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What is Restaurant365?

Restaurant365 in Irvine, California offers what they describe as a complete restaurant management solution; it is back office oriented and so includes accounting and payroll, workforce management, scheduling, food costing and inventory controls, as well as analytics and reporting. Finally,…

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Users have found it easier to manage finances and track expenses with this product. It has streamlined bookkeeping, making multi-company …
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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found it easier to manage finances and track expenses with this product. It has streamlined bookkeeping, making multi-company entries more manageable. Online banking imports integrate seamlessly, allowing for faster reconciliations. Restaurant operators appreciate the intuitive and simple system that empowers them to explore different reporting options. On-demand reporting provides timely information to operators. The product eliminates the need for separate daily sales entries into the general ledger. However, some reports may require support to fix as they were not adequately tested with actual data. Nevertheless, it provides insights into the performance of multiple locations and allows for daily financial insights for management teams, enabling necessary adjustments. The accounting team finds it efficient and insightful, especially with the inventory module, helping identify food cost issues and improve profit and loss analysis. Real-time reporting and email notifications ensure accessible information for all managers. It serves as an all-in-one solution for accounting, reporting, and cost controls, improving data organization and reporting capabilities. It also helps lower food costs and provides up-to-date costing information. Integration with point-of-sale systems reduces the need for additional accounting staff. Users can investigate variances in food cost, track inventory and price variances, simplify reconciliation, tips payable, and weekly journal entries. Cost savings and improved inventory management are reported by many users who have digitized paper processes, integrated POS systems, and automated vendor accounts payable. Reporting is easy on both fiscal and operational calendars, saving time during month-end close procedures. Although some users have experienced issues requiring additional work or double-checking of results, others benefit from features like automatic journal entry creation between companies within the product. The software also improves scheduling and attendance management while aiding users in managing multiple locations and evaluating costs effectively. Roster viewing, access to pay stub history, improved organization, efficiency, finance consolidation, tracking/reporting capabilities are additional advantages reported by users using this software solution for financial management purposes as well as inventory management, cost analysis, and product pricing adjustments. It serves as a one-stop-shop for restaurant needs, offering reports, messaging capabilities, and centralized information. Users can easily schedule employees, manage time-off requests, and handle shift trades while streamlining AP processing, reporting, and budgeting. Integration with other systems simplifies invoice processing and enhances P&L reviews. Reducing redundancy, simplifying banking integration, and streamlining reconciliation are key features of this comprehensive solution for accounting, inventory, and financial management. Quick review and editing of Profit & Loss statements is facilitated by the drill-down feature. The software enables remote work and ensures smooth business operations. Users appreciate the ease of paying invoices, organizing inventory, and projecting future sales. With features such as invoicing and various reports, along with visually appealing graphs that aid in data visualization, customers find the software invaluable for streamlining documentation management and keeping track of expenses, food costs, and inventory. Tracking food costs, labor percentages, and scheduling is made easy as the software integrates with POS systems and imports all bank activity to ensure no transaction is ever lost. Creating or importing journal entries, balancing, and month-end reconciliation have been significantly expedited by this software, reducing the time required from over an hour to just a few minutes. Running a P&L report at any time allows users to analyze expenses in detail and gain valuable insights into where they occur. By addressing issues related to use and waste management, the software helps businesses track every penny's location and utilize products effectively.

Based on user reviews, the most common recommendations for Restaurant365 and Compeat are:

  1. Users recommend being well organized and utilizing the sandbox situation before going live with Restaurant365. They also suggest asking questions and getting clarification when needed, as the support is helpful. However, it is advised to consider alternative software options due to frustrations with Restaurant365.

  2. Some users highly recommend Restaurant365 and suggest comparing it with 1-2 other solutions after doing thorough research. The value of simplicity and having fewer systems that can do more is emphasized. Additionally, users mention the great customer service and express anticipation for future improvements.

  3. Compeat is recommended by users for its ease of use and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the restaurant business, including scheduling, invoicing, sales forecasting, and more. The paperless feature is also praised. It is suggested to consider individual company needs when selecting software.


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R365 has been a huge asset to our restaurant. It imports all bank activity so no transaction is ever lost and every penny is accounted for. Additionally, it integrates with our POS system so all of our sales and labor track. Creating or importing journal entries is easy. Balancing and month-end reconciliation takes just a few minutes instead of an hour + like before. We can run a P&L at any time and drill down to see exactly where the expenses are happening. It addresses the problem of use and waste. We know where every penny goes, and where all the product goes.
  • Invoice tracking.
  • Expense tracking.
  • Sales tracking.
  • Labor tracking.
  • Credit cards and banks don't always connect, so sometimes you have to manually import transactions or reconnect the bank.
  • When classifying transactions, the program can lag at times.
I think any business that needs to track its expenses and create a P&L and balance sheet could benefit from this program. Once you get the training on it, it really makes the whole thing a breeze, saves you time, and creates beautiful reports. I don't know any business that wouldn't need it. Maybe if your business is selling one thing, maybe it won't be worth it for you. I think the sales would need to back up the subscription price, so I would weigh that into the equation. But there is nothing R365 doesn't do. It does inventory, it does waste tracking, it gets into the nitty gritty of business.
  • Accuracy! Accuracy all around.
  • Now we know exactly how much money we are making, rather than a roundabout guess based off a spreadsheet.
The sales integration and labor integration with our POS is really where it is light years better than QB. Quickbooks is good, but R365 is like QB on steroids. The drill down feature is fantastic, which QB doesn't have, and again, the sheer number of reports and customization is an asset. There is so much customization on R365 that I forgot to mention earlier on. And the level of support! You can go to their online support center and get answers so fast! You chat with a live person, not a bot, and they are real people giving you real answers.
Basecamp, Toast Payroll & Team Management, formerly stratex, Toast Point of Sale
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