Tape Storage Solutions

Best Tape Storage Solutions include:

StarWind Virtual Tape Library.

Tape Storage Solutions Overview

What is Tape Storage?

Tape storage is a method of long term data protection and storage in which data is stored on physical tapes. Tape storage is an old technology that has continued to be updated to the modern day, where it is one of the most cost effective solutions for backing up large amounts of data.

Businesses use tape storage for large quantities of data backup. While tape storage is highly affordable, the trade off is that it is slower to access compared to other storage methods, and takes up more physical space than cloud based or virtualized storage. Tape storage is also ideal for important data that needs to be archived for a long time. Over a period of years, tape is one of the most reliable methods for ensuring you can always access your data.

Features & Capabilities

Some of the most common features offered by tape storage solutions are as follows:

  • Long term storage

  • Tape environment management

  • Regulation compliance

Pricing Information

Tape storage pricing depends on how many tapes are being purchased by the business. Vendors charge different prices depending on other factors as well, such as included managed services, and storage performance. Businesses should expect to pay a monthly fee if they purchase a managed service, but it is possible to buy tape storage with a single payment.

Tape Storage Products

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StarWind Virtual Tape Library

StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) resolves the issue of Enterprise ROBO being stuck with expensive tapes for data backup, while allowing users to stick to regulatory archival requirements. One can’t be sure that data stored on the tapes in archives will always be retrievable. StarWind…

Quantum Scalar Tape Series

Quantum’s Scalar series of tape storage systems boast tens of thousands of customers around the world, to provide long-term storage for compliance purposes, and for digital media and image archiving. The vendor states their tape systems can be as small as a few tapes, scale within…

Oracle Tape Storage (StorageTek)

Whether on premises or in the cloud, Oracle Tape Storage (StorageTek) solutions aim to provide a low-cost, highly efficient infrastructure for enabling data protection and long term archiving for service providers and enterprises. Oracle StorageTek solutions for general file archiving…

IBM Tape

IBM Tape is a high density durable long-term storage drive option.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library Appliance (VTLA)

StarWind VTL Appliance helps organizations to protect their data, eliminate labor-intensive tape backup processes along with meeting regulatory data retention requirements using on-premises Virtual Tape Libraries with flexible multi-cloud and object storage tiering. Data is protected…