User friendly, and very quick
Updated May 28, 2022

User friendly, and very quick

Matthew Liebergall | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Canto

Canto is being used by almost everyone at my company. We create thousands of ads every year, but before this, had no clear way to find past projects, there wasn't an organization tool. We are using Canto as a repository for our best in class work, and this can be helpful to everyone. We have the sales team using it to find great examples of past work with specific verticals/ad placements/brands, etc. The creative team is using it to find awesome examples of specific creative techniques to elevate their work.

So in short, we're using Canto as a place to house the best of every category of work we do, so that anyone on the team can find what they need!
  • Share links. Now, we can share video asset examples to our clients without them having to download it! They can click on the link, and watch it immediately in a browser, major time saver. Also, for security reasons, it's great that we can set an expiration date to those links, and toggle download permissions.
  • Filter bar. I love how I can quickly filter the assets I currently have in my window. I might use the search function, but realize I missed one part of the search. No worries, I can quickly filter those results!
  • Portals and Workspaces. I love how I can control what users can see in their portals, and that I can use a Workspace to organize assets before making them visible on the general Canto library. This allows me the time to organize assets on Canto, without risking them falling into other's hands before they're ready.
  • I don't love the share features for My Collections. Right now, to share a collection externally, you have to go to the collection, select all the assets, and create a share link. There should be a share link creation associated with the collection itself.
  • Moving and creating folders and albums is slow. Anytime I create or move one, the system will take quite a few seconds of loading time. Also, after it's done, the entire folder structure will collapse to its smallest state, and I usually want it to remain the way it was.
  • Tagging. This isn't a unique issue with Canto, but I wish tagging was less manual, wish I could create shortcuts for tags. I have to make repetitive tags as I want to make sure the right results come up for a user, no matter how they search for it. For example, I'll manually tag an asset "e-comm" "ecomm" e-commerce" and "ecommerce."
  • We've just started using Canto, so no stats yet, but the biggest thing I predict here is efficiencies for everyone.
  • Now, team members can use Canto to find the assets they need, instead of asking other team members that they think may know. So this saves both the time of the searcher (waiting for assets), and the potential helper (finding said assets).
  • Canto's ease of use has made it clear that if every great asset we made were on this platform, it would be a huge help to all. The problem is that we don't quite have the manpower to do this efficiently.
It wasn't coming up in the search but we also looked at Adobe DAM. It seems to have great features, but it came at a higher cost than Canto, and the features didn't seem to outweigh the price tag. The Canto team was also much more responsive and helpful to all of our inquiries, while it was harder to get a hold of the Adobe rep. Canto seemed to want our business more.

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If you are looking to host a repository of visual assets, this is your place. If you're creating a repository for discovery, this is your place. If you're trying to make a place where you can find assets quickly and easily, this is great for you.

However, if you're looking to create an educational portal, this may not be the right environment. Leaving notes and comments on Canto is a little hard to do, and they are not easy to find when looking at an asset.

Canto Support

The Canto team is very helpful, they usually respond to any questions within a day. And they're always responding with helpful, personal, human answers. It feels like they care about our partnership, and want us to use their product to its best abilities. They provided us with a month-long onboarding period where they helped us build out the repository.

Using Canto

Canto seems to be modeled to be about as user friendly as possible. For any users that are simply going on it to find and share assets, it really couldn't be easier. It's an extremely easy to follow, and simple platform. The one caveat here is that the admin side is not so as much. There are many settings pages, and they are a bit cumbersome and hard to find. I find myself reaching out to Canto reps on simply pointing me in the right direction on changing a simple setting.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • using the search bar
  • reviewing and playing media
  • uploading new media as an admin
  • sharing assets (have to create shareable links, cant share URLs)