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What is PIMworks?

PIMworks, from Mobius Knowledge Services headquartered in Chennai, helps syndicate product data into multiple channels, unify data from excel sheets and ERP systems into a centralized repository, and handle real-time workflows, to enhance the overall user experience.

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PIMworks has been a game-changer for businesses, according to users. Its central product data management system has allowed them to …
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Product Information Management (PIM) Software | Live Demo | PIMworks

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Product Details

What is PIMworks?

PIMworks enables a 360-degree overview of a product's information from a central repository, eliminating redundancies and simplifying the entire product journey. From syndicating products to multiple marketplaces, providing product content to match market standards, and managing all digital assets, PIMworks aims to enhance the entire user experience.

Automated Content Enrichment
Product landing pages and detail pages communicate a lot to the customers. Customers are driven to decide based on the depth and breadth of product information available to them. With its automation abilities, PIMworks helps enrich product content enabling the user to provide enticing and rich product content. Tailor product content according to customers' exact needs, keeping in mind the market standards and regulations.

Multichannel Syndication
Product information may be rich and fresh, but if it is not well optimized for unique channel guidelines, the product experience will take a back seat. PIMworks’ instant product syndication with its ready-to-use templates and APIs prepares product content to be distributed to different channels, enabling users to venture into all marketplaces. PIMworks' data validation helps extend a microscopic view of data quality, enabling the user to syndicate the right content to the right channel.

Centralized Digital Asset Management
Product images are very vital. Managing all the elements of product's assets becomes easier when there is a single view of the entire data. PIMworks' digital asset management module helps manage digital assets from product images to videos, and any other collateral, all from a single centralized repository. Users can fetch and consolidate the top-performing assets from various websites.

Collaborative Workflow Management
The cumbersome process of catalog creation becomes super-simplified with effective communication between the teams involved in creating and utilizing product information. PIMworks’ built-in workflows help different teams manage complex architecture through a flexible hierarchy management process with pre-set rules and permissions. Channelize tasks to eliminate redundant errors, reduce time-to-market, and boost data quality.

PIMworks Video

PIMworks makes it easy for brands and retailers to manage all their product information and digital assets from a centralized repository giving users complete control over their product catalog. Know more: Our ready-to-use APIs and marketplace integr...
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

PIMworks has been a game-changer for businesses, according to users. Its central product data management system has allowed them to effortlessly maintain and publish catalogs across multiple marketplaces. With top-quality digital asset management capabilities and easy customization options, PIMworks has significantly improved the efficiency of businesses. Collaboration and teamwork on product catalogs are made simple through PIMworks, enabling users to easily take their products to different channels. Users appreciate the software's ability to store all their content in one place, which is not only cost-effective but also reduces the need for endless manual tasks. The automation and time-saving features offered by PIMworks have notably improved workflow efficiency and reduced overhead for businesses. Additionally, its integration capabilities with multiple ecommerce channels and platforms have helped businesses reach more users and expand their commerce journey effectively. Overall, PIMworks solves the challenge of managing multiple product data and assets centrally, making it a valuable tool for businesses dealing with heavy catalogs or SKU images.

Vendor Management Feature: Users appreciate the time-saving and control benefits provided by PIMworks' vendor management feature. Several reviewers have stated that it allows them to easily manage and maintain relationships with suppliers.

Two-Way Synchronization: The ability to attain two-way synchronization with multiple channels is seen as invaluable by users. Many reviewers have mentioned that this feature simplifies the management of product data, making it easier to keep information consistent across various platforms.

Centralized Catalog Management: Users highly praise PIMworks' centralized catalog management feature. Numerous reviewers have highlighted its usefulness in storing product images and descriptions, as well as providing SEO options. They find it convenient to have all their product data stored in one place.

Slow and unresponsive performance: Some users have mentioned that PIMworks can be slow and unresponsive, especially on certain devices and browsers. This has been a recurring issue for a number of reviewers, impacting their overall experience with the software.

Lack of integration options: One user pointed out that the software lacks the Azure Logic App standard connector for integration. This limitation has been highlighted by at least one reviewer, indicating a need for more extensive integration capabilities within PIMworks.

Loading time of pages: Another common concern expressed by users is the loading time of each page, particularly when multiple modules and screens are opened. Several reviewers have mentioned this issue, suggesting that improvements in page loading speed would greatly enhance efficiency while using PIMworks.

Users have made several recommendations about PIMWorks based on their experiences. The most common recommendations include improving performance, adding more updates for data management, and planning for a longer integration process.

Improving performance is a suggestion made by users to enhance the platform's speed and efficiency. Some users also recommend more updates for data management, which would allow for better control and organization of product details. Additionally, users advise planning for a longer integration process and working out any potential bugs or issues. However, they note that the support and development teams are responsive and willing to work with customers to resolve any problems that may arise.

Overall, users recommend PIMWorks as a useful investment for ecommerce businesses due to its extensive integrations, user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and dedicated support staff.


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We primarily use PIMworks for two major purposes. One is to manage all our eCommerce product data and information and the second is to Syndicate all our product catalog data to multiple channels. PIMworks has made our entire process faster. We are taking our products to market in a much quicker way, and also, PIMworks provides a central repository for us to manage all our data which is very much helpful.
  • Instant product data syndication.
  • Integrations with multiple channels and marketplaces.
  • Centralized repository for managing product information.
  • I would like to see the overall implementation be done in a quicker fashion.
  • Vendor profile management could be better.
  • Sometimes while bulk importing product data, the platform becomes slow.
PIMworks is a very good eCommerce based Product information management software. I have had a very good experience with it so far. Using PIMworks, it is very straightforward to define workflows and also create channel complaint content. The automatic content enrichment feature is very good as it fetches top-performing content from multiple web sources and enriches our overall product and catalog content.
  • Single click multi-channel integration.
  • Instant product data syndication.
  • Multi user management.
  • Workflow management module is a very useful features for us.
  • Using PIMworks we have been able to reduce our time to market.
  • Our customer's product experience has greatly improved, helping us retain them better.
  • We have reduced our operating costs by around 25% after the introduction of PIMworks.
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