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November 22, 2020

StarWind VTL Review

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We were looking for physical tape backups to protect against DR situations but were concerned about the fact that it would require the manual intervention of changing the tapes and sending them offsite as we could easily forget. Luckily, I came across Starwind VTL, which is the same as having a physical tape library without the hassle of changing tapes. The whole process is automated and we have the option of choosing between multiple cloud storage providers such as Amazon, Wasabi, Azure, etc.
  • We can leverage our existing Veeam Infrastructure.
  • We can upload to multiple different cloud providers simultaneously.
  • Works the same as physical tapes at as lower cost.
  • There needs to be an estimated time of completion to determine how long the upload will take.
  • Needs to have an option to backup to the same cloud provider simultaneously.
Starwind VTL is a great solution for customers that want the benefits of a physical tape library without the hefty price tag and the manual intervention required when changing tapes as it is automated. In addition, Starwind VTL virtual tapes are "air-gapped" as they are in LTO format.
The Technical team was very helpful in answering all of my questions, including how I wanted to setup the tape backup jobs in our existing infrastructure to configure simultaneous uploads to the cloud from two different cloud storage providers.
Kevin Sipma | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We are using Starwind's VTL to Backblaze B2 software which augments Veeam's ability to offload existing backups to a tape library. This allows for easy de-duplication and compression of backups to a virtual tape library. Starwind's software basically makes a bridge between Veeam and B2 storage by acting as a VTL middleware. It's very effective. We were able to get rid of costly and headache-inducing sneakernet backups of shipping hard drives on a rotating basis in Pelican cases. We have lost drives and the reliability wasn't very reassuring - especially since shipping drives can result in losses, damages, and all sorts of issues. Something had to change and we are so glad to start using Backblaze B2 for our Veeam offsite/GFS requirements.
  • Allows you to use Veeam and other software that uses Virtual Tape Libraries while getting rid of actual tape drives and tapes
  • Backblaze B2 implementation is great - keeps storage costs low while automating backups to the cloud storage
  • Low cost and great support by the Starwind technical team
  • Feature-rich and in constant development
  • Implementation and deployment is highly technical - could be easier & faster
  • Backups Management is somewhat tricky - could be refined further
We are only using the Veeam to StarWind VTL for Backblaze B2 functionality but for what it is intended for, it does the job well and we are very pleased with how time and money saving this solution is. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time going over the implementation documentation and reading the manual several times to get it right. We received top-notch support during the implementation and deployment process though, so that made the process a little easier.
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using Starwind's VTL to Backblaze cloud solution which works with Veeam's ability to offload existing backups to a tape library. This allows for easy de-duplication and compression of backups to a virtual tape library. It's very effective and easy to use. We were able to avoid the costly headache of storing our backups on tape to be taken offsite.
  • Works great with Veeam and Backblaze.
  • Affordable and reliable.
  • Support is quick to respond.
  • Set-up is confusing.
StarWind is most appropriate for environments that needs a new solution to keeping backups offsite. Great for small or large businesses.
Great and reliable product with little need for support.

StarWind VTL Scorecard Summary

What is StarWind VTL?

StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) resolves the issue of Enterprise ROBO being stuck with expensive tapes for data backup, while allowing users to stick to regulatory archival requirements. One can’t be sure that data stored on the tapes in archives will always be retrievable. StarWind VTL takes advantage of the already existing tape backup infrastructure and virtualizes the data for easy access and storage.

Using on-prem VTLs with cloud and object storage tiering, the solution allows customers to use StarWind VTL to protect their data from ransomware or other threats. Users can also replicate and tier backups in the public cloud and scale with any necessary standard storage arrays. StarWind helps with VTL configuration and integration, and the product is designed to be easily managed.

StarWind VTL:

  • Enables users to use your disk/cloud storage as virtual tapes
  • Integrates into an existing backup and archival processes without disruption
  • Allows customizing data management policies as per necessary regulations
  • Switches users from disk-to-tape to disk-to-disk-to-tape/cloud backup strategies
  • Ensures versatile scalability, maximum performance and secure automated migration

StarWind Virtual Tape Library provides the ability to offload existing data stored on tapes to cloud storage and forget about investing in physical tapes anymore while keeping that data “airlocked” and secure as the respective official regulations call for it.

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