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What is WhenToWork?

WhenToWork is employee scheduling application from the California-based company of the same name.

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When To Work is highly regarded by users for its convenience and efficiency in scheduling and managing employee shifts. It has effectively …
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W2W: Big FAN!!!

10 out of 10
February 09, 2020
Across our organization, W2W allows full time, part-time and per diem employees to easily request or modify daily paramedic shifts. …
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What is WhenToWork?

WhenToWork is employee scheduling application from the California-based company of the same name.

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What is WhenToWork?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

When To Work is highly regarded by users for its convenience and efficiency in scheduling and managing employee shifts. It has effectively reduced overtime rates and provided opportunities for employees to pick up shifts. The software has been particularly useful for businesses facing employee shortages, helping to find available workers and ensure proper coverage. Users appreciate the ability to easily trade shifts and communicate with coworkers. When To Work streamlines scheduling processes, saving time and effort for managers and supervisors. It is beneficial for coordinating work and shift times, especially in workplaces with part-time employees and fluctuating schedules. The software is commended for its reliability, ease of use, and mobile accessibility. Users have found it helpful in creating schedules, managing time-off requests, and trading shifts without the need for emails or phone calls. It is effective in scheduling large teams and ensuring 24-hour coverage for businesses with varying work hours. When To Work is also praised for its organization and centralization of employee information, making it easy to track availability and preferences. The feature that allows posting open shifts and allowing employees to request or trade shifts has been a time-saving tool. It eliminates the need for multiple emails and facilitates quick communication between employers and employees regarding time-off requests and scheduling changes. Additionally, it simplifies the process of creating schedules and distributing them to employees. The software facilitates effortless communication between employers and employees, reducing the need for phone calls and inquiries. It is effective in managing staffing levels across different locations by arranging transfers or shift covers as needed. When To Work has proven helpful in scheduling casual staff for events or busy periods while ensuring proper coverage. The centralized location of schedules eliminates the need for multiple phone calls, providing easy access to information for all users involved. Overall, When To Work is valued as a valuable tool for scheduling and managing employee shifts, improving efficiency and communication in the workplace.

Thorough and organized scheduling system: Many users have expressed their appreciation for WhenToWork's thorough and organized scheduling system. They find the tab categorization to be very helpful in easily navigating through shift times, employee roles, and other important information. The level of organization provided by the software has been praised by multiple reviewers.

Useful search feature: The ability to search for staff members by name, position, or telephone number is highlighted as a useful feature by many users. This feature allows them to easily find specific employees and export lists for email and other communications.

Automatic notifications: Users highly value the automatic notifications feature of WhenToWork. They appreciate receiving faster notifications through the software than through their email, which enables them to respond quicker and secure more freelance hours. The in-app alert response feature is also loved by users as it saves them time by eliminating the need to load their email, significantly improving their response time.

Complicated Schedule Import: Some users have found it complicated and time-consuming to import their schedules into the software. This has led to frustration and inefficiency in their workflow, as they are unable to seamlessly integrate their existing schedules with the software.

Difficult Navigation: Reviewers have expressed difficulties when it comes to navigating the interface of the software. They find it confusing and unintuitive, which leads to wasted time and hampers their productivity. Users have struggled with finding specific features or options, resulting in a frustrating user experience.

Lack of Key Features: Several users have mentioned that the software lacks certain essential features that are crucial for effective schedule management. For instance, there is no manager approval system for overtime requests, making it challenging for supervisors to monitor and control overtime hours. Additionally, users cannot select and delete multiple shifts at once, causing inconvenience and extra effort when making changes to schedules.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
WhenToWork provides scheduling capabilities for our contact center teams. It allows us to manage a complex schedule with many team members in a clean and efficient way. Team members can view their schedule, supervisors can manage and view the entire schedule, and different teams' data is kept unique. Users can interact with the platform on desktop or mobile which is really nice!
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient for users and manager interactions
  • Solves the scheduling solution need
  • Unique view for different roles
  • No current issues
  • The system has good availability and is there when we need it, no concerns
  • Cost to feature ratio is really good, no issues
WhenToWork is he very cost-effective solution that gives our team the capabilities they need without having to leverage in a much more developed workforce management solution. It allows us to manage role-based permissions that support multiple unique teams, supervisors, QA members, and contact center agents. All users can interact with the system on desktop or mobile.
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-platform
  • Positive team impact as the solution is not a blocker
  • Team members feel connected and informed
  • The cost for use is very low compared to other workforce management solutions
WhenToWork is much more cost-effective for our team size than other comparable workforce management solutions. It offers many of the same features, like role-based permissions, and mobile access, as the other much more expensive options. We are able to meet our needs across multiple unique contact center teams, with many different levels of access, and still have a cost-effective solution we have used for many years.
Billie Fisher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our veterinary hospital uses WhenToWork across our entire organization. We are a 24-Hr Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital with three locations and over 200 employees. WhenToWork allows us to manage everyone's schedule across all of our hospitals and services. With WhenToWork being an internet-based program, our employees can check their schedules from home and receive changes and notifications in real time. This allows us to make last-minute changes with ease. In addition, the ability to color-code entries helps everyone to see at a glance when there is a Supervisor on the shift, who is in training, or if someone has made a change in their schedule.
  • WhenToWork utilizes templates that make scheduling a breeze.
  • WhenToWork allows the user to "drag and drop" entries for quick changes.
  • It would be a nice feature if WhenToWork could allow the user to build schedules from the Calendar View.
  • Would love to see WhenToWork integrate with payroll programs, such as ADP, Paycom, Paychex, etc., so employees' schedules and hours worked would be synchronized.
I find WhenToWork to be very well suited for a company such as ours with multiple locations and 24-hour operation.
With as many as 50 schedules to keep track of, it does an excellent job. The ability to combine individual schedules into a view as an entire department with varying schedules is also a plus.
  • WhenToWork saves time.
  • WhenToWork provides accuracy.
WhenToWork has an easy-to-access and comprehensive Help feature that gives the user quick answers. The tutorials are also a very helpful training tool for the new user.
February 09, 2020

W2W: Big FAN!!!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Across our organization, W2W allows full time, part-time and per diem employees to easily request or modify daily paramedic shifts. Because our industry relies on medics with multiple projects and responsibilities, it's very common for one's monthly work schedule to change multiple times. The flexibility of this web-based tool is the reason we can make sure that paramedics are available to those patients that need us at the worst time of their lives.
  • Web based means always accessible.
  • Strong messaging tool to inform all employees of schedule changes.
  • The mobile app is too restrictive and could use a makeover.
  • Would like the program to remember defaults (ie. "my positions", etc.)
For a business that has last-minute scheduling changes, there's nothing that compares. Either the employee or manager can make/request changes on a situational basis.
  • N/A. Not a manager, just a user.
I've only used W2W and I'm quite satisfied.
I've never needed assistance.
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