Engaging the right buyers with the right message at the right time
November 30, 2020

Engaging the right buyers with the right message at the right time

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Overall Satisfaction with 6sense

We implemented 6sense as our primary predictive engine. It is used by our entire sales and marketing organisation for different use cases.

6sense is well integrated with our CRM system, Salesforce and supports our sales organisation in prioritising their outreach, expanding their sphere of influences in key accounts to build pipeline and close deals. Our sales teams use 6sense insights to prioritise accounts in their territories who are in the later stages of the buyer's journey (decision making, purchase) and are our ideal customer profile as well as identify key players they should be pursuing. Knowing accounts who are in the earlier stages of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration) allows them to get their foot in the door - well ahead of our competitors. 6sense technographic and firmographic data is also used by sales to customise their messaging that yields higher engagement rate.

We also use 6sense to supplement our database. We work with our marketing team on a programmatic approach to reach out to individuals in targeted functions whom we may not have in our CRM but are associated with our ICPs. We nurture these leads until they are sales ready.
  • Salesforce iframe - 6sense data is available on leads/contacts/account records. When sales are working their key accounts, they only ever need to look at the record in salesforce to know where the account is in the buying stage, how well they are engaged with the key players and more importantly, who they should be engaging with. Knowing which technology competitors the accounts use allow our sales teams to better position our solutions.
  • 6sense model and scoring - based on our own historical data, 6sense provides us visibility on our ICPs and allows us to focus on them. It is also flexible and allowed us to build different models for our 2 key products.
  • Next Best Action feature - this feature is loved by our sales teams as it gives visibility to individuals within accounts whom we have in our CRM, and those that we do not and should be pursued by sales. as part of the "talking points," it would be great to add the competing technologies, and not only highlight the marketing activities done by the individual.
  • Higher lead to opportunity conversion rates.
  • Shorter sales cycle.
  • Higher win rates.
Technographic data provided by 6sense allows our teams to approach target accounts and contacts with more focused messaging using our competitive advantages.
Highlighting contacts - both known and anonymous - within our target accounts allows our teams to expand their sphere of influence, identify champions and decision makers that help them progress deals and shorten sales cycle.
6sense provides both account and contact profile fit based on our historical data. We also rely on 6sense to provide us predictive lead grade to that helps the team prioritise their outreach to those with higher propensity to convert.
We have a fantastic CSM with whom I connect on a regular basis to ensure we maximise our usage of 6sense. She is quick to loop in resources where needed, technical or otherwise.
Very user friendly iframe available in our CRM (salesforce.com). The 6sense platform is also very intuitive and user-friendly.

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- Prioritising accounts based on where they are in the buying cycle as well as their ICP fit for quicker pipeline generation and shorter sales cycles.
- Identifying the buying team and see how engaged they are with our company allows our sales teams to loop in the decision makers and push the opportunity further down the sales cycle.
- Uncovering white space where account engagement is lacking as well as where additional contacts should be acquired to support land and expand.