Product Management Software

Best Product Management Software include:

Aha!, Wrike, Asana, and Qualtrics.

Product Management Software TrustMap

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Product Management Software Overview

What is Product Management Software?

Product management software helps businesses understand the market and determine what prevents prospects from making purchase decisions. This might be related to building awareness, providing missing features, redefining market segmentation, etc. Typically, product management tools help product managers manage market requirements and specifically collation and prioritization of feature requests, and map them to product releases.

Product management software also acts as a visual tool for building product roadmaps that delineate future releases so that stakeholders know what will be delivered and when. Additionally, product management software aids product managers with developing company-wide go-to-market plans.

Other capabilities of product management software include tools to manage win/loss calls and a means of feeding this data back into the product planning process, and tools to assist in with product pricing and market positioning.

Product Management Software Features & Capabilities

  • Product roadmapping

  • Market plan development

  • Call management

  • Resource allocation

  • Product Data Analysis

Pricing Information

Pricing for product management software depends on the software in question as well as the needs of the business. Despite this, businesses can expect to pay at least $50.00 per month for essential product management features like product roadmapping.

Product Management Software Comparison

When considering product management software options, consider the following aspects of each product offering.
  1. UX Analysis: While all product management software options include roadmapping features, some also include user experience analysis. If your business wants to track and analyze user behavior such as clicks, and logins, then consider a product management software with analytics features.
  2. Feedback Collection: Many product management tools are focused on web applications. These tools provide features to gather direct feedback from users. If your business creates web or desktop applications, consider a product management tool that can collect user feedback.
  3. Pricing: Many product management solutions include additional features like feedback collection and user experience analysis, but these additional features are usually associated with higher prices. If you are looking primarily for roadmapping features, consider finding software that focuses exclusively on that.

Product Management Products

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169 ratings
333 reviews
Top Rated
Workfront is a web-based project-management tool. It is designed for both IT and marketing teams, but can be implemented for any kind of project. Workfront offers all the features standard to project management platforms, as well as resource allocation, automation, and agile workflow.
230 ratings
174 reviews
Top Rated
Wrike is a project management and collaboration software. This solution connects tasks, discussions, and emails to the user’s project plan. Wrike is optimized for agile workflows and aims to help resolve data silos, poor visibility into work status, and missed deadlines and project failures.
137 ratings
161 reviews
Top Rated
Qualtrics produces three Web-based products: Research Suite, which helps companies and schools conduct their own custom-made surveys and data analysis; Site Intercept, which allows websites to get feedback from visitors; and 360, a tool to help human resource operations assess employee performance.
1,107 ratings
132 reviews
Top Rated
Asana is a web and mobile project management app. With tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards, Asana lets an entire team know who's doing what by when, enabling workload balancing. Users can also add integrations for GANTT charts, time tracking and more.
Jira Software
1,647 ratings
124 reviews
Top Rated
JIRA Software is an application lifecycle management solution for software development teams. It allows users to create, prioritize and track the progress of tasks across multiple team members, and offers a wide range of integrations. It is offered via the cloud and local servers.
33 ratings
19 reviews
Aha! is product roadmap and marketing planning software. The vendor says they help more than 5,000 innovative companies build and launch products customers love. More than 250,000 users worldwide use Aha! The vendor promises to help you: set brilliant strategy, capture customer ideas, create visual …
21 ratings
8 reviews
UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback for product teams. With a customizable feedback portal, in-app widget, and direct integrations with your email client, CRM or support tool, it’s easy for your customers and internal t…
Gainsight PX
4 ratings
7 reviews
Aptrinsic offers their customer engagement platform to software companies wanting to simultaneously build engagement with their applications and track customer engagement within their application, for segmenting or for finding elements in the application that work or that do not; of use for product …
2 ratings
5 reviews
ZenHub is a project management solution that runs native within GitHub with collaboration boards, file sharing, and pipeline selection.
3 ratings
4 reviews
Roadmunk is a roadmap visualization platform that is designed to enable product managers and their teams to communicate the strategic roadmap throughout their organization. The vendor says product leaders can easily input milestones, roadmap data and create unlimited pivots in real time. The vendor …
5 ratings
4 reviews
Craft, from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, is presented by the vendor as a better way for Product Managers to manage and plan their products in agile environment.
Pendo Feedback (formerly Receptive)
3 ratings
4 reviews
Pendo Feedback (formerly Receptive, acquired 2019) is a SaaS product management platform that allows users to collect product feedback and feature requests from customers as well as internal teams, and collaborate on the product roadmap.
5 ratings
3 reviews
TargetProcess is a visual project portfolio management software built for teams of any size. TargetProcess provides graphical reports, kanban boards, analytics dashboards, and other critical PPM tools.
1 rating
3 reviews
productboard, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a product management system designed to help product managers understand what users need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around a roadmap.
2 ratings
2 reviews
airfocus is a SaaS company, based in Hamburg, that provides what they describe as an easy to use prioritization and roadmapping software solution helping teams collaborate on strategy, make informed decisions and build outstanding products. The solution integrates with Jira, Trello, Asana, and Zapie…
0 ratings
1 review
Delibr is an outlining tool for feauture refinement created for Product Managers. With Delibr the user can easily visualize conversations about features, create and keep track of tasks, create Jira issues, make notes and turn them into presentations.
4 ratings
1 review
Infinity is an all-in-one project management platform where you can organize anything. The vendor says they offer a toolset that allows you to organize any type of project, no matter the size and complexity. Customizable structure and powerful overview features make sure that, as you keep using the…
Frank is a a user-friendly platform that supports architecture and engineering studios with their project management and operations.
Roadmap Planner
Keepsolid offers Roadmap Planner, a diagramming tool available in multiple tiers offering a free version for single users with limited presentation view, and higher tiers containing support for larger teams, collaboration, more advanced presentation view for flow charts and diagrams, synchronizatio…
Avion is an app that helps users plan and build software more effectively by providing a way to visualise an entire product from the perspective of users. It's built for product managers and agile teams that struggle to see the bigger picture. 🙅‍♀️ The problem When building software, development …
LoopVOC in Charleston offers their voice of the customer technology, designed to centralize customer feedback so that all departments have visibility into the challenges customers are experiencing with a brand's products, as well as develop strategies to consistently improve and address problem area…
Klopotek software, from the company of the same name in Berlin, supports the entire publishing value chain for print and digital products. They vendor states their products are based on publishing industry best practices and enable the cost-effective management of key publishing processes while stre…
Project portfolio management for agile, hybrid, and waterfall organizations that use Jira. BigPicture has a selection of tools: Scope, Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Agile Board, Risk matrix, Teams, Resource management, and Reports. Learn on predefined data, then create work breakdown structures from scra…

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all product management solutions built for digital products?

Many product management software options include features like user experience monitoring that are important for application development. Despite this, there are some product management solutions that focus on planning and marketing for traditional products.

What are the best product management solutions?

The highest rated product management software options include:

  1. Aha!
  2. UserVoice
  3. Gainsight PX

What features do product management tools include to improve customer engagement?

Many product management software options include tools for surveying users in applications or reaching out to users via email once they have opted in to an email campaign. These features are primarily designed to collect user feedback.

Are there free or open source product management solutions?

There are some open source tools that include product management features, but few dedicated product management open source tools. Many proprietary product management solutions include free trials that business can use to try before they buy.