Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Product Information Management (PIM) Software Overview

What is Product Information Management (PIM) Software?

Product Information Management Software (PIM) helps companies to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products. Businesses use PIM software to create a single source of truth for product information that they can manage and share as needed.

A PIM collects and stores all product-related data, including geographic location and multi-lingual data, in a single catalog that is used to feed product data to channel partners. For companies with many products, or products with a large number of editions or product permutations, a PIM can be an invaluable way of ensuring that the current and correct information about products is always being used across the organization. A PIM ensures that all parts of a business have a clear picture of each product.

Product information systems are related to both Content Management and Master Data Management, but distinct from both. PIM focuses on detailed information about products, while content management and master data management have a broader scope.

Product Information Management Software Features & Capabilities

PIM software options specialize in different areas, giving them some unique features, but there are some features that are endemic to the category.
  • Collect and store all product information

  • organizational tools to categorize products

  • Searchable product data

  • Digital asset management and delivery

  • Data publishing and sharing

Pricing Information

PIM software pricing depends on what features are needed by the organization, as well as how large the organization is. Some PIM software offers a free version that is useable for very small businesses with few products, or free trials that are feature complete but for a limited time. Beyond free versions, most PIM vendors provide multiple pricing packages with annual subscription fees. Vendors quote subscription fees individually for each business.

Product Information Management (PIM) Products

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Salsify is designed to enable suppliers to send their product content to retailers. The solution provides a central place to create, manage and publish product information - including product attributes, marketing copy, datasheets and other files.

Widen Collective

The Widen Collective is a cloud-based digital asset management platform designed to help marketers efficiently create, manage, distribute, and analyze all forms of marketing content. The vendor states the integrated suite of software applications will enable organizations to create…

Oracle Product Hub Cloud

Oracle Product Hub Cloud is an item mastering solution for maintaining accurate product information for any product. It supports a wide range of processes including product information management (PIM) and product master data management (MDM).


Pimcore is an enterprise PIM without software cost, centralizing all your product data and delivery across all channels. Pimcore aims to make it fast and easy to manage product information. The vendor says it can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital…

inRiver PIM

inRiver PIM is a master data management platform from the Swedish company of the same name.

Agility Multichannel

Agility Multichannel is a master data management platform now owned and supported by Magnitude Software since the 2017 acquisition.


Productiwise is a cloud-based e-Commerce enterprise solution developed by Mobius, providing an automated product data management solution for marketplaces, retailers, B2B sellers, and distributors, click and mortar sellers and other e-Commerce players. It offers integration of seller…

Qliktag IoT Connected Smart Products Platform

The QLIKTAG IoT Connected Smart Products Platform is a one of kind platform enabling everyday consumer products as "Smart Products" through an internet identifier and a "digital twin" for each batch, product or serial instance. This enables the product to send or receive information…


Plytix is a product information management system for small and medium sized businesses that, according to the vendor, is easy to implement and affordable. The platform enables ecommerce businesses to transform their siloed data into optimized, deliverable content for their sales…


TraceLink in North Reading offers a digital supply chain network focused on the needs of pharmaceutical entities and life sciences, featuring applications emphasizing track and trace, government compliance, and product serialization. Their solution helps users track network partner…

CGI Tapestry

CGI Tapestry is a suite of order, rating, billing, and product management applications designed to support companies providing complex bundles of products and services to customers.

Gepard PIM

Gepard aims to simplify the work with product data to support Ecommerce sales, providing a single place to centralize, enrich, and deliver product information across marketplaces and other sales channels. Gepard PIM helps brands, wholesalers and retailers to succeed in eCommerce…


Contentserv, a Swiss company, provides a technology platform that combines product information management (PIM) with DAM, and is designed to enable marketers to transform operations, communicate with ease and control the total brand experience.


OneSpace in Swansea provides its platform as a Product Information Management system, besides providing ecommerce product expertise, and experts who work side by side with a brand to plan and execute a wide variety of e-commerce initiatives at scale.


Questudio is a provider of product information management software. CatalogStudio and WebStudio are products that help businesses manage and publish content to different marketing channels. Questudio aims to help transform businesses to meet the demands of the digital era by providing…

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller is a centralized system for the management of the serialization process on pharmaceutical packaging lines. FUNCTIONALITIES:Nomenclatures (Management of devices, lines, templates for serialization and aggregation)Create / update / approve batches – EBR…

SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway

SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway provides a connection between the Site level and IS MDLP (Chestny ZNAK track & trace digital system) allowing an exchange of information about each product. The application allows MAHs, Manufacturers and Parallel Importers to upload the product…

SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway

SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway offers an upload/update of PMD (Product Master Data) and PPD (Product Pack Data) to the EU HUB (EMVO). Via this Cloud solution, the MAH / Parallel distributor could select which serialized batch should be reported to EMVO. The system allows status…



Starting Price $1,000

censhare’s Universal Content Management platform is an automated, centralized solution to manage all kinds of digital content. Fully integrated, it removes the need to work with multiple systems with different user interfaces, freeing teams to create innovative and powerful customer…


4ALLPORTAL, from the German company of the same name, is a solution for digital asset management & product information management designed to enable users to manage assets & data at the click of a button.

Second Phase, a Billtrust solution

Second Phase is a web development solution, supported by Billtrust (acquired 2019) that specializes in B2B E-Commerce and product information management solutions (PIM) for wholesale distribution companies.



Starting Price $39

APIMIO is a Product Information Management (PIM) tool that enables manufacturers to streamline product data feeds for their retailers. Instead of maintaining spreadsheets, PDFs, or Word files, with APIMIO users can collect and upload the information in a centralized repository…

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is a Product Information Manager in the cloud that centralizes product information and synchronizes it in all sales channels automatically (print, web, mobile, product feeds for retailers, etc.), from the company of the same name in Valencia. Digital Asset Managment is built for consumer goods companies with disruptive product marketing teams. The platform's features are designed to help users succeed by getting product assets and information more quickly to market. enables sharing across many channels and across teams…

Lectra Kubix Link

Kubix Link is Lectra's fashion industry PLM and PIM, designed to deliver consumer experience.