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October 02, 2018

ChurnZero - Top CRM Software

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Overall Satisfaction with ChurnZero

Today, companies are looking for a CRM that is meeting all of their needs, not just part of them and then needing to supplement the software with maybe a detailed spreadsheet or [something] that is not very user-friendly, even if it technically does the job. When I was hired at Briostack, they were using Salesforce. Which has many great things about it. In my experience, it was better than AS/400 for example. Sales and Client Services are the main departments using the CRM. At least with me personally, I found it difficult to track project completion and had a spreadsheet to supplement what I personally was not getting out of Salesforce. I know that there were other areas that motivated the company to look for an alternative, and at the time decisions were being made to go with ChurnZero (CZ), I was very skeptical it would be better than Salesforce combined with my spreadsheet. I was surprised that instead, CZ significantly exceeded my expectations. Not only just with easier project tracking and what my spreadsheet provided to supplement but so much more was introduced that proved to be a more comprehensive solution!
  • Task Default Setup & Tracking
  • Log Activities
  • Journeys used to section like customer groups
  • Customer Tagging
  • Attachments
  • Sales Product Details
  • NPS Customer Rating and Tracking
  • It is difficult to find anything I dislike.
  • I am very happy with this NEW and cutting-edge CRM software! CZ is much more advanced than other CRM options. I don't have to have any spreadsheets to supplement a CRM. I highly recommend CZ to ANY company! It will make a big difference in your business and bottom line. Most importantly, your customers will sense you are organized and create a exceptional support experience!
  • The integration with other systems, such as Copper and Zoho, make CZ the most efficient option! When it comes to finding information quickly, being able to track project progress, and just overall saves time so that operations can focus on the customer, because the team is able to much more better, that results in significant savings that ultimately help the bottom line.
  • One of the integrations is with our actual Brio software with Briostack! CZ actually provides information on customers utilization in our own software so that we understand what they are using and what they are not using. This can help in creating an email compaign to maybe market other areas that are under utilized. Or, when speaking with them, to be in the know to a large degree before we even start talking with them related to where they are with leveraging our own company software. I have never seen a CRM do that much for a company!
I am familiar with AS400, Salesforce and other CRM software. Other alternatives no doubt satisfy needs. The main difference, and it is a big one, is it is as if ChurnZero completed a thorough analysis of all competitors and what those software providers do and do not do. They have what the others have, but better. Then, they have much more than the others have, filling a big gap in the market. One factor that I think this was easier for them to do this than more legacy systems, such as AS400, is that it was new and innovative with updated market information from the start. It did not involve a need to try and take where you are and without revamping everything, make it what they need it to be to be more comprehensive. As a result, I sincerely see an opportunity in the CRM market space for ChurnZero to take a majority of the market.
ChurnZero, Zoho CRM, Copper (formerly ProsperWorks)
- Task Default Setup & Tracking
The following are detailed areas that CZ provides that demonstrates a more comprehensive CRM solution. There are more features than this list, as as the ability to auto generate email campaigns. But, these are the main features that I have not seen in any other CRM in the current market.

Main Features Valued:
- Log Activities
- Journeys used to section like customer groups
- Customer Tagging
- Attachments
- Sales Product Details
- NPS Customer Rating and Tracking

ChurnZero Feature Ratings

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