It's Not Stormy For Apple iCloud
Updated May 06, 2021

It's Not Stormy For Apple iCloud

Jeff Henkel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Apple iCloud

I use Apple iCloud for most of my company files. Mainly the files that I may need to access when I am away from the office. I have found it is an excellent business tool and has given me the flexibility I desire so I can be out of the office and still maintain access to just about anything I would want from my office computer. The files I need for mobile access are all automatically filed under my Apple iCloud folder, therefore, I don't even have to worry about making a decision where to file something or if I would want access to it later.
  • Efficiency. Apple iCloud can be set up to automatically place your files for mobile access. I have needed to access a file from my office computer countless times and iCloud has made that possible.
  • Security. I know security is always an issue and I have never felt that any of my files have been compromised. I believe Apple has a reputation to uphold and works hard to maintain secure cloud-based storage.
  • Multi-platform. I use Apple iCloud on my devices, my personal Mac computer and my Windows based office computer. I love how I can save or retrieve a personal or work file at any time on any of my devices.
  • Price. As much as I love the overall functionality of Apple iCloud, the price I pay is fairly steep in comparison and amount of storage.
  • Web Interface is below par. I don't even try to create new files from the web with iCloud. Much easier from a device and then use iCloud just for storage.
  • Mobility. Apple iCloud along with other online storage options has given me the ability to access files and data while away from my office.
  • Security. I don't worry about security with my files in Apple iCloud. Of course, I don't generally store highly sensitive files in the cloud.
  • Simplicity. I can set up my file folders so that when I know I will need access to certain types of files away from my office, I save time with decision making or moving the files later when I may need to take a trip or visit a client.
Apple iCloud works as well or almost as well as OneDrive. I also use OneDrive fairly extensively because I have free storage and it came along with my other Microsoft software. I only pay for additional storage on iCloud. I suppose it's because I operate in both Windows and Apple computer environments it just makes it easier and more versatile for me. I used to work only on Mac devices but when it became necessary for me to use a Windows-based system, that's when I started using One Drive. My mobile devices have access to both online storage options. I don't use or need Google Drive.
I really don't see any lag time when I access files from Apple iCloud. Files are accessible immediately from what I can see. Honestly, I probably don't access large content files very often so that may be a factor. In addition, I have never noticed iCloud being the cause of any slow access to a file or slow down any of my computers or mobile devices.
Apple iCloud overall performs well for me. Obviously, it is more suited for the pure Apple/Mac environment (as I believe OneDrive is for the pure Windows environment). However, it has worked well for me as I added Windows-based systems to my business. Since I initially had only Apple/Mac devices and computers I give Apple a high-five for making the service available to Windows-based and multi-based environments so that I didn't have to migrate my files.
If you own devices on a multi-platform of Windows and Mac, iCloud is a great storage option. First, you do get some free storage when you own an Apple device. Second, if you own an Apple mobile device, you can place whatever file folders you desire under the iCloud folder and have mobile access. I have never owned anything but an Apple iPhone so I wouldn't know about access for Android.

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