Awesome product to work with, helped us in time management and savings !!
May 24, 2022

Awesome product to work with, helped us in time management and savings !!

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Overall Satisfaction with Catchpoint

We use this tool to continuously monitor our sites and their performance, like PDP performance and site load issues. After every build, we run a Catchpoint system on it to monitor if something is broken on our sites. This tool has been really helpful in mitigating a lot of mishappening due to site performance and quickly making a decision regarding what went wrong. Overall this product has been a real time-saver in such unpredicting times and really a great tool to work with
  • This tool gives us the notification regarding the down time of certain pages
  • It helps in collecting the mobile device performance of the site as we are using a mobile-first approach. The performance of our mobile sites helps in deciding the new approach of designing the future designs as the mobile traffic is performance-sensitive
  • Whenever we integrate other systems it helps us in giving a clear picture of how much site performance has been impacted by enabling certain features hence they allow us to make decisions to optimize the code for that integration
  • The Catchpoint tool sometimes gives immediate notification alerts when certain pages are down. This becomes sometimes false alert for us, for example, if the system is on maintenance then it gives notification regarding them at all times
  • Catchpoint should use some machine learning techniques regarding the traffic on site and based on those should send out or process the decision to throw a notification.
  • There should be a provision in Catchpoint to add certain non-availability times of our server so that we can relax the notification for some time so that we are not notified of false flag alerts if the system is on maintenance then we should configure the times in catch point so that notification can be relaxed
  • The ROI has been very good with this product, we have seen multiple folds of time-saving by using this tool and preempting any risk associated with non-performant times of our server, hence increasing the team's capability to respond to certain downtime scenarios and the level of action that needs to be taken.
  • Catchpoint’s observability solution makes it easier to have global visibility of our website's performance and to fix issues quicker
  • I don't have any negatives, every good product comes with a cost, that is the fact but the Catchpoint tool has ultimately improved our ROI much beyond the changes that we pay
Good customer support is what helps businesses how to use and they are the first point of contact of any issues that we might or we are facing, we get timely alerts regarding the out tickets raised through Catchpoint, they are not only able to provide the timely solution but also helps us in saving our time by quickly going through our problem case and providing a solution to that
Initially, there were challenges since it was a new system and we knew little about it but the customer support and the self-help pages of the tools were of real help initially it took time for us to understand it but the kind of support that this tool provides and the documentation pages are of real help.
Catchpoint meets the needs of their business better than Azure Monitor. We also got the free trial version which we didn't get in Azure network protector hence it helped us try and use the Catchpoint system and help us decide to ahead with the Catchpoint solution. Catchpoint is more suited for like our Enterprise level application since it has excellent top of the class cloud monitoring tools compared to other vendors I mentioned above

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When we do a build on our system, it helps in immediately point out the areas affected by recent builds and helps us make a decision in future planning of our scope of code change, and improve the code quality of our deliverable by helping us always to be mindful of what you send in the build and it's particular impact hence narrowing down our scope of changes and help us make a better decision regarding the coding process and build process as well.