Crazy Egg - easy and reliable heatmapping (and not much more)
March 07, 2016

Crazy Egg - easy and reliable heatmapping (and not much more)

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Overall Satisfaction with Crazy Egg

We use CrazyEgg to do heatmaps and scrollmaps for different devices across a variety of websites. The heatmaps allow us to see the elements of a page that users interact with on desktop and mobile devices, and the scrollmaps enable us to see which content people see as the navigate the page.
  • Provides heatmaps that shows you the elements on your site that are and aren't performing well.
  • Provides scrollmaps so you can see how far down a page users are scrolling and which content never gets seen.
  • Screenshots show you how your website looks across a variety of different devices.
  • Provides a type of clickmap called confetti that enables you visualise clicks by segments - device, new/returning visitors, campaigns and other metrics.
  • Visualisations are limited - CrazyEgg doesn't offer attention maps or mousemove maps like some products.
  • Screenshots can take the better part of a day to generate. If you've got large traffic and want quick insights, CrazyEgg isn't the right tool.
  • No automation - if you want to run a set of heatmaps regularly to keep track of frequently changing content, this needs to be done manually.
  • No integrations with A/B testing tools, which would be very helpful.
  • Customer support experiences haven't been great. All requests seem to be managed by one person, who isn't interested in helping fix bugs and is generally unhelpful.
  • Ability to identify under performing CTAs.
  • Ability to identify important content that isn't being seen by users.
  • Ability to visualise how navigation items and content performs across different device types.
ClickTale has more options than Crazy Egg - both in terms of heatmaps, and additional tools (like session replays and form analytics), but is also much more expensive.

Lucky Orange is priced similarly to Crazy Egg, and has many more features, but doesn't support different devices for heatmaps and can be flaky in capturing screenshots (I had to email support to get these to work correctly).

Mouseflow has all the extra features provided by ClickTale and Lucky Orange, but will only get you 1/10th of the visitors that Crazy Egg will for the same price.

Overall, Crazy Egg is a cost-effective, reliable and easy to use heatmapping tool that does exactly what it sets out to do (and no more). If you don't need all the extra bells and whistles of a more comprehensive tool, then its a great tool.
Crazy Egg is great if you have static content and want to be able to easily set up heatmaps and scrollmaps to see how people interact with your webpages across different devices types. Straightforward and reliable.

In circumstances when you want fast turnarounds, Crazy Egg isn't the right tool as the visualisations often take the better part of a day to generate. It also doesn't perform well if your site has dynamic content - either AJAX-driven or dynamically expanding.

Crazy Egg Support

While support is willing to respond, the responses themselves aren't that helpful. The can often be antagonistic, sarcastic and contain no more than basic answers which don't help move the issue towards resolution.
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
No - Support service is included, but isn't a lot of help. I've often walked away more frustrated than when I logged the initial ticket.
Yes - No - the support rep showed no interest in escalating the issue in order to fix the issue in the platform.
Unfortunately I've yet to have this experience. Recently I sent a ticket about a bug and received a response from a new support rep, and she was much better than all my previous interactions, fixing a bug in the platform very quickly. Hopefully this is a new direction for Crazy Egg support, as this was a really good experience.