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What is Netreo?

Netreo is a comprehensive IT Operations full stack monitoring and AIOps company headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. They provide a single source of truth for proactive performance and availability monitoring for large enterprise networks, infrastructure, applications and business services.

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This product has proven to be an invaluable tool for users, offering a range of use cases that address various needs in network management …
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Netreo 2-minute Overview

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Product Details

What is Netreo?

IT organizations are faced with the challenge of integrating new technology into their infrastructure while continuing to support all of their legacy needs. Business technology stacks have become more complex, diverse, and difficult to control than ever before. Netreo IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, provides a platform that gives organizations a unified, single source of truth view into their entire IT infrastructure — regardless of size, footprint or complexity.

Alert Management

Netreo’s Intelligent Alert management capabilities eliminate the redundant and false alerts flooding your phone, chat, and email.
  • INCIDENT MANAGEMENT RULES - Validate and prioritize notifications
  • DEVICE AUTO DISCOVERY - Inventory and identify systems and devices that need monitoring, or not
  • ANOMALY THRESHOLDS - Identify only out-of-the-ordinary behavior from key devices.

Single Source of Truth

Netreo’s Single Pane Of Glass Monitoring interfaces provide several overview options, all designed to put the maximum amount of information in a single view, without overloading the user with data.

Netreo also provides API access, to integrate Netreo data into an Intranet or portal applications, trouble ticketing, security management, or integrate existing ‘silo’ management products into Netreo’s powerful alerting and incident-management engine.


Automatic topology detection allows organizations to visualize the current topological configuration of their network without having to manually layout maps for every location.

  • Automated Reporting - Netreo’s reporting engine is meant to be self-contained and has full automation capabilities. It provides statistics from virtually any device on a network: Bandwidth. Errors. CPU. Memory. Disc., etc. These are used to automate reports to turn performance into usable statistical data or information to assist IT managers, engineers, and anyone else in the business or IT decision-making process. These reports can include multi-year tables, graphs, pie charts and more. And because Netreo stores three years of historical trending data by default, you get instant access to trends and comparative long-term historical analysis.
  • Automated Mapping - Netreo’s automated mapping functionality aims to provide instant visual confirmation of network and device status for any size enterprise, with minimal configuration and maintenance. Netreo automatically plots the locations of sites on the map, and populates them with status, threshold, and availability data so that no additional configuration is required. Automatic topology detection allows the user to visualize the current topological configuration of the network without having to manually lay out maps for every location. A single click can zoom you into a specific location to resolve issues for any configured device.

Netreo Videos

Netreo 2-minute Overview
Intelligent Alerts with Netreo

Netreo Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating Systems,
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

This product has proven to be an invaluable tool for users, offering a range of use cases that address various needs in network management and troubleshooting. It provides network visibility, allowing users to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact the environment. With its executive reports and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, it offers valuable insights into the health of the network, helping top management understand the impact of a stable network on the business model. The product also assists in compliance monitoring and reporting, making it easier for organizations to meet their key compliance goals. By automating tasks and streamlining processes, it improves efficiency and resource utilization.

In addition, this product enables users to monitor their IT infrastructure effectively, ensuring proper transactions and reducing downtime. It facilitates device discovery and validates license validity, helping organizations ensure that their devices are properly licensed and functioning optimally. Moreover, it allows for easy customization with custom rule creation to analyze application behavior.

The product excels at incident management through automation, enabling faster service delivery. Its near real-time alerting capability enhances observability by providing instant notifications for incidents. This helps users monitor their network infrastructure and critical servers, ensuring uptime and prompt resolution of issues.

Furthermore, this product simplifies network management by offering centralized management of multiple devices from a single location. It supports cloud-based access and management for easy accessibility. Users appreciate its unified single view of IT components, which ranges from end-user application experience to device-level performance and capacity planning. By providing transparency and visibility of all supported IT devices, it enhances network and device management.

Overall, this product has received positive feedback for its ease of use, helpful support, reliable visibility, excellent reporting capabilities, and simplified deployment process. It has replaced previous systems for many users, saving time and money while providing better network visibility. With its responsive alerts, incident management features, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities for full-stack IT environments, this product serves as an effective monitoring solution for organizations of all sizes.

Users have provided several recommendations based on their experience with Netreo.

Firstly, users suggest considering the specific problem or issues before implementing technology, projects, or investments. This highlights the importance of aligning Netreo's solutions with the company's specific needs.

Secondly, users recommend reaching out to Netreo's support team for assistance with the setup process. Scheduling dedicated time with the support team can ensure a smooth implementation and address any potential challenges that may arise.

Thirdly, users advise verifying if all devices that need monitoring are currently supported by Netreo or if there are plans to add them in the future. This recommendation aims to ensure compatibility and coverage across all the devices within an enterprise network.

Overall, users find Netreo's products useful for companies lacking in manpower. They appreciate the automation and monitoring capabilities offered by the tool. Users also recommend exploring Netreo's fair pricing and honest business practices in comparison to other options available in the market.

Additionally, users highly recommend Netreo's staff and support team, emphasizing their expertise and dedication in assisting customers.

Furthermore, users describe Netreo as an easy-to-use tool for maintaining an enterprise network. It is suggested that potential users should evaluate if Netreo meets their specific requirements effectively.

Lastly, users recommend utilizing Netreo in conjunction with well-known servers like AWS or Azure for optimal operation.

In summary, common recommendations include considering specific problems/issues before implementation, seeking support from Netreo's team during setup, verifying device compatibility, exploring Netreo's affordability and ethics, appreciating the staff and support team's expertise, evaluating the tool's suitability for enterprise networks, and utilizing well-known servers for optimal performance.

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