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What is Timetastic?

Timetastic is a leave management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It has various tools for booking, managing, and analyzing employees’ leave.

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Timetastic has been praised for its ability to organize and control vacation times and permits, eliminating the chaos of information and …
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Product Details

What is Timetastic?

What is Timetastic?

Timetastic is a cloud-based leave management solution. It specifically targets businesses that want to move away from ad hoc methods of leave management, such as shared spreadsheets and calendars, towards an efficient and centralized solution. Timetastic offers Android and iOS apps to enable convenient access on the go. Per the vendor, Timetastic emphasizes simplicity and ease of use in its interface, allowing for efficient and easy-to-implement leave management.

Timetastic Essentials

Timetastic aims to make it easy for managers and employees to see who is out their wallcharts and calendars. Similarly, employees can make requests and view the status of previous requests straight from their calendars. These wallcharts and calendars utilize color coding and icons to make them easier to read.

Timetastic has several permission levels to keep things organized. Administrators can see and modify leave for the entire company. Department-level managers can see and modify leave for their department and anyone for whom they approve absences. Employees only see the scheduled leave for anyone else in their department. Additionally, Timetastic’s privacy features ensure that all employees can see upcoming PTO across their department, but only managers and administrators can see the associated reasons.

Timetastic Integration and Automation

Timetastic integrates with some of the most common calendar solutions like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. These integrations enable employees to see their meetings, appointments, and other time commitments alongside their time off and vacation. Additionally, Timetastic provides an API to allow for custom integrations.

Timetastic has several helpful automation features. It automatically notifies managers of requests and employees of acceptances or rejections. In addition, Timetastic can send automatic department-wide email digests to employees and managers daily or weekly.

Pro Tier vs. Business Tier

Timetastic offers options for two different pricing tiers: Business and Pro. The lower-cost Business tier has all the features previously mentioned. Timetastic’s Pro tier provides all the features of the Business tier and several additional features for larger or security-focused companies. Compatibility with SAML-based single sign-on and access logs increases corporate data security. Leave insights and trends provide visualizations of absences on a department or company basis. The Burnout Board seeks to reduce fatigue by alerting managers when employees have gone long periods without taking leave. The Pro tier provides one additional integration with Microsoft Teams to improve workflow for organizations that utilize it.

Timetastic Use Cases

Timetastic’s most prominent use case is for small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves struggling to manage their employees’ leave. The Business tiers’ low cost, one-month free trial, and month-to-month contract are ideal for companies with lower budgets or those who do not want extensive commitments. The simple interface means that small businesses without dedicated HR departments can effectively use Timetastic, while the division by departments and permission levels lets Timetastic scale for medium-sized companies. However, the limited permission levels of administrators and department managers may make it difficult for Timetastic to scale for organizations with large departments or deep organization charts. The Pro tier’s additional security features and integrations make Timetastic valuable for companies that need those features but still desire a streamlined leave management product.

Timetastic Screenshots

Screenshot of The Wallchart shows the time off for customer service employees for the next month.Screenshot of It is possible to filter by the department to keep information clean and organized.Screenshot of Employees can also see their time off at a glance.Screenshot of Employees can view a summary of their time off and keep track of PTO balances.Screenshot of Managers and employees receive instant email notifications of requests and approvals.

Timetastic Video

Introducing Timetastic, a cloud-based leave management software solution. With features like department groupings, custom leave types, and calendar integrations, Timetastic aims to streamline and centralize the process of booking time off. Learn more at

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Timetastic Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Timetastic is a leave management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It has various tools for booking, managing, and analyzing employees’ leave.

Timetastic starts at $1.30 per user per month.

Calamari and LeaveBoard are common alternatives for Timetastic.

The most common users of Timetastic are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Timetastic integrates with both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. The Pro tier also integrates with Microsoft Teams.

As many as you like. Additionally, you can create departments and set people as department bosses, which can see and manage employees in their department but not others.
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Timetastic has been praised for its ability to organize and control vacation times and permits, eliminating the chaos of information and spreadsheets. Users have reported that the software eliminates the need for time-consuming spreadsheets and allows employees and supervisors to instantly know their leave balances. The service has been commended for its friendly and helpful support, with users expressing satisfaction with the 50% discount offered to charities, which makes the software more accessible. Timetastic simplifies staff absence management by keeping track of annual allowances, updating calendars, and providing easy access to information through a desktop or mobile app.

One of the key use cases of Timetastic is its ability to help managers easily see the dates when employees have requested time off. This feature assists in identifying who needs time off and when, ensuring effective employee scheduling. The software streamlines work schedules, maximizing efficiency, increasing visibility, and avoiding miscommunication in determining who will be working on which days. It facilitates better communication between managers and staff about attendance issues, helping manage potential clashes and ensuring coverage during busy periods.

Timetastic's flexibility has made it particularly useful for larger organizations as users can customize it to fit their specific business needs. Additionally, the interactive wall chart provided by the software helps organizations streamline their absence management process and keep track of who's in and out. Overall, Timetastic has received positive reviews from users across various industries who find it beneficial for managing leaves, communicating availability, and achieving significant time and cost savings. Whether it's tracking leave requests or simplifying planning by avoiding scheduling conflicts, Timetastic provides a user-friendly solution for efficient leave management.

User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciate the user-friendly interface of Timetastic, finding it intuitive and easy to use. They mention that even employees with limited tech savvy can quickly grasp its functionality without extensive training. Efficient Leave Management: Many reviewers praise Timetastic for enhancing organizational efficiency by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and providing a holistic overview. The software simplifies leave management, reducing redundant conversations and improving team efficiency. Users find it helpful in tracking PTO, calculating vacation amounts based on start dates, and providing visibility and control over staff's leave details. Flexibility and Customization: Users highly value the flexibility of Timetastic in terms of changing leave reviewers, creating custom leave types, and segmenting into departments. They appreciate being able to see leave balances and schedules of other staff members. This flexibility allows Timetastic to cater to the specific needs of different organizations. Overall, users find Timetastic to be a fantastic tool with a user-friendly interface that enhances efficiency in managing leaves and provides customization options to meet various organizational needs.

Plain User Interface: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the plain user interface of Timetastic, stating that it lacks visual appeal and feels outdated.

Limited Reporting Capabilities: Several reviewers have mentioned that they would like to see more robust reporting capabilities in Timetastic. They feel that the current reporting features are limited and do not provide enough flexibility for generating detailed reports.

Difficulty in Canceling Part of a Holiday Request: A number of users have found it inconvenient that they can only cancel the entire holiday request in Timetastic, instead of being able to cancel specific days within a request. This lack of flexibility has been identified as an area for improvement by these reviewers.

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