Brightedge: Informed SEO Tools
May 07, 2014

Brightedge: Informed SEO Tools

Jay Corcoran | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with BrightEdge

We use it from an agency standpoint, who mainly focus on the hospitality industry. We use BrightEdge to augment our ongoing SEO efforts across many different client websites. As a tool we use it to mine for opportunities we have within the sites to add or remove certain keywords as well as seeing areas of opportunities to increase organic ranking wherever possible.
  • It provides insights as to how your optimization efforts stand up against competitor terms and shows you your "share of voice" as it is called within the program.
  • Provides a platform for anybody to go in and understand where there are opportunities for SEO improvement.
  • Some of our clients are older legacy clients and are still accustomed to receiving SERP reports, so it fills that need as well.
  • Sometimes the user interface has proven to be less than intuitive for some of our analysts, and has made them hesitant to fully adopt the program.
  • Some of the new product additions, like the integration with Google Webmaster Tools, was extremely difficult to implement, seeing that we had to try to do it for over 100 different websites.
  • Setting up dashboards and reports is time consuming initially, but is a nice feature once in place.
  • Use of the tool has led to better organic keyword ranking.
  • It can help teach a newer analyst how a webpage should be focused and how all the elements of the page relate to each other and how they directly relate to how the website as a whole is viewed and valued by search engines.
  • I think it provides a fact and logically based platform to implement SEO changes. As SEO becomes more abstract, it keeps up with industry standards and is constantly updating with features to keep up with these constant changes.
I think the BrightEdge platform outperforms RavenTools as a more complete and encompassing solution for SEO in today's current landscape.
I would renew, as I don't feel there is a product out there that would have the impact on our SEO efforts as effectively as BrightEdge. It provides the information I need and integrates with other tools like Google Webmaster Tools, to truly have the depth of information that makes their suggestions for SEO changes so valued.
I think it is important to stress, as my company originally adopted BrightEdge strictly as a SERP reporting tool, that it really is a full on SEO management system with the capability to truly show areas of weakness and opportunities. It does require time to use the interface, and training is essential. Once a user is comfortable with it, the results are quickly measurable.

Using BrightEdge

5 - SEO analysts and Search Marketing specialists
  • Ongoing agency contracted SEO for individual clients
  • SERP tracking for the clients who still insist on receiving one
  • Keyword mining and uncovering unseen SEO opportunities
  • The share of voice feature is nice to see where our individual clients stand in relation to competitors.
  • The integration with Google webmaster tools is helpful as well.
  • The multitude of features enhanced the SEO offerings we had to offer to our clients.
  • We look forward to integrating the page reporting and optimization features.
  • I look forward to future product releases.
  • We will be investigating the use of the BrightEdge in relation to the rise of mobile search and its integration.

Evaluating BrightEdge and Competitors

Yes - Raventools. We needed a more complete SEO tool moving forward.
  • Product Features
  • Third-party Reviews
Recommendation from other industry professionals

BrightEdge Implementation

For the most part it was seamless. The load time of clients was a little long, but otherwise was quite easy.
Change management was minimal
  • Getting analysts to adopt the system rather than doing traditional SEO.
  • Getting all analysts to submit keyword list to BrightEdge.
  • Lag between client submission to BrightEdge and finally seeing them on the tool was a little long. Sometimes more than a week.

BrightEdge Support

Our personal account representative is very attentive, cares about our success with the product, is very accommodating to any support request we have.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Problems left unsolved
We had a problem with certain users not being able to access certain client profiles and after just a 5 minute discussion with our product manager, she walked us through the steps to make sure all our users had access to the appropriate accounts.

Using BrightEdge

Once versed in the navigation and use of the tool it is quite manageable, but the initial training can be difficult for some users.
Like to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • The dashboards, once set up are quite useful and a good quick reference.
  • The integration with webmaster tools is quite nice.
  • The SERP reporting is simple and easy to understand.
  • Initially, it is difficult to learn your way around the tool and navigating around the site.
  • It takes some training and support to learn about what certain reporting features are actually telling you and how to generate them.
  • The initial intergration with Google Webmaster tools was quite difficult, as we have an MCC with many different websites, and we unfortunately had to bring them in individually rather than in one action which was time consuming.