ClickUp is a core competitive advantage we have over competitors
December 10, 2018

ClickUp is a core competitive advantage we have over competitors

McKay Salisbury | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ClickUp

Every single thing that happens in our business goes through ClickUp. It's so great having a central hub for everything. Everything I want to do, I put in there. Also, when I'm working with clients, I create project plans and assign my employees to each of them. They go in, complete the tasks, make comments when they run into issues, collaborate, and move forward. With ClickUp, none of our clients or their needs slip through the cracks. We also have recurring tasks to constantly check their Amazon accounts, ads, and continually improve them.


  • RECURRING TASKS - Their recurring tasks are great. There are all kinds of customizations you can use for how often tasks recur. Also, comments on recurring tasks get carried every time the task recurs, so you never forget anything. This was a big reason why we picked ClickUp over other tools.
  • TASK STRUCTURE - It's very easy to use and keep everything into the correct tasks. Mentioning other tasks makes it easy to string things together. Also, it's great that we can assign comments, that makes it so we don't have to create quite as many tasks. Also, when a manager needs to review work, staff can just say "finished this draft, can you review?" and assign their manager. Their manager can mark it as complete once they've reviewed it. SO EASY
  • CHROME EXTENSION - I love their chrome extension. I can click a button and create tasks in ClickUp without ever leaving my email, it also puts the email in the task as an attachment. I can also attach emails to tasks, which is great.


  • List Templates - They have list templates, but the due dates get all mixed up whenever you use them. Right now you have to set specific dates and when you create the list using the template, you just set the first start date and all the other dates get moved according to that first date. However, usually I care more about the LAST due date, not the first. Also, they don't skip weekends or anything. I wish there was a way to set the due dates as "Day 1, Day 2" etc. and to have them skip weekends when they are created.
  • Sharing Settings - They've kind of fixed this but before you could only control privacy access on the space level. Now you can set it on anything, however, there isn't a way to share lists, projects, or tasks with clients without them creating a login. They are planning to have this fixed soon though
  • Documents and Files - You can easily attach files to tasks or lists, which is great. I would like it if you could also have an area where you could have files that pertain to the whole project, or the whole space, without having to be put in a specific list or task.
  • Since we use the free version, our ROI in incalculable. ClickUp is a huge competitive advantage for us. Many of our competitors struggle with tracking all their tasks and projects and that's never been an issue with us. Our clients say that our thoroughness and responsiveness is through the charts compared to competitors.
  • It's super easy to bring on new employees and for other to take over tasks halfway through. This makes turnover much less painful.
  • ClickUp also makes it very easy for workers to work from home. It's almost like having them in the office anyway!
There is almost no comparison. With Trello, you basically only get the board view and it doesn't do recurring tasks. To me, it was basically useless. If you can't run your whole business using it, it's not useful.

Teamwork Projects is more similar to ClickUp. However, Teamwork is SLOW! (hopefully they've sped it up recently) Also, Teamwork's organization and hierarchy is very strange. It's like they didn't start with the end in mind but instead just started extra features as they went. Teamwork is like $60/user compared to ClickUp, which is free for basically the same features (ok you can pay like $5/month for additional features and reports). The only substantial benefit to Teamwork is that Teamwork has a Gantt chart.
ClickUp is great for basically every business. I think if you need recurring tasks, ClickUp is a clear winner as I don't think that is offered with Basecamp. Also, their free version is great! We just use the free version, even though the paid version is cheap, because it has everything you need.

I think the important thing is to make sure you use it for everything in your business. As with any tool like this, if you integrate it into every part of your business and use it 100%, it will be great, if you only use it occasionally, it's basically useless.

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