Vimeo Pricing Overview

Vimeo has 4 pricing edition(s), from $9 to $65. A free trial of Vimeo is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



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Pricing for Vimeo


  • HasFree Trial
  • Does not haveFree/Freemium Version
  • Does not havePremium Consulting/Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $9per month

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Vimeo Pricing 2022

Your target audience may not have object permanence; if they don’t actively see you, they forget you exist. This problem is especially pertinent to influencers, thought leaders, content creators, and commercial companies. This is why so many use video streaming platforms like Vimeo.

Simply being present and approachable online can impact sales and reputation. There are so many different streaming and uploading platforms for branded videos, but Vimeo is a veteran in the field and is even older than YouTube. We’ll discuss why they are an incredibly worthwhile option to consider, but you can also skip to pricing and features.

Vimeo Explained

Vimeo is an online video hosting platform as well as a real-time live streaming platform. On you can upload videos, and share videos. The platform is also known for its live streaming functionality. You can set up live events with Vimeo’s live streaming service using mobile devices, desktop, and APIs.

Vimeo offers apps for Android, iOS, Shopify, and Zoom. You can publish content to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and even YouTube. This means that you’ll be able run multiple accounts across video platforms, and add video content to your Shopify website.

When it comes to bandwidth requirements and video quality, Vimeo themselves do not require you to have a certain bandwidth.You will need a certain bandwidth to create videos of higher quality in general. The lowest quality video you can upload is 240p, which requires a bandwidth of 500 kbps. You can go to the Vimeo Help Center for more information.

Vimeo also has options for a number of different video content mediums. They have video on demand, where you can see on demand videos from independent artists. Vimeo has numerous subscription plans for live streaming, webinars, video marketing, screen recording, video monetization, advanced analytics, and video hosting to your website.

We’re not going over every service they offer, but you will notice some of these in Vimeo’s main subscription for uploading videos.

What are the different Vimeo plans?

Vimeo has an interesting pricing model; they generate revenue on creators instead of putting ads on all videos. This does not exclude banner ads appearing on Basic and Plus accounts, but those are less invasive.

You need an account to upload content, and your accounts are limited so that the more you produce, the more you need to upgrade. With an ad-free format viewers won’t see a barrage of nonsense in videos, and creators have control over monetization.

You can use monetization through Vimeo OTT which is a pay-per-view subscription you can check out here. In their main subscriptions for video creation (seen below), you can sell your videos to fans. This is available in Vimeo Pro, Business, and Premium.

Vimeo Pricing Plans

Vimeo Basic







$7 per month annually/ $ 12 month to month

$20 per month annually/ no month to month option

$50 per month annually/ no month to month option

$75 per month annually/ no month to month option


Capped at 5GB of Storage

250GB a year/ 5GB a week

1TB a Year/ 20GB a week

5TB a year/

no weekly limit

7TB of all time storage

These are the required plans to get started with Vimeo. Vimeo Basic plan is the account everyone needs to begin uploading to Vimeo. It is free, but is capped at 5GB of storage, and has a weekly video content limit of 500MB.

It’s meant to be a starter tier, for those who don’t have much content to upload each week, or don’t plan to upload very frequently. If you plan to only add a few videos a month this plan will last you for a bit. The plan does not have marketing tools, privacy options, or live streaming, but you can screen record with Vimeo’s free extension.

Vimeo Plus plan upgrades you to a full 5GB of content per week and a yearly cap of 250GB. This is a huge jump, and is ideal for creators that focus a lot of their time on video content. In this tier you have privacy controls, customizable video templates, video player customization, playback control, and unlimited videos.

You can also embed your videos anywhere you please, use video editing, marketing tools, analytics, and access Vimeo’s customer support staff email. You won’t be able to sell video content, use advanced marketing tools, live stream, or set up virtual events for a webinar.

If you produce multiple videos a week or have team members you work with, this account will better serve you than Vimeo Basic. You won’t have as many tools for marketing and gaining revenue, but there’s plenty of room to grow.

The Vimeo Pro plan has quite a few more features and a jump to one whole TB of storage a year. With this subscription you can have private team projects, access stock photos, stock footage, and licensed music. Your analytics are upgraded, and in this plan you can sell your video content to fans.

Bigger content creation teams will have more creative possibilities with the features mentioned. This plan is ideal for those that really rely on income from content creation platforms such as writers, performers, influencers, or advertising companies.

For the Vimeo Business plan, you don’t have any weekly limits and can upload as much as you want, whenever, at 5TB for the year. Teams that have fast workflows and produce content almost nonstop will appreciate this kind of freedom. If you have multiple teams producing different video content for departments and will be a great choice.

New features that come with Business include more distribution and marketing tools like custom CTAs, contact information collection, marketing and Google Analytics integrations. If video content is your small to midsize business you may want to start with this subscription.

Last but certainly not least is Vimeo Premium plans, with the highest allotted storage at 7TB, and all available features. This is the only plan that allows live streaming, and your live videos are unlimited.

It also comes with webinar registrations, production tools, and studio encoding software. Companies that center around a webinar or live stream as their main product might be interested in signing up with this platform and connecting with Vimeo audiences.

Those of you that want to consider alternatives might prefer a video platform where creators can upload for free.


YouTube may be Vimeo’s most significant competitor since the beginning. YouTube is so popular people forgot Vimeo came out first. In the comparison between them you will find YouTube is more famous. It has a far more massive culture and subcultures within the platform like it’s own ecosystem. Bigger does not automatically equate to better. Many content creators on YouTube simply get eclipsed by stronger influencers and lost in the crowd.

It’s not easy to get views on YouTube because of this. We can’t guarantee it’s easier to cultivate an audience on Vimeo, but they certainly are less massive and better suited for more personal connections that you can turn into revenue.

Their pricing models are their key differences. YouTubers can upload for free without limits or charges. Users can monetize their channels on YouTube and turn a profit, as long as they follow community guidelines. YouTube videos are filled with ads, both from YouTube and from creators monetizing their content.

Vimeo charges their creators to avoid excessive ads, and in return for payments, allows creators more control. The platform has significantly less ads. When it comes to the questions of who is better, it’s more about what you personally need. If free is what fits in your budget, and you prefer a wider reach, look at YouTube. If you have more of a niche audience and would rather produce higher quality content, Vimeo has plans that fit for most budgets.

More Resources

If you want to know more about Vimeo services, you can see the product list on their button navigation on their website. Those of you interested in live streaming with Vimeo can see their FAQs guide for their requirements for streaming high-quality videos. If you want to see more live stream software check out our list of products here. We also offer product lists for video marketing and other video platforms.

Those of you who have used some of the software in the article, please consider leaving a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.