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Shashank Pathak | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 10, 2020

Best Tool Set for Ad-Hoc Database Management

Score 9 out of 10
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We are using Oracle Business Intelligence discoverer for generating ad hoc reporting, data analysis, web publishing and reporting for particular clients' Oracle database environment. Basically it is having many features which we have used to solve the database queries and many more like admin activities, end user layer management, relational and OLAp queries shoot, catalog management, etc.
  • Find data that you know.
  • Drilling up and down through data.
  • Share data with other people.
  • View data in a familiar spreadsheet-style.
  • Control access to data.
  • Manage summary data.
  • Administer batch scheduling.
  • End User Layer management.
It is well suited for Oracle database environment requirements, but it is not very appropriate for those who are working on different types of database environments.
The most effective reason for this rating is ease of use, data management is very easy through this and very well designed while query and data handling through this platform.
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Jatel Desai | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 30, 2019

Oracle BI Discoverer Review

Score 10 out of 10
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Business Intelligence Discoverer is being used by my current department. We use it to analyze worker's compensation data, and run reports. It is also used to find results when an outside agency or trading partners have questions on current stats on things like the opioid crisis and disability rates. It is a quick and easy way to find results needed.
  • Business Intelligence Discoverer helps with our Reporting team. We are able to run reports needed immediately using this tool.
  • Business Intelligence Discoverer helps with getting analysis of monthly and yearly medical data from across the state.
  • Business Intelligence Discoverer helps with web publishing and sending information to the trading partners.
  • There is always room for more scalability and optimization of performance.
  • Oracle BI changes a lot from version to version. A smoother transition into a new version would be very helpful.
  • Oracle BI's reporting tool is a little hard to use at first. The UI/UX of the tool can use improvement.
Oracle BID is suited for a business that needs to run many reports daily. This includes getting stats on current information, and analytics to send back to trading partners and other business entities. Oracle BID would not be appropriate for any company whose main focus is not to store data that will be queried for reporting purposes.
Data source connectivity for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer has a rating of 10 because of its reliability and efficiency. When connecting reports to data sources, it is important that the software's connections are properly configured and work at all times. With Oracle BID, I have never had any problems.
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Eduin Zuloaga | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 23, 2019

Amazing Business Intelligence suite

Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle BI Discoverer enables business users at all levels of the organization to make faster and more informed business decisions. Using any standard Web browser, you have secure and immediate access to data from both relational and multidimensional data sources. Oracle BI Discoverer provides a business view to hide the complexity of the underlying data structures, enabling you to focus on solving business problems. We are using BI Discoverer in our BI area because we need to create reports and analyze a lot of date for take decisión and increase our sells.
  • Access data quickly without waiting for the computer to search through the entire database
  • View data in a familiar spreadsheet-style format that is easy to read and understand
  • Analyze data using a variety of powerful techniques
  • Share data with other people, and in other applications (for example, Microsoft Excel)
  • You have to know relational database and SQL
  • Slow when you manage a lot of data
  • Run in Java VM, you have to buy Java SE
Create report about sells. Create report for customer and embedded into our web sites. Simplify data repositories. When you have different database and you need to centralize this data, this is a perfect tools to do it
When you need analyze data and take decisions to improve your business in order to be most efficient.
Creating a complete, consistent view of enterprise information across all your departments and data sources without requiring special BI expertise or power-user skills in a highly intuitive and interactive 100% Web UI environment; empowering every level within the entire organization with timely and actionable intelligence; identifying and responding to new risks and opportunities quickly; and optimizing business processes and affecting results in real time. There are several data source such as relational a multidimensional database (Oracle, Sql Server, etc) and algo Web Services like API rest and Java API.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 06, 2020

See how can Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer can help you

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Business Intelligence Discoverer is used to access and analyze data in the database and create reports. Since it supports web-based publishing of reports, it serves as a single tool to query, analyze, report and publish it in the web. It is a very useful tool for non-technical or business analysts.
It is used only by a department and not across the organization.
It addresses the business problem of getting immediate access to data and analyze data in the database and create reports.
  • Querying database, analyzing the data using data models
  • Reporting and publishing on the web
  • Integrates with Oracle Portal, Oracle WebCenter, and Oracle WebLogic Portal
  • Tools look classic, more intuitive UI would be good
  • Even though non-technical users can use it, relational data model creation needs technical knowledge
  • Not a regular self-guiding reporting tool, needs training
Areas where Business Intelligence Discoverer is well suited - when immediate access to the data is required, places where different types for m data visualization is required. It supports numbers, charts, etc.

Areas where Business Intelligence Discoverer is not well suited - in places where direct access to data in the database is not needed, slice and dice of data and building data models are not needed, businesses that don't require reports and numbers everyday.
Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer uses Discoverer's API which is a set of text-based commands that enable you to programmatically create and manipulate Oracle BI Discoverer connections. For example, you might use the Discoverer Connections API to create a set of Oracle BI Discoverer connections for an Oracle Business Intelligence installation. The Discoverer Connections API enables you to create and manipulate both public and private Oracle BI Discoverer connections for all three types of data sources - Relational, OLAP and Oracle application data sources.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 04, 2019

Browser-based tool for your simple data needs.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Discoverer is used by teams across the entire organisation for easy access to data and actionable-information in their day to day activities. For example, teams from the Marketing division use BI Discoverer to retrieve data that helps make decisions for running promotions. There are similar use cases for the Operations and Finance divisions as well.
  • Browser-based access makes it easy for users.
  • Provides all basic techniques for data analytics.
  • It is easy to collaborate with other users on certain dashboards.
  • Performance takes a hit when working with large databases.
  • Limited features for visualisation.
  • Use of RPDs are limited as well.
If you work in an organisation in which data requirements are heavy across all functions, then Oracle BI Discoverer is an effective solution. BI Discoverer provides easy access to your databases through a simple browser-based touchpoint. This allows all users to query the database without the use of cumbersome tools and requires almost no SQL expertise.
On the other hand, if you have deeper analytics requirements with heavy reliance on visualisation, then BI Discoverer will not fulfil your requirements.
Being a much simpler version of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, BI Discoverer does have a few limitations in terms of connectivity to multiple data sources. However, we did not face any connectivity issues with most major platforms. Moreover, the process of setting up a new connection is quite simple and can be accomplished without much technical expertise as well.
Yes - India OAUG
It is quite interesting to know what are the technical problems faced by other organisations within similar industries and share ideas on how to tackle those problems. Additionally, different industries use the same tools in different ways to solve completely different problems. This sharing of knowledge is often an inspiration for new ideas.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 25, 2019

Oracle BI Discoverer - Your one stop solution to enterprise reporting and analytics!!!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The BI Discoverer is being used by our Finance/HR and Payroll departments. A lot of instant mission-critical reports are being generated from the Oracle EBS system via discoverer. It has really helped the users with time-savings.
  • Complex reporting made easy.
  • With ease, multiple levels of nested groupings possible within pivot functionality.
  • A lot of formatting tools are available for more control of reports containing visual attributes.
  • Maybe a more user-friendly worksheet wizard used in this tool.
  • More tuning options or maybe SQL advisory hints when building the worksheets would be immensely helpful.
I have worked with a variety of reporting tools but when you are building super complex reports, then this is the tool to go. Its seamless integration with the Oracle database while processing millions of records and data for reporting purposes is just awesome. I can't see any scenarios where it would be less appropriate to use.
Oracle BI Discoverer allows connections to multiple data sources. For example: multidimensional cubes, OLAP cubes, relational data sources. This is very helpful when you are building reports for your complex data warehouse and/or OLTP systems.
Yes - OATUG. Sometimes meetings in these groups help to understand how people in the industry are working to solve their issues and what features/products in oracle they are using for the day to day activities.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 17, 2019

Oracle BI Discoverer

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by our business as well as implemented to our clients. Business Intelligence discoverer is a tool-set for ad hoc querying, reporting, data analysis, and Web-publishing for the Oracle Database environment. Queries can be created and executed faster and the focus is aligned towards making decisions based on results rather than designing the queries.
  • Can be used across different levels in the organization
  • Faster and quicker
  • Secure and immediate across to relational and multi dimensional data sources
  • It has intuitive user interface
  • I do not see anything major defects at this time
  • With seasoning , the software will become more robust and cater to a large audience
  • Some further improvement in performance of fetching results could be an added advantage.
In Reporting tools, this software can be a game changer. It has immense features that are suited towards creating reports for strategic business decisions. In OLTP setup , where processing is of major importance, this tool is not of much use.
It has varied data source connections. Relational DB connections and multidimensional data source connections. Establishing a connection is also an easy procedure.
Not yet, but I'm interested in Oracle user groups - Get to know the latest tools in the market. Understand the pros and cons of each tool and their usage.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 19, 2019

BI Analysitcics

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it in data analysis.
  • We are able to look at trends and make strategic decisions based on that data.
  • We're able to see where the business is driving, able to forecast any capital towards those gains.
  • Too much visibility.
  • Data could be overwhelming and need to ensure its the correct information and is telling the correct story.
It helps to look at stats as a whole, from wait times to call times, scheduling times to recovery times...
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 16, 2019

A Media Customer's Review of Business Intelligence Discoverer

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Business Intelligence Discoverer is used for reporting purposes by different departments across the company. The tool helps the business gain visibility to transactional data entered in the core Oracle ERP system.
  • User friendly interface
  • Ease of use
  • Fast report building
  • The generated SQL queries should be standardized so that they could be re-used in TOAD
  • Enable reading from different sources, not necessarily Oracle DB
It regarded as a tool that can primarily be used by Oracle core users versus the general public where other tools such as Tableau seem to have more traction.
We have had problems linking Business Intelligence Discoverer to other sources.
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Sherif Said | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 16, 2019

Business Intelligence Discoverer and OBIEE

Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Business Intelligence Discoverer is being used agency wide. Our entire company supports our clients in the use and development of financial reports in it as well as the migration to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). The lack of visualization and ability to have the average users create reports is forcing our clients to look at alternative options. However, the seamless migration bath to OBIEE has helped us continue supporting our clients by delivering new and enhanced reports much faster than a full blown migration to a new product.
  • Detailed report generation
  • Drag and drop report creation
  • Exporting data for integration with other tools
  • Visualization
  • Star Schema Integration with different tables
As Business Intelligence Discoverer is no longer a supported tool of Oracle, I would very unlikely recommend it as a new tool. However, I would recommend OBIEE in a cloud situation.
The integration with new data sources is seamless however, the integration between the two data sources is very difficult without outer joins.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2019

Awesome tool to analyze data and reports

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
OBIEE is a great tool by Oracle and we are using this tool to generate reports. We have more than 1000 users using this tool to analyze and build reports. Users use this tool Airforce-wide to generate multiple reports. We just migrated from Oracle Discoverer to OBIEE. This is being used across the organization and we have not seen issues so far.
  • Users were able to build complex queries and generate reports in a customize way.
  • The most important benefit of this tool is users can drag and drop the fields they want to use.
  • Users are able to schedule the reports and will generate and ready for the output.
  • It would be useful if users could be allowed to write subqueries.
  • It would be helpful if there was a way for users to download the reports on their PC.
  • Most of the functionality is awesome and I would like to see more graphics in the reports.
This tool is well suited for organizations that need to generate reports and need to be able to do so daily or monthly. The Discover tool, which is now an OBIEE tool is very robust and easy for users to operate on a daily basis. This is a web-based tool and maintenance is very easy.
We use multiple data sources to connect to different databases. The data is being pulled from the live database. We have designed for two projects that OBIEE is being used for. We also merge the data from the database at a remote location and pulled it into the OBIEE repository. We had the option of testing data sources.
Yes - I am an active member of SAOUG. We had a big conference and it was very successful. The value we get from this group is very high and we were able to interact with different product owners.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 17, 2019

Great at-a-glance reporting tool

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Business Intelligence is used across all departments in the organization and it is used to provide analytical information to all business users which assists with business decisions in the respective departments. Users are able to get an overall picture of how the organization is performing at a glance. The executive team also uses these reports for decision making.
  • The ability to export to Excel and other reporting tools.
  • The ability to allow users to create their own reports.
  • The ability to report across different modules to show overall pictures.
  • Using BI 12c, the look and feel of the application can be more modern.
  • The creation of RPD's for seamless fast reporting can be done simply as OBIEE uses the Oracle database structure.
  • Performance issues with reporting data directly from EBS.
Business Intelligence Discoverer is best suited for financial reporting where accounting teams can view general ledger activities. It is, however, not suited for sub-ledger reporting as I find the application runs slow for the query. BI is also very good for a snapshot view of daily activities which is useful for executives to get an overall picture of operations.
Currently, we only merge data from EBs, and find the integration to be slow. Combining data from Oracle seeded tables runs slowly when reporting to Oracle BI.
Yes - I am a member of Oracle Community. I find the responses good most of the times. Users provide issues and others assist as much as they can.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 27, 2019

Data Extraction Made Easy

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the Discoverer to extract and analyze data from our Avalon database. We are a manufacturing business and create a significant volume of test data. We need to analyze the data to look for trends and create predictions for future manufactures. Discoverer is also used to check methods of manufacture to ensure consistency in our process.
  • Easy to create reports which can be shared across the organization.
  • Formulas can be created to analyze the data.
  • Multiple sheets can be created in a single workbook.
  • If an error is present in a sheet, an improvement in repairing the errors would be useful.
  • More standard data analyze tools would be useful, instead of creating formulas.
  • Improved visual tools to show trends in the data.
The software is particularly suited for quickly extracting large volumes of specific data from our ERP for further analysis. It is less appropriate for checking individual pieces of data.
Easy to extract data from different locations. The database required can be selected at login.
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Rob Bates | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 28, 2019

Raw Data Mining with Ease

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Data mining is a key element for our estate and we use Business Intelligence Discoverer to mine our CRM and Portfolio Manager data. We have scheduled reports setup that are dispatched across the company to various departments. Users create ad-hoc reports when required. Our Accounting departments also use the tool. Its widely used and very well respected by staff.
  • Data analytics across the company, with ease.
  • Scheduled reporting and ad-hoc queries.
  • Clean and easy layout, very ease to use, even for lesser trained staff.
  • A level of SQL knowledge is required for more complex arguments.
  • The layout of the interface could be better.
The ease of being able to data mine makes this tool perfect for a company that has a lot of raw data being shifted around. Our staff relies on data and BI Discoverer makes sure that data is accurate. We have set up all of the reports in BI Discoverer to ensure that what we are paying correctly and what we're doing is certainly what we wanted to do for that week. It helps to make sure that we're also not duplicating payments and customers are also given the correct invoices.
Business Intelligence Discoverer has a plethora of data sources available for your disposal and all can be connected with relative ease. We frequently have to merge data from different sources and publish the data or scheduled report of the data and this tool allows workloads that achieve this with ease.
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David Lisauskas | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 08, 2018

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Einstein

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Being used across the entire organization. We use Discoverer to help mine data from our CRM (Oracle). The tool fills a gap between the raw data and the reporting needed by various departments. Some of the reports that are run are created centrally and stored in a company-wide, company-accessible database. Other reports are created "on the fly" and stored locally.
  • Business Intelligence Discover does a good job mix of GUI interface for report building and access directly to the SQL for those of us who are comfortable with it.
  • Discoverer also does a good job of making easy to create reports and linking the various tables together.
  • I like the rules area where you can check and uncheck certain rules. This is useful to me where I may build a report and copy that same report for several reasons. I can just update the rules that I am using.
  • My main "wish" for Discoverer when creating a new rule....Our tables are HUGE and you must scroll through several columns before finding the one that you want "wish" would be to have a search in this area where I could start to type the name of the column and find the selection that way.
  • When creating reports, I often ask for user input (order number, etc...). The process of setting this field to accept multiple inputs is cumbersome and not intuitive.
Well suited for mining large sets of data to build reports for financials, order history, or quality mining from your database. It is less appropriate for small business where this level of tool might be too much overhead to use. For me, does not do a great job dealing with duplicate data due to cross-tabs, might be my lack of knowledge in this area, I usually clean some of this up post-data through excel.
Merging data across tables is easy to do, but depending on the naming schemes, can get confusing tables vs columns. More of a data management issue, just not as visible as it could be. As far as the extent of data merging, very robust.
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yixiang Shan | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 07, 2018

Business Intelligence Discoverer, a relatively simple and straightforward BI solution

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Business Intelligence Discoverer was used for some departments (majorly the BI department), the main focus user group is those who don't have enough in-depth SQL or let's say database knowledge. It's also only for those databases which don't have a complex relationship, and where the business user's graphic report requirement is quite straightforward. So, the end user can quickly transfer the info buried in the Oracle database to a more understandable chart and share with team members.
  • It is good for quickly building some ad-hoc report on top of the data
  • It works well with the Oracle's own database of course
  • The drop feature is very useful for the business user who hasn't mastered the SQL knowledge
  • Allow customization of PL/SQL functions/procedures, to add more complex data processing logic
  • In order to be able to add the data "processing" logic, for the basic business user without too much SQL or procedure knowledge, it is almost mission impossible. Simply hiding the complexity of basic technical things like "join" is not enough.
  • Lack of the "hints" or "relationship explanation" when a report with complex joins is created
  • Data visualization options are really too limited
For some businesses with a small database and a small group of users with basic BI demand, this is recommended. Otherwise, it's better to choose other more advanced tools. For example, SAAS or TIBCO Spotfire
By merging the data from different SQL based data sources, it looks ok, but if you merge from different data sources with different types (JSON, Excel, CSV, XML), it doesn't behave very well, and also when a large data size is there, real-time aggregation and performance management is not so well done.
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Greg Madden, CISSP | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 08, 2018

Oracle BI Discoverer ia great

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it in accounting and IT for fast and easy querying and analysis of data.
  • Intuitive discovery
  • Data analysis
  • Simple querying
  • Interface could be a little more modern
It is great in environments where users need to constantly access databases. The instant access to DBs and the simplicity of the querying has allowed even unskilled employees to work with the database.
The simplicity of use and ease of setup
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 11, 2018

Discover your data with Discoverer!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Discoverer is a great reporting tool and currently we use it across the organization but divided by business units - each business unit within the organization has their own setup for Discoverer. Discoverer puts great control in the hands of the end users. We divided user groups into Super Users and Consumers. Super Users of that group understand the data and create reports. Consumers will consume the reports and make a decision accordingly.
  • Discoverer puts the control in end-user hands. Super Users, who have privileges to create reports, can create and test SQL Queries in SQL Developer and then use the Custom SQL option in Discoverer to create a report based on that SQL. This means the user doesn't have to run the query every day manually, but the report is ready whenever they want to access it.
  • Discoverer eliminates the costly developer layer. Super Users are business users who can create reports for their team on their own. This means there is no need for developers or explaining to them how to use the data.
  • Discoverer consolidates the tables into business areas. Each business area can serve a specific set of users within a department. This helps make the management of reports and data easy.
  • Duplication of data. While Discoverer supports business areas, it allows a lot of duplication. The same table can exist in multiple business areas. Similar queries and reports exist in multiple places. As multiple Super Users exist in each business area, there are high chances of duplication and increased storage cost.
  • OPatch doesn't work well with Discoverer. Patching Discoverer is a pain. OPatch may not be applicable in all scenarios.
  • No direct path to upgrade Discoverer to OBIEE 12c. If an organization decides to upgrade their Discoverer to OBIEE12c, there is no direct path. They have to upgrade to OBIEE 11g and then to 12c, and even that process is flawed. As mentioned earlier, the duplication of business areas in each End User Layer may create a messy OBIEE RPD with a lot of duplications. It is always advisable to launch a new OBIEE project rather than migrating from Discoverer.
  • Lack of dashboards. Unlike other BI tools, Discoverer lacks a dashboard. However, we can build one on OAS, but it needs lot of customizations and integrations. Discoverer web interface is bad at managing cache. Users frequently complain about stale data.
Discoverer is well suited as a reporting tool where data integration doesn't play a major role. Discoverer suits very well situations where a user has to run a query every day. Discoverer reports can be scheduled and the user can just view the data instead of running the query manually. Also, Discoverer takes away the pain of managing the database credentials.

Discoverer is not well suited to situations where the whole enterprise wants to view the same dashboard. Discoverer is more of a departmental BI tool. Discoverer doesn't offer many options to integrate data unless one has to create and handle integration using PL/SQL.
Oracle Discoverer connects to almost all the sources. If there is no driver to connect to a particular database, it can be easily downloaded and configured. We can merge data to some degree (using views and MV's) but remember that this is not an ETL tool. This merging happens through joins and may impact performance negatively. This may not be suitable for a real-time BI solution.
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Joseph R. Sweeney | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 14, 2018

Discoverer: Your Gateway to Database Management

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At my previous company, I was one of only two people who knew how to manage and work with databases as we were primarily using SQL in Access. Our organization had a need for deeper database integration with the amount of data we were pulling in and so they had opted to go with Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer as it did not require each user to know how to use or work in a database. This way, each member of the team could access the data and generate reports without needing to access the actual database.
  • SQL friendly which allows for fast adoption for those users who know how to write in SQL. This makes integration with other programs much easier.
  • Accessing data is very fast even with larger data sets.
  • The layout is clean and organized similar to a spreadsheet which allows for easier viewing and analyzing of the data.
  • Sometimes it can be a bit too rudimentary and rigid, not allowing users who can manage databases to customize other reports.
  • Necessary to have a "Discoverer manager" who organizes the data and allots access to Discoverer, which requires a company to have someone on staff who is database savvy.
Discoverer is definitely well suited for a company that is working with a lot of data but does not have a large database knowledgeable team. It allows for basic database management while permitting users to access the data in a simple and efficient way. Reporting is easy to do and, again, does not require a lot of database know-how. If you are looking for more in-depth customization and multiple data sources from various vendors, though, you may want to look into a more robust platform.
My previous company actually had different sources of data from different vendors that were always accessed separately and then manually put together. This was due to a lack of database knowledge and so, by the time that we had developed a team to integrate these sources, we had already moved on to another program. That said, I think that Discoverer would be well suited to merging various data sources.
Yes - I am a member of the Boston Area Oracle Service Cloud User Group.

Being able to share best practices and data integrity review with other user group members had been crucial to our business intelligence team. We were able to meet with other members as well as collaborate inline with questions we had with the software, as well as ideas for different types of data organization and reporting features as well.
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Glen Norman | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 18, 2016

Discover the benefits of Discoverer

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Business Intelligence Discoverer has been the key user self-service reporting tool against Oracle E-Business Suite. Empowering the application users to create and run their own reports by developing a robust reporting structure has enabled application users to get the data they need when they need it without waiting on requests to the IT department. Discoverer is also used by Audit and Tax to pull data to support filings and respond to data requests.

  • Discoverer is a good tool for providing customer ad hoc reporting. The UI is clean and easy to use.
  • Built in interfaces to Oracle applications seamlessly integrate reporting with application security and data access restrictions. Having a reporting environment that matches the OLTP system security simplifies compliance with various legal, regulatory, and business data access requirements.
  • The ability to link data from one report to another and drill to detail provides detailed data analysis from high-level reports with exception reporting.
  • Discoverer needs better data visualization options.
  • I would like to see built in integration with SharePoint so published management reports can more easily be delivered to users.
  • Mobile tools for both report delivery and system maintenance would enhance usability.
For a company using Oracle EBS this is a very good product that quickly provides value.
For non-Oracle EBS environments, building out the data definitions is no better than any other product and may therefore be hard to justify over another tool that provides the same types of reporting features.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 31, 2017

Using Oracle Discoverer

Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Discoverer as a way to provide self-service reporting and analytic services to our organization. It provides a graphical interface for simplifying data access.
  • Discoverer allows drop and drag for data elements onto reports. All technical aspects, like joins, are handled in the administration section and away from the end users. This makes it easier for them.
  • Discoverer allows for the registering of PL/SQL functions for easily adding functionality to the reporting abilities.
  • The creation of calculations can be difficult for end users. SQL creation skills are needed to understand complex additions.
  • When multiple joins are added between reporting objects, it does not give enough details regarding what the differences might make.
It is a good product, however it has been discontinued.
Oracle Discoverer's connectivity is designed to work with Oracle databases.
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Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer (discontinued) Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Pixel Perfect reports (16)
Customizable dashboards (17)
Report Formatting Templates (19)
Drill-down analysis (21)
Formatting capabilities (21)
Integration with R or other statistical packages (14)
Report sharing and collaboration (19)
Publish to Web (20)
Publish to PDF (19)
Report Versioning (17)
Report Delivery Scheduling (21)
Delivery to Remote Servers (16)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (16)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (15)
Predictive Analytics (15)
Multi-User Support (named login) (21)
Role-Based Security Model (19)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (20)
Single Sign-On (SSO) (16)
Responsive Design for Web Access (15)
Dedicated iOS Application (11)
Dedicated Android Application (10)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (11)
Javascript API (8)
iFrames (8)
Java API (7)
Themeable User Interface (UI) (7)
Customizable Platform (Open Source) (7)

About Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer (discontinued)

Oracle's Business Intelligence Discoverer is an ad- hoc query and analysis reporting tool oriented for end users to have easy access to relational and multi-dimensional data. The product is now end of life. The vendor has stated that Discoverer 11g release is the terminal release of Discoverer.

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Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer (discontinued) Competitors

Tableau Desktop, Microsoft, IBM

Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer (discontinued) Technical Details

Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No