Best System Monitoring Software27System Monitoring Software continually watches websites' and applications' uptime and provide alerts when uptime becomes downtime. Beyond their basic function they often perform load testing (i.e. how much activity can a service manage at once), root cause analysis (i.e. what happened to cause issues), user monitoring (website visitor data is tracked for knowledge and analysis) and may be bundled into a larger suite of software for monitoring a network, servers, or managing IT assets.ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)1 System Center Configuration Manager3 Remote Monitoring & Management4 Virtual System Administrator (VSA)7 Unified Infrastructure Management8 Enterprise Manager9 SQL Monitor10 Web Performance Monitor11 Critical System Protection12 IT Center14 Relic Browser15 Managed Workplace RMM16 OpenView17 System Management18 WebPerformance19 Systems Insight Manager21 CX Platform22 Tivoli Monitoring24

System Monitoring Software

Best System Monitoring Software

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System Monitoring Software Overview

What is System Monitoring Software?

Systems Monitoring Software is an umbrella term, and system monitoring software tools are designed to manage all a company’s technology assets in a centralized fashion.

This involves a variety of more granular activities like network and application monitoring, along with monitoring of a range of devices including servers, storage devices, desktop computers, printers, and mobile devices. All of these monitoring activities provide notification of impending failure or network or application malfunction or slowdown.

Additionally, system monitoring software is used for:

  • Taking hardware and software inventory
  • Configuration management
  • Patch management
  • Security management (such as virus and spam filters)
  • Backup and restore capabilities

As such, this category of software includes many discrete sub-categories, each of which has its own lists of products. Products listed in the system Monitoring Software category of products are generally portfolio products that perform a range of functions.

System Monitoring Products

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ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)

Top Rated
79 Ratings

ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, is an IT management tool that helps deliver IT services. The vendor says their remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform provides powerful automation to discover and manage devices, monitor for problems, and automate action. According to the vendor,...


Top Rated
98 Ratings

Nagios is an infrastructure and network monitoring offering.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Top Rated
76 Ratings

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a system monitoring and configuration management tool from Microsoft.

SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management

13 Ratings

SolarWinds RMM product is based on technology acquired from LogicNow in 2016, combining MAXfocus, MAX Remote Management, and GFI MAX, into a single MSP.


Top Rated
17 Ratings

LogicMonitor, from the company of the same name, is a SaaS-based monitoring platform for observing website uptime and app functioning.


Top Rated
20 Ratings

Pingdom, from Solarwinds since the May 2017 acquisition, is a website monitoring tool for maintaining uptime and measuring website performance, with website visitor / user data and analytics as well.

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA)

Top Rated
19 Ratings

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (Kaseya VSA) is an extensible IT asset and remote administration platform from Kaseya, the IT management company, which enables remote monitoring and supports administrative tasks (patching, policy management, etc.).

CA Unified Infrastructure Management

6 Ratings

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) is an IT infrastructure monitoring offering from CA Technologies.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

63 Ratings

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a set of tools for managing Oracle database (DBMS) products.

Redgate SQL Monitor

19 Ratings

A SQL Server monitoring tool that helps teams looking after SQL Server be more proactive. Not only does SQL Monitor alert you to current issues, it gives you the information you need to stop them happening in the future. With SQL Monitor in place you can spot trends and issues occurring and take...

Solarwinds Web Performance Monitor

9 Ratings

Solarwinds Web Performance Monitor is a website and web application monitoring tool for tracking and correcting performance issues.

Symantec Critical System Protection

7 Ratings

Symantec Critical System Protection is endpoint security and antivirus software.


8 Ratings

ScienceLogic, from the company of the same name in Washington DC, is a system, infrastructure, and network monitoring offering.

Kaseya IT Center

12 Ratings

Kaseya IT Center is a system monitoring offering.

New Relic Browser

8 Ratings

New Relic Browser is a website monitoring tool.

HP OpenView

11 Ratings

HP OpenView was a system and network monitoring tool from Hewlett-Packard, and is now End of Life (EOL).

HP System Management

2 Ratings

HP System Management is system monitoring software from Hewlett-Packard.

Apica WebPerformance

2 Ratings

Apica WebPerformance, from Swedish software company Apica, is a website and web application monitoring platform.


6 Ratings

Monitis is a provider of web and Cloud monitoring services, including, but not limited to, website monitoring, server monitoring, web load testing, transaction monitoring, real user monitoring (RUM), application and database monitoring.

HP Systems Insight Manager

2 Ratings

HP Systems Insight Manager is a solution for managing hardware across a variety of HP servers, in addition to storage and networking product. Some key features include: Inventory Management and Reporting, Health Management, and Firmware and System Software Updates Management.

Aurea CX Platform

8 Ratings

CX Process from Aurea Software in Austin is a business process management offering, based on Savvion BPM.


1 Ratings

Tanium is a system monitoring solution from the company of the same name in Emeryville, California.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring

8 Ratings

IBM's Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) is a system monitoring solution.


4 Ratings

Site24x7 from ManageEngine is a website monitoring tool for webmasters, developers, and enterprises, used for monitoring site elements, servers, internal network applications, and mobile networks.