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What is LaunchNotes?

LaunchNotes is a personalized, automated, and secure way to connect product teams and users to the product development lifecycle, from the company of the same name headquartered in California.

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Users of LaunchNotes love receiving email notifications to stay informed on the latest product changes, solving the problem of keeping …
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What is LaunchNotes?

LaunchNotes is a personalized, automated, and secure way to connect product teams and users to the product development lifecycle, from the company of the same name headquartered in California.

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Product Details

What is LaunchNotes?

LaunchNotes is a changelog tool supporting the creation of release notes and product updates. Additionally it can be used to create product roadmaps, and collect product user feedback.

Use Cases:

Public Changelog: LaunchNotes includes rich text editor and customizable HTML and CSS ensure every detail of announcements are engaging and on brand.

Secure Changelogs: Because not every product announcement is applicable to everyone, and some announcements shouldn't be shared publicly, the software enables users to reach out with specific customers and teams access to a changelog tailored specifically to them.

Custom Categories: Categories help ensure every announcement only reaches the relevant users who need to know about them. They can be customized to map to any business, product line, or org structure.

Public Roadmaps: The roadmap is not only a place for users to see what is being worked on, but also to follow any items they're interested in. Whenever an item ships, there's immediate follow-up with everyone who care most.

Work Items: Work items can be as detailed as desired, and include a description of what's coming, attach prototypes and mock-ups, and update the status and completion dates to keep everyone aligned.

Subscriber Management: As users vote and leave feedback on roadmap items, the user can build a targeted list of users to engage for additional feedback, early access programs, beta testing, and customer testimonials.

Announcement Workflows: Announcement workflows allow the user to put a changelog on autopilot. The user can choose the audience segments who need to see it, hit publish, and let LaunchNotes do the rest.

Email Announcements: LaunchNotes turns every announcement into a custom email, then delivers it to relevant subscribers (also, the user can send out announcements through Slack via its integration).

Embedded Widget: Whether it's embedded in an app, on a login page, or anywhere across the marketing site, an announcement and updates can reach the user from within the product.

Custom Feedback Manager: Customer feedback can be used to capture and measure the sentiment of product updates, prioritize and improve future product investments, and the feedback stays private, so only the user can see it.

Changelog Analytics: After delivering the features users have been waiting for, LaunchNotes can be used to automatically track and measure the success of the announcement.

Custom Branding: LaunchNotes comes ready, out-of-the-box, to ensure the changelog is a natural extension of a company's unique brand and voice.

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LaunchNotes Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of LaunchNotes love receiving email notifications to stay informed on the latest product changes, solving the problem of keeping them updated on what the company is working on. With short and timely heartbeat updates, LaunchNotes saves time and increases user engagement compared to traditional monthly email updates. As a customizable changelog and product roadmap platform, LaunchNotes allows teams to showcase everything they are shipping and share future plans, resulting in stronger product engagement and happier customers. By consolidating changelogs and product announcements into a single channel, LaunchNotes makes it easier for users to stay on top of changes and new features. It also serves as the main customer communication platform, keeping users up-to-date on the company's R&D efforts. For small startups, LaunchNotes is essential to ship publicly, demonstrate transparency, and showcase progress. Additionally, LaunchNotes helps consolidate change communications, including customer feedback, into one centralized platform, significantly improving engagement rates and allowing for seamless integration of customer feedback into the product development lifecycle. The tool provides analytics dashboards that track real-time engagement and success of product launches and announcements. It also simplifies the process of determining the success of product launches and eliminates the need for manual data analysis. Overall, LaunchNotes streamlines product communication processes, ensures everyone is on the same page, reduces coordination efforts, and delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Simple and Efficient Solution: Users have found LaunchNotes to be a simple and efficient solution for managing product updates and communication with their user base. They appreciate the ability to easily subscribe to specific categories of product changes, eliminating the need for manual segmentation. This approach allows them to effectively highlight the value they bring to their users without overwhelming them with unnecessary updates.

Versatile Toolset: LaunchNotes offers a versatile toolset that combines the functionalities of a blog, an email platform, and an in-app notification system. Users value the consolidation of multiple tools into a single platform, as it simplifies their workflow and makes management more convenient. The capability to segment and send targeted communications to specific user cohorts is particularly valuable, ensuring that each update reaches the users who are most interested in it.

Highly Regarded News Widget Feature: The news widget feature provided by LaunchNotes receives high praise from users. By embedding this feature in their app, login page, and marketing site, users can make announcements in one central place that reaches users across various channels. This eliminates the need for custom announcement banners and reduces code management efforts. Users appreciate how convenient and effective this feature is.

Cons: Limited customization options: Some users have expressed a desire for more customization features, such as applying custom branding to LaunchNotes pages and emails, on the Essentials tier. While they understand the additional charge on the Business tier, they feel that having these features available at a lower level would enhance their experience. Lack of comprehensive analytics: A few reviewers have mentioned that they would like to see more comprehensive analytics when announcing new features, including open and engagement metrics. Although the LaunchNotes team is actively working on this feature, some users are currently missing these insights. Missing integrations: A Microsoft Teams integration has been requested by several users who find value in the existing Slack integration. They are aware that the company is already working on a Teams integration which may eliminate this con in the future. Additionally, some users suggest an integration with Zapier as a cool addition to further streamline their workflow. Note: Other cons mentioned include suggestions for improvements or enhancements but were not as commonly mentioned as the three highlighted cons above.

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