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Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services


What is Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services?

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services (formerly Blue Coat WebFilter) is a web application protection and web content filtering solution, designed to allow users to control access to web content and block web threats with advanced threat defense and real-time global…

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What is Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services?

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services (formerly Blue Coat WebFilter) is a web application protection and web content filtering solution, designed to allow users to control access to web content and block web threats with advanced threat defense and real-time global threat intelligence.

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Product Details

What is Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services?

Blue Coat’s web application protection capabilities protect web applications whether they reside in an on-premise datacenter or inside cloud-based datacenter environments.

  • Web Application Firewall: The Web Application Firewall is designed to sit in front of corporate applications to protect against threats which may attempt to exploit weaknesses in the application environment. It delivers protection both through signature-based and signature-less attack detection engines and supports a broad range of authentication technology, allowing it to integrate to application needs across environments. In addition, the WAF provides the ability to inspect encrypted SSL traffic and to deliver performance optimization to improve web application performance.
  • Reverse Proxy: The Secure Web Gateway can serve as a proxy for users to the Internet when configured as a reverse proxy, protecting critical applications and networks as they connect to the Internet. In this configuration, it provides a termination point where deep inspection for malware and policy can be deployed to the traffic before critical applications and networks engage with the traffic. The reverse proxy allows organizations the ability to govern traffic and payloads on a wide variety of parameters from location, device to policy around accepted behavior.

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services Features

  • Supported: Web Application Firewall
  • Supported: Reverse Proxy
  • Supported: Malware Blocking

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services Competitors

Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAmericas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Servicesenables boosting our business productivity by blocking unwanted downloads, malware attacks. It also helps us making sure we are compliant with the cyber security policies that we had adopted and there is no leakages during our day to day operations.Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services gets updated from time to time to make sure all the recent and hidden threats are taken care of all the times.
  • Almost real time protection from all ongoing threats with their DLA inspection
  • Great visibility into web filtering policies using the dashboards and reports
  • No patching or downloads needed, immediate protection is provided as clients are always cloud connected
  • While reports and dashboards provide visibility into threat detection, real time notifications to user could be a useful feature to adopt
  • Easy way to select the areas / domains where filters can be applied from client end
  • More user friendly in terms of pop-ups to make user experience better
Having an end to end solution for web / mobile applications in terms of protecting it from online cyber security threats, Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services provides great solution. You also get an ability to configure your security profile so that the contents that may be desired for you but not recommended can be allowed on your network.
  • Reporting and visibility into threat detection patterns
  • Always online (with cloud connectivity) feature to have real time threat protection
  • Dynamic cloud protection using their global intelligence network
  • Boosts business productivity with having secured systems
  • Globally available threat protection adhering to our own security policies
  • User may sometime find it difficult to deal with - so there can be a feature to make it more user friendly in terms of user experience. That is a bit of negative we have seen.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use a couple of these systems, one for the kiosk computers on campus, to keep the browsing limited to appropriate and safe sites for our students. We utilize a second system for our network servers, this is used in an unorthodox fashion - as an internet black hole that only allows a very limit number of sites to prevent server admins from using servers to browse the web from a server, other than to download necessary patches from approved vendor sites.
  • Excellent at preventing unwanted browsing and malicious sites
  • Great reporting, useful to see potential issues and/or sites that may need to be reviewed for potential whitelisting.
  • Perfect system for kiosk environments, limiting browsing to local on-network sites until the user authenticates
  • The admin interface would be better off not using Java
  • Setting up SSL properly can be a bit challenging
  • Could really use a better source for training, like a library of how-to videos
In a large environment, this is the perfect system. If you do not have constant changes, it easily becomes a system you drop in place and rarely have to think about. Our units have been rock solid and have never experienced any unexpected downtime, and upgrades are just a couple button clicks to deploy, or roll back.

For small offices, with minimal traffic this may be using a sledgehammer to put in a push pin. It will work great, but the devices is likely over engineered for small offices (<50 people). That being said, price-wise it's still a great solution when compared to competing products and being from Symantec, you know it's going to be around and support for the long term.
  • Helps maintain network security and prevents malicious browsing
  • Helps to prevent dangerous internet usage from network servers
  • Relatively low cost means fast ROI with drastically reduced security response costs
Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services solution was a simple 1U appliance that does everything we need, compared to the Forcepoint solution which required a virtual appliance, a database server, a log server, and a management server - the licensing costs alone make the Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services solution a clear winner. The Forcepoint solution is really good, it just requires such a big footprint without delivering much beyond what the Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services solution does with a single unit.
I really like the system, it's easy to use and mostly intuitive. I would have gone 10/10, but the management interface uses Java, and that seems to always make things a bit harder to start. Once everything is loaded and running, it's great - but it does require me to maintain a compatible version of Java on the machine I use to access the system, I'd be much happier with some kind of HTML5 interface.

I also deducted 1 point for the functionality of the refer filter - it works as expected, but if the site isn't coded with the correct refer header, like Microsoft's site - then some page elements get stripped and pages only render about 98% correctly. I know that's not in Symantec's list of responsibilities, but having a filter that doesn't fully understand CDNs is worth the 1 point ding.
I've had exactly 1 problem in 8 years, I contacted support via the customer portal, less than an hour later I found myself in a screen share with a support tech who not only fixed my configuration error, but also took the time to ask about my usage and offered some great tips on changes. It was just one support incident, but I was impressed by the speed of response to a non-critical issue as well as the depth of product knowledge the support engineer had.
Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Veritas Backup Exec
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