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Score 7 out of 10
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RunMyJobs is being used across all of IT to provide a centralized point of processing, monitoring, and alerting for our business processes running on Windows Servers, AS/400 (iSeries), and Linux platforms, as well as direct JDBC connections to databases. Before implementation, processes were scheduled in various independent areas, such as windows task scheduler, with no alerting and no visibility for an operations team to monitor. In addition, before RMJ, cross-platform processes just had to be scheduled in good faith that prerequisites finished on time and successfully. RMJ solves that issue as well.
  • Upgrades are fast and can be done in a "lights-out" manner
  • The ability to organize functions into applications is very helpful
  • Events such as a file watcher to kick off a process when a file is detected are done very well
  • The documentation is lacking severely, many times even leading to a suggestion of paying for professional services to figure out processes. Also not updating documentation when a new release makes the old documentation obsolete.
  • AS400/iSeries has been a constant battle since inception, once an update fixes one thing, another seems to break within the AS400/iSeries space, and sometimes the fixes don't actually fix the issue. Over time now this has gotten much beter.
  • Allowing an issue to go back and forth within a ticket countless times (sometimes over 40 responses) without just getting everyone together on a meeting. Update - this has gotten much better with time.
  • Communication needs a lot of improvement. I have had to reach out to support just to get release notes when a new release is made available.
  • The ability to get accurate counts of historical process runs is limited currently to 35 days and since you are billed for each process run in all environments, not just Production, this limits accountability in historical billing inquiries.
Since we are not an SAP shop, which I know the RunMyJobs company has, it seems like it's hit and miss, where I think maybe an SAP shop might have less issues. AS400/iSeries is touch and go. We have a lot of SSIS package runs and some complicated chains, file watchers that kick off events, and even are able to kick off scheduled jobs in ServiceNow.
It seems many pressing issues have to be escalated to their dev team, which I believe is mostly overseas. The response time isn't always the greatest. I go back to the documentation as well, if that was better there would be less need of support from myself. There are also times when they figure out the resolution, it has to be included with a fix in which you have to wait for the next release, however long that may be. Update - the support response time and quality of answers has greatly increased in the past 6 months or more.
Henrik Lyngaard Henriksen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using Redwood Business Process Automation across the entire company. It's only being used and administrated from our SAP Basis department, but from here - we are handling about 100.000 SAP Batch executions per day, touching every single area of a retail company, from regular housekeeping, stock replenishment, order management[,] etc. On top of that, we are also using it to run Windows CMD script, and triggering various events on Business Objects. The biggest benefit [...] is the complexity you are able to provide - which we have found no other tool that can do.
  • Complexity and dependencies, yet simplistic
  • Automation
  • User-friendly
  • High capacity systems
  • .
  • .
Can't find any less appropriate areas [seen] from my end. But the ability to automate the entire [batch flow] - both the simple executions, but also the highly complex chains with several dependencies, be it dates, times, other jobs[,] etc. - in a very simplistic way, what is not to like.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Redwood to run and monitor our batch processing in SAP as well as some external processes. It's not only helped us automate and streamline all of that, but it also helped reduce overall runtime for several important long-running processes.
  • It allows us to run tasks in parallel, unlike the standard scheduler in SAP.
  • We are able to trigger processes based on external events, like the arrival of a file
  • It can let us know when processes have failed so that we don't need to actively monitor the batch cycle.
  • It can also notify when a process has been completed successfully...users can be immediately made aware when one of their important tasks has finished.
  • You can access the system securely from any device that has a browser, so you don't need to be in the office in order to check things.
  • I don't have an answer here. The way it is, the system is easy to use and does exactly what we need.
The system lets you run tasks in parallel to reduce overall runtime, unlike the built-in scheduler in SAP. You can also set your multi-step job so that if a step fails, follow-on steps will still run...again unlike the SAP scheduler. It's also very easy to set up calendar-based jobs, for example, those that should only run during a month-end week. There are many other scheduling options available.

Things we don't run via Redwood are tasks that need to run VERY often...for example, every minute or so. We decided to run those directly in SAP.
Chris Tecuatl | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We used Redwood Business Process Automation in the month-end closing process. It is used in the technical and accounting close process. We use it globally, for all our company codes.
  • standardizes activities
  • less dependency on manual intervention
  • redeploy employees in more added value activities
  • increases quality
  • more flexibility on changes
  • make design more user friendly
Redwood Business Process Automation is very well suited for Finance & Accounting processes.
Score 10 out of 10
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Redwood Business Process Automation is the key [tool] almost all the jobs were scheduled through it, its very ease and [time-saving] process to automate and to get alert in case of any job failure. We can also configure to receive long running job alerts. Dependency job can be triggered by setting wait event, and we have the option to schedule a job in a particular time frame and after a particular dependent job[,] all the complex process can be executed from redwood be following few easy steps.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • Easy alert configuration.
  • Holding all system jobs is very quick in case of any activity.
  • [Cannot] copy past a job chain.
Multiple system[s] can be configured in Redwood Business Process Automation so in a single Redwood tool we can monitor all the jobs for all the different systems[.] It was not possible in [the] SAP system, in SAP GUI we have to login individual system to check individual job, and setting [an] alert and monitoring is very quick in Redwood Business Process Automation.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Redwood to handle all of our batch scheduling need[s] across several environmental landscapes. We are a global company and virtually every SAP job that we run, runs through Redwood - as well as a multitude of file transfers to and from vendors as well as to and from internal users. Using Redwood gives us a centralized location to do all this without having to have several different scheduling tools. It also means that we don't have to have several teams to manage the scheduling, which results in not only cost savings made from eliminating the old antiquated software, but also the savings that come from streamlining your organization once the old software has been removed.
  • SAP Batch Scheduling - This is THE BEST tool for triggering SAP jobs, bar none.
  • User management- Other scheduling tools make it much more difficult to manage user access. Redwood user access management is a breeze and take less than half the time it take in other products.
  • Scheduling Flexibility- The ease with which you can make custom time windows with Redwood is one of my favorite pluses. You can build as simple or as complex of a time window as you need to with Redwood.
  • Support- The support that you get from Redwood is in my opinion the best in the world. I have dealt with all the big name players in IT and they all pale in comparison to Redwood. You will never feel like you are in it alone with the best support in the world right at your fingertips.
  • I get asked what improvements can be made and honestly I think its a perfect tool. It is the best scheduling tool I have used and I have been in the business for 25 years. If there were any improvements to be made, chances are the development team is already working on them before I even knew I wanted it.
I think that any company that is running SAP should be triggering their jobs with Redwood. The scheduling features and options in Redwood give you so much more flexibility than the options provided by SAP. As more and more security mandates come down from the ivory towers, it seems the best idea for companies is to restrict individual access to the production SAP environments and run it all through a scheduling tool, my preference obviously being Redwood. It also enable[s] you to keep longer history for your jobs than SAP traditionally prefers. It gives you a centralized location where you can track all of the jobs you have been running, if you are doing file transfers you can track the success or failure of those transfers much easier using Redwood than you could if you just sent them off to some file transfer service. In my humble opinion, if you are running SAP, you shouldn't be doing it without Redwood. It's not just an SAP tool of course, but all of my experience has revolved around SAP being the central data processing system which is why I've focused so much of my review of Redwood around that.
Score 10 out of 10
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We started down the Redwood RunMyJobs path to solve some fundamental issues including intelligent job scheduling, automated daylight saving time adjustment, and greater visibility into the performance of the scheduled jobs. The primary focus was to automate the jobs inside of the ERP system, but we quickly realized the capabilities to work inside of data extract jobs and SQL. The job owners now have access to stop, start, and pause the jobs they are responsible for and it has moved the administration from a single resource into empowering the base.
  • Visibility into scheduled jobs for job owners
  • Intelligent scheduling based on file creation or job completion
  • Time adjustments including time zones and daylight saving time
  • Migration from legacy solution to Redwood Business Process Automation is manual
As our ERP adoption across business units has grown, so have the number of jobs, and Redwood Business Process Automation has worked very well in removing non-value-added activities and a bottleneck from the administration of these jobs. It is also providing role-based access to functional leads, which has improved the time to resolution as well as providing numerous continual improvement opportunities. Redwood Business Process Automation product has changed our organization's thought process around job scheduling.
August 14, 2020

RMJ support

Score 8 out of 10
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RMJ is used to schedule jobs on multiple platforms. It is being used by multiple departments. It was chosen as a resolution to multiple departments individually scheduling their jobs. Some of these jobs are interdependent . RMJ provided a unified way to run, monitor and track these jobs.
  • Tracking job status.
  • Reporting on jobs status.
  • Alerting of status.
  • Support documentation - Some basic information not found and some is outdated.
  • Availability of support - Slow to respond.
  • Knowledge of initial support. Basic problems have to be forwarded to next level support.
RunMyJobs is well suited in organizations where there are multiple department requiring jobs and job information to be shared.
Poor documentation, outdated documentation. Slow turnaround. Lack of knowledge - not much is handled by 1-level support, inability to handle basic questions, problems have to be forwarded to 2-level support.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use RunMyJobs to choreograph multiple back-end applications in order to provide streamlined end-to-end processes running 'round the clock. It is quite capable of handling SAP along with our multiple middleware applications.

I'm more of a user than an administrator, but I have worked with our admins during scheduling and troubleshooting and am impressed by the versatility it offers. We have job chains full of dependencies and RMJ provides all the flexibility we need.
  • Reporting capabilities.
  • Capable of tying in multiple applications into job chains.
  • Mature product.
  • I can't think of anything.
It is well-suited to our environment where we run SAP but also have multiple middle-ware applications.

RunMyJobs is flexible enough to be able to invoke and orchestrate jobs originating in any of those environments, tying them together

Our admins rely on their informational dashboards to ensure data flow in and out of our company is running smoothly as our cashflow depends on it.
It is a well-rounded product that offers excellent integration with many, many applications.

I've always had great support from the sales and support team, too.
August 27, 2020

My take on RunMyJobs

Score 6 out of 10
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I manage SAP job scheduling for my company. This would include end to end management like scheduling, reporting, and taking care of the underlying infrastructure. The main problem I run into when using Redwood's RunMyJobs is when it comes to suspending jobs during maintenance or upgrades. A lot of the time users ask me to get a list of jobs running during a particular time window and there are no early reporting tools available.
  • Setting up jobs is easy.
  • Importing jobs from SAP
  • Running OS commands or OS scripts
  • Reporting based on different selection criteria
  • Job delay and failure notifications
Well suited in an SAP environment where I can import jobs from SAP. Another good thing is you can move jobs from one system to another. Less flexible when it comes to scheduling based on multiple selection criteria. There is room to import with reporting and monitoring.
RunMyJobs is easy to manage.

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What is Redwood Business Process Automation - Workload Edition?

Redwood Business Process Automation is a workload automation and job scheduling solution designed for and delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It transforms the digital enterprise with scalability and integration with all technologies in the modern enterprise. Redwood unifies workflows across on-premises, private, hybrid and public cloud environments. It bridges gaps in complex processes that function between mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud resources. Clients use Redwood to create intelligent process flows that support diverse IT processes for business including managed file transfer, hybrid cloud automation, complex data management, and DevOps. Redwood enables people to focus on innovation instead of daily management of repeated processes.

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Dashboard users see when first logging in.Shows a specific process definition, how a user would edit that definition.Built in testing environment to run the definition without leaving the definitionEditing a whole process chain, not just a single processShows the Process Monitor where we can see the status of the chain execution, this instance is with an errorShows the Process Monitor where we can see the status of the chain execution, this instance is without an errorDashboard that tracks high level aggregate oriented metrics, such as total errors,etc.This is a visual dashboard that shows various process metrics

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  • Redwood can integrate or orchestrate any software that has a protocol API and CLI.

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