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BlueJeans Events (discontinued)

BlueJeans Events was a cloud-based platform that enables presenters to interact over video and stream their event to thousands of viewers, supporting all-hands meetings, webinars and large-scale events. The product was acquired by Verizon in 2020, and discontinued in 2023.

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BlueJeans Events (discontinued)

BlueJeans Events was a cloud-based platform that enables presenters to interact over video and stream their event to thousands of viewers, supporting all-hands meetings, webinars and large-scale events. The product was acquired by Verizon in 2020, and discontinued in 2023.

Zoom Events & Webinars

Zoom Events and Webinars are part of Zoom’s event solutions that uses existing Zoom products to produce interactive and engaging virtual experiences. It combines Zoom Meetings, Chat, and Video Webinars in one solution that enables event organizers to produce ticketed, live events…


Vimeo is a video experience platform. They enable anyone to create high-quality video experiences to connect and bring ideas to life. They proudly serve their growing community of nearly 300 million users — from creative storytellers to globally distributed teams at the world's largest…

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Brightcove Video is a video hosting and publishing solution. The company also provides a cloud media processing product called Zencoder.


Kaltura, headquartered in New York, offers enterprise or large scale video storage, streaming, and distribution supporting a variety of purposes such as streaming, enterprise video portal, interactive video and virtual classroom, or podcasting.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming, featuring real time video/audio capturing and mixing. Users can create scenes made up of multiple sources including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, and capture cards.


BrightTALK Central is a B2B marketing platform to create content, engage an audience, and reach new prospects to deliver revenue growth. BrightTALK is a subsidiary of TechTarget.

Vimeo Enterprise

Vimeo Enterprise, based on technology acquired with Livestream in September 2017 is the company's HD livestreaming platform touting auto-archiving, simultaneous live streaming, secure sharing with password and domain-level security, and audience engagement (e.g. chat), with SLA available…


StreamYard is a live streaming studio in a browser. Users can interview guests, share a screen, and simulcast to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


LiveWebinar is a cloud-based tool that helps users manage online webinars, meetings, training, live streaming, chats, screen sharing, social media broadcasting and high definition (HD) recording via web browsers. It is a customizable solution that allows users to change logos, room…


Airmeet, from the company of the same name, is an all-in-one platform for community managers to host interactive virtual events, conferences & workshops aimed at providing a real networking experience. Airmeet has a free plan to support relatively small scale workshops and seminars,…

Facebook Live

Facebook supports livestreaming on its own platform, with Facebook Live. Users can go live on Facebook to broadcast a conversation, performance, Q&A or virtual event.


Demio, from Banzai, provides what the vendor describes as a simple, no-download webinar experience for the audience, as well as all the marketing tools needed to generate better results. Demio is designed to enable users to host engaging events in the browser and build real relationships…

14 headquartered in Tel Aviv offers a remote recording solution for enterprise teams. It is presented as an easy way for teams to record professional-grade video content and podcasts, from anywhere.

Flutin Live

Flutin is a platform offering growth tools and streaming solutions to creators and unlimited access to the world of live streaming entertainment to audiences, from the company of the same name in Austin. Event Multi-StreamingWith Flutin Live, users can stream online events to all…


streamGo is a provider of online events, producing a range of webinars webcasts, virtual events and podcasts across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Use cases include Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Webinars, Webcasts, and Podcasts.


BeLive is a brand produced by MultiTV. This is the company's live virtual and online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. It is presented as a quick to setup, affordable, and scalable live streaming solution.


CommentSold is an ecommerce platform from the company of the same name in Huntsville, designed to help businesses sell products digitally. With CommentSold, businesses can manage inventory, automate invoicing, enable sales through social networking, and drive web and mobile applications.…

VIXY Video Platform

VIXY offers various video solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Users can embed and share their videos and/or launch their own white label VOD TV channel with VIXY. This software provides professional video management, reliable hosting and fast delivery to all devices.

vMix Live Streaming Software

The vMix Software Video Mixer and Switcher is presented as a complete live video production software solution by StudioCoast Pty Ltd in Robina.

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is the platform's livestreaming service.


Streamlabs, made by Logitech International, is a free live streaming software. With it's multi-streaming capabilities, Streamlabs can stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more live at the same time.

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Mobizen makes live video streaming easier by letting users start recording and streaming in one click. It aims to provide a hassle-free solution for creating content. Users can broadcast platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, RTMP, or any other platform for maximum reachability. And…

Reactive Live Shopping

Reactive helps to turns site visitors into customers on e-commerce stores through live streamed shopping events. Utilizing gamified sales tools and analytics, live shopping attendees are incentivized to make a purchase. Features include: Multiple in-stream sales featuresAutomatic…

Meld Studio
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Meld Studio is a live streaming tool that enables building creative, broadcast-quality live streams with consumer hardware. It offers screen capture, desktop capture, browser overlay, and many other capture types. An advanced audio engine is also included which allows capturing up…

Learn More About Livestream Platforms

What are Livestream Platforms?

Livestream platforms are software that allow users to host live-streaming events through one platform. These events may take place in a one-on-one setting, in group meetings, or as larger online events like webinars or panel discussions. The software is designed to bring people who aren’t able to meet in person due to distance, sickness, or any other circumstance, together as if they were in the same room. Most livestream software offers access to the live event feed for up to thousands of streamers. Many products offer the capability of connecting to the livestream through multiple platforms and/or social media sites.

In today's digital world, the ability to promote your or your company’s business online is a necessity. Likewise, the ability to connect with people from anywhere around the globe is an essential part of networking when either making connections or building your brand. The ability to host livestreams allows businesses to do just this. It also provides marketing teams with a great opportunity to promote new products and reach a broader audience.

In addition to marketing and promotional events, livestream software can be used for situations such as interviews and tutorials. These tools can be incredibly useful in today’s workplace, especially if hosting large online events that need to be live-streamed is part of your digital marketing strategy.

Livestream Platform Features:

Livestream software comes packed with a variety of features that allow both administrators and streamers to have the best experience. Critical features livestream software offers include: :

  • Access Controls
  • Audience Analytics
  • Audience Engagement
  • Customizable Branding
  • Event Scheduling
  • Live stream production
  • Multiple Camera Feeds
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Session Recording
  • Split & Multi-Screen
  • Video Monetization Tools

Livestream Software Comparison:

Before deciding to purchase a new livestream platform, consider the following key factors:

  • Compatibility: There are some livestream products, such as vMix, that are only compatible with Windows PC. Other software, like OBS Studio, is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Be sure that you consider livestream software compatibility and whether or not it will work with your operating system prior to choosing.
  • Ease of Use: Finding the right livestream software should also be determined by the amount of time you are willing to spend learning how to use the program. If you plan on using livestream software for work and expect a lot of people to be using it, it’s best to go with a product that’s user-friendly and will be easy for the rest of your team to learn how to use. Similarly, depending on what type of events you plan to livestream, you may also want to look at the quality of video graphics.

Pricing Information

There are several free livestream software products available on the market today. Some of the more popular products tend to be at no charge and for most users are more than sufficient. To majorly enhance quality and/or features, prices may vary based on individual vs. business plans.

Expect to pay between $16 to $50 per month for individual plans and between $80 to $250 per month for business plans. Most, if not all, of the software products will provide a free trial which is highly recommended before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Livestream Software do?

Livestream software allows businesses to share content and live events with other groups or individuals in real-time through a platform that shares live video and audio. These platforms are a critical tool when it comes to hosting live online events, networking, doing brand promotion, interviewing, and hosting tutorials.

What are the benefits of using Livestream Software?

Livestream software is beneficial in that it can reach and engage with people businesses wouldn’t otherwise be able to engage with. It also helps build business brands much quicker and more effectively. The ability for businesses to set up interviews or tutorial sessions is also much more time-efficient with the use of live streaming software. They are very interactive for all users and may also be income-producing for individuals if bringing in enough viewer engagement.

What are the best Livestream Software products?

Some of the most popular livestream software products include:

How much does Livestream Software cost?

Many livestream software products are free to use and have a considerable amount of features that users will find to be more than enough. For more features and enhanced quality, look to spend about $16 to $50 a month for individual plans and between $80 to $250 a month for business plans. Many of these products available for purchase will offer a free trial beforehand to make sure it fits the needs of your particular situation.