Asana is the best project management platform ever!
May 07, 2018

Asana is the best project management platform ever!

Brent Lionel Mausisa | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Asana

I use Asana to organize the different projects of each of my clients and the task of each of my employees. It allows me to track the progress of each project especially when it comes to completion of task and sub-task. The ability to put due dates and hierarchy of urgency of each task allows us to see which task we should focus on first. I can easily manage the projects and my team through Asana. The comments feature in each section, task and subtask allow all the tag people to view the questions and comments of the assigned team members. The calendar feature is pretty cool too since I can view all the due tasks of the day and I can easily follow-up with the assigned team members. Overall, it keeps the project fulfillment smooth and easy.
  • Asana allows you to organize your task through a list or through boards.
  • Asana has a great user interface so it's easy for you to locate the projects and the pieces of tasks under each project.
  • Asana's "My Tasks" feature allows you to see all the tasks assigned to you and you can re-arrange them according to priority level.
  • Asana allows me to attach files to each task which allows us to see the progress of the project. It allows you to comment on the current files and the owner of the task can revise it then according to your instructions.
  • It's not that easy to change or update the name of the title. You need to click the arrow down button beside the title to edit. I believe it should be easier like just click on the current title and change it.
  • I would like Asana to put a feature like Facebook and LinkedIn where you know who's online and who's not online. Because if the person-in-charge is online you can communicate with him real time rather than waiting for him to respond later on.
  • I would be glad too if they add a voice call or video call feature so that if you have concerns and the person you would like to talk to is online you can speak with him right away. Some comments or revisions just needs to be explained through a call to eliminate misunderstandings.
  • Asana allowed us to finish our projects on time which allowed us to please the client and get more projects from them.
  • Asana helped my team to be more efficient in fulfilling their tasks since they know to finish the most important task first down to the least important task.
  • Overall, it helps us to be more efficient and effective in doing our work and it helped us to get the loyalty of our existing clients. Our revenue increased and employee satisfaction increased too.
Trello is really just more on boards and the con with that is if you list lots of task under one headboard some tasks are buried from the view since the boards are a bit big. I like the list feature of Asana, especially for project management. Trello on the other is a great platform for creative projects like graphics, book covers, and others since if you attached the file to board you can easily view the image. Asana though on my part allows me more freedom and more creativity since it has more features like calendar and priority level. Basecamp is more of casual way of arranging task. I don't like it that much.
Asana is very suitable for creating milestones for app development, web development, marketing projects, lead generation projects, project fulfillment and tracking the progress all the goals and targets of the team. It less appropriate for tracking sales, storing customer details, software development (JIRA is more appropriate for this). I will highly recommend Asana to start-ups as well as corporate teams to organize their workflows very well.

Asana Feature Ratings

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Using Asana

10 - We have the CEO, WordPress developer, content writer, web designer, marketing specialist, web researcher, recruitment specialist, accounting expert, UX & UI designer. Now all our projects are in Asana and it allows us to be notified every time a new task is assigned to us and we know when the due is. It also allows us to ask questions in the comments box on each task if we have some clarifications.
2 - Our CEO is the guro to Asana and he knows the hoops and loops of Asana. I myself too can help other with any issues in Asana. The CEO though decides on the type plan of we are going to pay for. The CEO and I can help organize the projects and list all the tasks and due dates.
  • We use it for project fulfillment of web development projects.
  • We also use it for tracking our research projects.
  • We use it to efficiently and effectively collaborate with each team member.
  • We were able to use Asana to pinpoint the less important tasks from the most important tasks.
  • Our style is once you're done with the task, you assign it to your immediate head for review. We put a comment we are the done with the task and we provide the file link in the comment box. This way all our task are getting reviewed before they are marked as completed.
  • We found that the "Team Conversations" feature is a great way to collaborate on some ideas or concerns. It's our brainstorming area.
  • We can use Asana track our specific business goals and see how we are progressing so far.
  • We would like to use Asana as well to track our admin tasks and creating project templates.
  • We can use Asana to eventually track services that we need to upsell to our existing satisfied clients.
Asana is adding more useful features and it makes the work of their entire team more organized and more efficient. It really helps us in achieving greater achievements as a team. It helps us to earn more revenue since we have more satisfied clients, simply because we are able to finish their project on time or even before the due date.