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Predictive Analytics Software

Best Predictive Analytics Software

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Predictive Analytics Software

What is Predictive Analytics Software?

Predictive Analytics are used to analyze current data and historical facts in order to better understand customers, products, and partners. It is also used to identify potential risks and opportunities. Predictive analytics platforms tend to be very complex products and require advanced skill sets in order to use them effectively.

In the hands of skilled data analysts and data scientists, predictive analytics can be an extremely powerful tool. It can, for example, calculate customer lifetime value for a given customer; estimate sales projections for the next quarter, or predict what product an online shopper is likely to purchase next.

The Importance of Good Data

The basis for good predictive outcomes is good data. For example, to make predictions about what customers are likely to buy in the future, it's essential to have detailed data on what they have bought in the past, attributes of purchased products, etc.

Provided there is adequate high-quality data, predictive models are created using techniques like regression testing, decision trees or other methodologies to measure degree of correlation between variables to help predict future behavior.

Predictive Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

Predictive Analytics tools are strongly related to Business Intelligence, and they are sometimes considered as part of the BI universe. The distinction between BI and predictive analytics is that BI is usually considered descriptive, i.e. looking at what happened in the past. Predictive analytics is about finding hidden patterns in data using complex mathematical models to predict future outcomes.

The emergence of big data platforms like Hadoop and very fast in-memory analytics products has resulted in some blurring of the lines between big data and predictive analytics.

Pricing Information

A couple of well-known incumbent products own the lion’s share of the market and these tools tend to be much more expensive than newer upstart products with much smaller market share. One of the leading products in the category costs over $5,000 per user. Newer, less well-known products typically cost a fraction of the cost of the market leaders.

The free, open-source R programming language has more than 3,000 community-developed analytical applications, but can be challenging to use since it is code-based and does not have a drag-and-drop visual workspace.

Predictive Analytics Products

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Top Rated
117 Ratings

SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis. It is now officially named "IBM SPSS Statistics". Companion products in the same family are used for survey authoring and deployment (IBM SPSS Data Collection), data mining (IBM SPSS Modeler), text analytics, and collaboration and...

MicroStrategy Analytics

201 Ratings

MicroStrategy Analytics is a platform for Business Intelligence (BI) and self-service analytics. It enables organizations worldwide to analyze the vast amounts of data stored across their enterprises to make better business decisions. MicroStrategy currently has 3 versions: MicroStrategy...

Mattersight Behavioral Analytics

50 Ratings

Mattersight Behavioral Analytics is a solution that includes millions of pre-built algorithms that automatically decode every second of captured human interaction to provide enterprises with actionable insight to drive significant business value. Behavioral Analytics consists of three main...

Alteryx Analytics

Top Rated
106 Ratings

Alteryx Analytics is a business intelligence and predictive analytics offering.


Top Rated
59 Ratings

MatLab is a predictive analytics and computing platform based on a proprietary programming language. MatLab is used across industry and academia.

JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS

51 Ratings

JMP is a division of SAS and the JMP family of products provide statistical discovery tools linked to dynamic data visualizations.

RapidMiner Studio

Top Rated
30 Ratings

RapidMiner Studio is a data science and data mining platform from RapidMiner in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Logi Analytics

31 Ratings

Logi Analytics is a developer-grade analytics platform designed for application teams needing to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain mission-critical applications. Logi serves the embedded model, so companies increase the likelihood of building valuable, long lasting applications. The vendor...


Top Rated
34 Ratings

RStudio is a free and open-source integrated development environment for R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics.


Top Rated
28 Ratings

Anaconda is an open source Python distribution / data discovery & analytics platform.

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing

7 Ratings

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing automatically routes calls by using advanced algorithms that predict the best available agent to handle each specific caller based upon performance, personal strengths, previous interaction history and behavioral characteristics such as personality and...

KNIME Analytics Platform

13 Ratings

Swiss company KNIME offers their KNIME Analytics Platform for big data and predictive analytics.

Oracle Advanced Analytics

100 Ratings

Oracle Advanced Analytics combines the Oracle database with the Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise components (adding R programming language functionality), providing an complete predictive analytics suite.

IBM SPSS Modeler

26 Ratings

IBM SPSS Modeler is a predictive analytics platform that helps users build accurate predictive models quickly and deliver predictive intelligence to individuals, groups, systems, and enterprises. With an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features, the software is designed to be easy to use with...

Loom Systems

4 Ratings

Loom Systems is designed to empower IT teams by simplifying root cause analysis. According to the vendor, the platform automatically ingests and analyzes all types of logs and metrics, learns their unique behavior over time, detects anomalies and trends, and reports these along with the root cause....

SAP Predictive Analytics

8 Ratings

SAP Predictive Analytics is, as the name would suggest, a statistical analysis and data mining platform that can be deployed with SAP HANA.


1 Ratings

Lexalytics (formerly Semantria) is a software-as-a-service and services provider specializing in cloud-based text analytics and sentiment analysis. This business intelligence (BI)/analytics tool offers an easy way to unlock meaningful insights and sentiment analysis from large amounts of...

TIBCO Spotfire Data Science (previously Alpine Data)

2 Ratings

TIBCO's Spotfire Data Science is a cloud-based data science platform designed to orchestrate analytics across hybrid data and compute environments.


4 Ratings is an open-source predictive analytics and machine learning platform.

Cortana Intelligence Suite

3 Ratings

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite is a predictive analytics platform using the R programming language.

Analytic Solver

3 Ratings

Frontline Systems Analytic Solver is an Excel add-on for performing data mining, and predictive analytics from within Microsoft Excel.

SAS Enterprise Guide

1 Ratings

SAS Enterprise Guide is a menu-driven, Windows GUI tool for SAS.


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