SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis. It is now officially named "IBM SPSS Statistics". Companion products in the same family are used for survey authoring and deployment (IBM SPSS Data Collection), data mining (IBM SPSS Modeler), text analytics, and collaboration and deployment (batch and automated scoring services).SPSS the best menu-driven statistical program.SPSS is used in various pockets throughout the institution by both researchers and administration. It is far from the only statistical tool in use, but because many of the administrators were trained in colleges of education it is the most commonly used tool. Further, as a menu driven tool, the learning curve is easier for new users who enter administrative departments. Note that in MOST cases SPSS is being used as a desktop product.,Menu-driven interface allows for new, non-programming users to become productive quickly. This capability is significantly stronger than competing products, whose menu-driven interfaces often lack many important analytical features. Syntax (code-based) interface allows for coding of repetitive analysis and automation. While most tools have this, it is an invaluable piece of the software that allows for access to less common options and provides a clear way of documenting any process. Further, SPSS puts the syntax for each command into the output file, making it easy to see exactly what command resulted in what output. The output from SPSS commands has been enhanced to provide most of what an analyst needs in order to make a decision. This is helpful for new analysts, as it can guide them in the direction of a more complete analysis. SPSS is rock solid. This is a well-established product with 24 versions under it's belt.,While substantial improvements have been made, the graphic capabilities remain opaque syntax-wise and relatively rigid through the menu driven interface. You need to know what you are doing, and even then the graphs created are not necessarily the best looking. I tend to extract the data and build presentation graphs in other tools. Data mining capabilities are provided, but at a HUGE cost in a different tool. As a non-profit, SPSS Modeler is out of our price range. Picky thing - SPSS does not compute marginal effects. Tools like SAS, STATA and R either provide those calculations automatically or at the very least make them trivial to get at. SPSS can't do it at all. From an econometric perspective, this is a HUGE drawback. I'm not sure we need a new version with new licensing every single year. This is especially the case if you aren't pushing the limits of the feature set.,9,SPSS provides the ability to get new analysts up and running more quickly than programming-oriented language, while still providing the flexibility you would expect in a code-able tool.,Depends on the department - Improved decision-making throughout the organization, but also student retention and progression improvements, financial savings in procurement and other tasks.,SPSS has made repeatable (yearly) analysis a reality, with minimal maintenance and therefore substantially less analyst time after the first year. It's hard to put time saved into $$ but the increase in time available for other tasks has been statistically significant.,SAS/Access and JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS,Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Office 365,500,,Statistical analysis of research projects Predictive models using logistic regression,none that I can think of.,None for base SPSS - new ways to use it will involve purchasing SPSS modeler.,10,No,Product Features Prior Experience with the Product,No change, since it was skills I learned prior to this position that drove the selection. If I didn't know ANY tools, however, I don't know whether SPSS would have won out or not. Never underestimate the power of teaching your tool to college students.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,A new version is released every year and keeping up with those versions and their licensing has proven a challenge in a large organization.,8,No,7,No,Menu-driven interface makes nearly everything easy to do Built in identification of duplicate records based on one or more criteria,You cannot get marginal effects,No,9SPSS for biologyI use SPSS to analyze my research data and help students learn to use SPSS through student research projects. It is a very simple interface which makes it easy to use. The only complaint is the the graphs are not great and I use a different software to make graphs for my publications. Otherwise you can find it cited as the statistical package used in all of my work.,Straight forward and user friendly for simple analysis The split file feature allows for rapid analysis of large data sets separated in different ways with a simple click Copy and past of tables into excel makes it easy to edit them to make the publication ready,Graphics are not usable for publication Sometimes struggles with really large data sets,10,Simple format allows for rapid analysis.,confidence in data analysis leading to publication,My primary focus is scientific research and it has helped with the analysis of biological data, which have been published.,JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS,JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS,3,,Regression Analysis General Linear Models to compare treatments under variable conditions Correlation analysis Descriptive Stastics for quick analysis of means, standard deviation, variance and check for outliers or errors in the data,learning commands in the syntax was key for me to move forward with more complex analysis and data sets,linear models to characterize and test for significant trends in biological variables in relation to environmental variation using the syntax to create comparison tables testing for significance,9,Not Sure,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Selection should be made based on both reputation within your specific field as well as the ease of use within the software itself. SPSS has straight tool bars that are well organized and easy to find what you need.,Don't know,I was not present during implementation,5,No,5,No,I have never relied directly on IMB for support,data transformation and selection or comparison based on cases Finding the right test within the analyze toolbar,It took some time to learn how to use the syntax (paste function), some experience writing code is helpful for this,9SPSS Made My Analytic CareerSPSS is only used in the Market Research department at this time. The business problems it addresses are: used as a data warehouse, used as a reporting tool, used as an analytical tool, calculates market size and market share, tracks and reports on construction activity at micro and macro levels, forecasts business KPIs and Leading Economic Indicators, tracks and reports on business activity from across the entire enterprise, feeds the GIS and sets up the datasets used for spatial analysis, general reporting of tables, charts and graphs.,Help desk with SPSS is PHENOMENAL. All of my questions, regardless of what it might be, get answered promptly. I feel that IBM has done a good job of keeping SPSS affordable for cash strapped research departments. I feel that IBM has done a good job of integrating SPSS statistics desktop and Modeler with their products.,I wish the help files were still bundled with the software and not "online" as you need to have internet connection to access the software's help files. Please make it an option at least during the install, or download package. Like the answer previously, this is also tied to the internet, and the webpages for SPSS typically make me cringe when I have to use an online tool. IBM should have simplified this aspect of software a long time ago... perhaps Watson can help? I don't like the trend where software is going into the cloud, and I know that IBM wants to push SPSS there. I prefer software installed on my laptop! I would consider keeping with whatever the last version of SPSS desktop was released and using that until I retire in the next 20 or 30 years.,10,Time savings on decision making is hard to quantify. However, we have greatly shortened the time it takes to answer questions about the business, from hours to minutes... from days to minutes. In my opinion where SPSS has served the most vital function is in making our c-suite SMARTER! The smarter the leadership the better the operational efficiency brought about excellent analysis. Also, since we capture and integrate data faster, using SPSS, we have sped up our response times and have increased the number of coworkers we serve throughout the entire enterprise.,As stated in the response before this, SPSS is vital to C-Suite decision-making. We have used it to identify new opportunities as well as measure competitive advantage. It would be hard to quantify a direct route between revenue and SPSS use though. But we do generate sales leads from disparate data sources that we use SPSS to collect, analyze and disseminate. I can't reveal the revenue generated via our technique but it has been significant!,,ArcGIS, Tableau Desktop, TeamViewer,4,1,Using SPSS to create a shadow data warehouse comprised of indicators central to running the organization. Forecasting. Table output. Data mining.,Creation of a shadow data warehouse, as SPSS can literally sit on top of any database architecture and pull in data from a multitude of sources throughout the organization and assist in mining the data and ultimately reporting out what was found. SPSS is a one stop shop for analytics. I am not going to say anything else on our innovation in analytics as leadership would probably prefer that I do not.,Modeler will become mainstream within the organization when the time is right. More users of SPSS desktop.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I wouldn't [change my evaluation and selection process]. SPSS For Life... no lie.,Implemented in-house,No,Getting licenses to work with versions.,10,No,10,Yes,I was using one of the new features released with version 23, the spatial analytics modeling, and there was a problem involving how the file was named, that it took us some time to figure out, but the tech support person worked with me constantly and talked to other people and ultimately we were able to figure it out and get it working! And this has happened several times. Another time was when I was first learning forecasting, I talked to Tech Support, who not only helped me understand the various facets of the forecasting module, but also suggested books I should read to become an expert in forecasting. Well I did buy those books recommended by my SPSS Tech Support and I have become a forecasting expert... but mostly because SPSS is an expert in forecasting.,Statistical methods ie. regression, correlation, forecasting, etc... Table creation Graphs and charts,Not sure, I use it for everything.,10
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142 Ratings
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Have a plan for managing the yearly upgrade cycle. Most users work in the desktop version, so there needs to be a mechanism for either pushing out new versions of the software or a key manager to deal with updated licensing keys. If you have a lot of users this needs to be planned for in advance.
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IBM SPSS is a predictive analytics software solution that aims to provide users with more meaningful insights from their data and predict what is likely to happen next. This solution offers advanced techniques designed to help companies find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize risk.
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