which required they enter some additional information like personal contact info. This required some training on our part to let everyone know what was happening. Then, multi factor authentication and the Microsoft Authenticator provide protection. Once we had deployed MFA and had 100% adoption, we introduced phone sign-on so users did not need to use passwords when signing in.

We have also implemented conditional access to require MFA for all apps, and to block access if certain thresholds are met for failed sign-ins or unusual activity.
  • Identity security
  • Ease of access
  • User risk management
  • Conditional access
  • Changes are not often clearly communicated unless you know where to look and have the correct email subscriptions.
  • High learning curve.
If an organization is using Microsoft 365 and has the IDP license, there is no reason not to use Microsoft Entra ID. If your org uses 365 and does not have the IDP license, I recommend upgrading your licenses if your budget allows.
September 21, 2023

Great product

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Entra ID as our IDP.
  • It manages users well
  • We can tell where are users are signing in from
  • We can tell why our user sign in failed
  • I would like more security features built into Entra ID
It is great for managing users and sign ins. We can tell where users are signing in and which devices they are using.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Microsoft Entra ID for the authentication and authorization of Web Applications for users that are using from outside company premise and we also implemented conditional access and different policies to restrict access to certain resources and types of devices, locations, and other variables like device compliance, antivirus updates, windows patches requirement for the user to access the applications.
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Conditional Access.
  • SSO
  • External Identities.
  • Consolidated Portal rather than different portals for everything.
It well suited for scenarios where you have users accessing applications from outside of the organizational premise for example we have field force representatives that visit different locations take orders and update data on their mobiles and tablets. so, it's very easy for them to simply open the app and input required data and its automatically sync with published web application and we are managing the authentication and authorization through Entra ID and conditional access through intunes conditional access policies.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We need to manage many discreet groups of people and their access to systems and licensing base on multiple criteria. We have staff who are various kinds of employees as well as volunteers. In addition to our staff/volunteers we also have associates that are involved but do not need the full spectrum of Microsoft 365 services. Additionally we have an intranet and hundreds of teams that need access permissions based on identity. A tool like Microsoft Entra ID is essential to managing this successfully.
  • Assign users into groups dynamically based on user profile details.
  • Secure authentication using easy app based MFA.
  • User authentication intelligence that identifies unusual behavior and flags of blocks suspicious login attempts.
  • Manage permissions for sensitive internal resources like the internet or project teams.
  • Automatically assign licenses based on user properties or group membership
  • Nesting of group membership does not allow email to be delivered to group members.
  • User profile properties are somewhat rigid, creating custom attributes could be much easier and more functional.
  • There are so many features navigation is somewhat challenging to remember if you are not a daily user.
If you have many users and need to separate them into groups with access that changes based on their role or status, I think dynamic groups handles this brilliantly.

Creating a secure environment where identify and access are highly secure and authenticated is very easy to manage and user.

It also allows for various levels of administrative access. You can give certain people access to user administration without having to give them access to other administrative functions.

In my experience, there really isn’t a size or scope of company that could not benefit from Microsoft Entra ID.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Entra ID for managing and administering the company users in an unique centralized management point.
You can manage user's permissions, apply security directives, provides a security layer in order to protect users, applications and other resources, and improves user's experience with SSO.
Helps organizations to manage permissions assigned to users, always keeping in mind least privilege directive and managing the permissions full lifecycle.
  • Security controls for access & identity
  • Centralized point to manage identities
  • Good permissions lifecycle management
  • Some users options are hard to find
  • More options for MFA
Microsoft Entra ID works extremely well in both scenarios: cloud only & on-premise AD sync (hybrid scenarios). If you have an existing on premises domain controller you can sync your objects and start using them on cloud environments.
With Entra ID you can manage identities, protect network access and make security policies.
I don't still faced an scenario where is not appropiate.
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