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Fedor Paretsky | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Mapbox's APIs and maps to run most of our service. They have a wide selection of powerful APIs to enable routing, directions, traffic, and many other usage points. Without Mapbox, we would have to either re-survey maps on our own or re-build a large portion of APIs to work on top of open-source maps, like OpenStreetMap. In addition, they have beautiful maps that our users view on our front-end applications that are also really easy to build functionality on top of.
  • Great documentation! Most of the services, APIs, and products provided by Mapbox are very easy to implement. Sometimes as little as two lines of code need to be added.
  • Great pricing to try out their services - it's very rare to pass their free tier of service in the alpha or beta testing stages.
  • Provides some services that aren't provided at any other mapping or geography API/service company, like the Mapbox Navigation SDK.
  • Some services, like routing, can be *very* expensive in production. A company can potentially spend thousands of dollars on routing calculations (API calls), and at that point, you should probably consider moving your routing engine/calculations to an on-premise server (self-hosted service).
  • There is downtime. I periodically receive notifications of some of Mapbox's services being down. They have never affected us or our users, but I'm not so sure about other companies.
  • Limited customization of maps on some platforms. On platforms like iOS and Android, it takes some long experimenting sometimes to get the maps to display and behave in the way your product exactly needs them to.
For services that require maps and basic geo-functionality in production, Mapbox is one of the greatest choices out there. They're free, provide much more refined/modern productions compared to Google maps, and have very good support on different platforms. For services that require higher-computation products, like matrix routing, optimization, etc..., the prices can get quite high very quickly, and you should consider moving those services to an on-premise server at that point.
John Roberts | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Mapbox on and off in terms of creating custom maps when required. It provides a good alternative for the stock standard Google or Bing maps and allows for customization as well as branding towards specific company requirements. We have a lot of data that can be visualized using geographic methods, and we don't do enough of this.
  • One place to handle colors, fonts and style information.
  • Easy to use dataset interface and editor.
  • Immediate previews of the map style generated.
  • The product is not always that easy to use, aimed at professionals understanding colors and palettes etc.
  • Being a full cloud product it can be complicated working with the interface when your connectivity is not great.
  • Tutorials and samples could be more visual and could cover more ideas on how to use Mapbox.
If you have to create specific maps that cater for very specific style, color, font and similar layout requirements this is a useful tool. The opportunity to import your dataset from latitude and longitude information, see those on your created map, and add or edit the data set including attributes is a great plus.
Firaz Peer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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As a student, I used Mapbox as part of a personal class project. In my role as an instructor, I reviewed Mapbox for students in a Visual Design class.
  • Excellent documentation and worked examples makes it easy for newbies to get started.
  • Works well across web or mobile platforms.
  • Clean looking default map styles make your designs look professional.
  • Since it is built on top of Leaflet.js, it is easily extensible. So any feature or function that is not available within the Mapbox.js API can be imported from other API's.
  • Storage space for free users of Mapbox Studio is very limited. Having a slightly higher storage limit for students might be helpful.
Beginners can start making simple maps very quickly. Mapbox Studio makes getting started very easy.

For complicated maps, one should consider the cost of hosting it on the Mapbox server. Using the API might make more sense in that case, but it requires learning how to code with Javascript.
Score 8 out of 10
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Mapbox is easy to customize and offers breath-taking cartographic tools that augment any data visualization. It is easy to implement and deploy!
  • Carto-CSS implementation
  • Stunning visual customization
  • Easy-to-generate custom basemaps that integrates well with other web-map APIs
  • Better options for very small business
  • Offline access
  • Geoprocessing capability
Essential for dynamic web-maps and visualizations; less appropriate for maps requiring custom dynamically served background tiles.
Score 9 out of 10
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Working at a geospatially focused company we have found a lot of ways to use Mapbox. From custom maps for use on the web or on Tableau to building out visuals to SDK research and integration. Mapbox helps us mainly on the data visualization side of things and allows us to visualize large data sets efficiently.
  • Documentation is clean, easy to read, and very well organized which makes it easy to get going or learn something new
  • The online user interface makes it quick and easy to edit maps, upload new datasets, view analytics, or get API keys
  • Great integrations with Tableau and easy to develop for Android, iOS, or Web
  • Can sometimes struggle to load very large datasets but this is understandable
  • Learning how to design maps is a bit of a learning curve
Mapbox is great if you have a BI or Data Visualization problem while working with either large datasets or you want a high level of control on the design of your geospatial data. Also fantastic options for integrating maps onto your website or into your Android or iOS app. Basically, if you need a map in any shape, way, or form and you want a lot of detailed control over it, Mapbox is the way to go.

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Mapbox in Washington, DC presents a geographic information system.

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What is Mapbox?

Mapbox in Washington, DC presents a geographic information system.

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