Rolls Royce of SecureMail services
Updated March 02, 2024

Rolls Royce of SecureMail services

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Overall Satisfaction with DataMotion

I have worked in several agencies/companies that assist customers moving into the various public cloud services as well as other vendor work where username, password, credentials, access keys and many more secure items have to be sent. Oddly enough, many companies do not have their mail servers, Exchange, for example, configured to support secure email. We as a company do but most of the customers don't, so we find it difficult to help them send such sensitive info internally and externally. We have started recommending them to use DataMotion. We absolutely love it. Extremely simple to implement, no negative effect on our current mail service either. Great to see a product that works and does exactly what it claims it can do. Our team has transitioned to DataMotion instead of using our O365 mail for sending secure messages.
  • Easy to understand once you receive email that there is a secure message.
  • Can wipe messages after they are sent and read.
  • Can be used for both internal and external email addresses.
  • When receiving email it says I can login via a new account or it gave me options to login with my gmail or facebook. But sometimes that option is not available and I don't know why.
  • Not applicable at this time as far as ROI.
  • This did cost us more money when we could have just used our existing secure email service built into O365
This product provides a level of security we do not have by default in our mail system. We have tried two other products over the years and did we found data motion is more well rounded. Our goal for the next 12 mo this is to expand and merge with three other companies so we will be looking to use the same for the other entities
It was paramount for us to be able to use single sign on as well as SafeTLS. Made the integration extremely simple as we did not have to give out unique passwords nor have the users create new accounts in DataMotion. We believe with our planned acquisitions this year we will be able to easily integrate those other IT assets and deploy Datamotion in those areas as well.
This was not a major factor as we expected to be setting up the DataMotion SecureMail on-premise. Since we have had about 90% of our systems migrated to the cloud 4 years ago, finding out that we could also run this in the cloud, right alongside our Azure AD, was a pleasant surprise.
We do not have any plans at this time to integrate with the APIs. I don’t u sweat and why you are forcing people to type so many longer answers to questions when there maybe little to nothing to say such as this question.

Do you think DataMotion delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with DataMotion's feature set?


Did DataMotion live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of DataMotion go as expected?


Would you buy DataMotion again?


It is best suited for customers that do not have their email server setup for secure emails. Not suitable most of the times for customers that have O365 and have already configured secure email services.

Using DataMotion

3 - They support the Active Directory, m365 and email systems.
1 - Someone that understands security and email systems.
  • Send secure emails
  • Receive secure emails
  • Secure emails using outlook
  • Secure emails vie web outlook
  • It is like you asked the same question 3 different ways
We have more testing to do before we decide if we will make a final decision to use the product as we believe we would also implement datamotion for the acquisitions we have planned for this year

Evaluating DataMotion and Competitors

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scalability
I would not change our process

DataMotion Implementation

Configuring DataMotion

No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
I said in the previous question we did not customize anything so why ask this question.

DataMotion Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
No we did not purchase premium support as at first we were doing a POC. I do not understand why I am being recommended to add 50 to 200 words to state why we did not buy premium support.
We only called once and were directed to a website tech document.
We have only had to speak with support on the initial setup. When we did, the issues were resolved on the first try.

Using DataMotion

I tell you this survey should give options to not have to fill out 50 words to 200 for every single question or rating. I mean come on already. You try to entice people with a $25 gift card and this is taking forever to fill all this out.
  • Why do I have to list functions. I am about to just cancel this ridiculously
  • Long multi section survey
  • This survey is cumbersome

DataMotion Reliability

Ridiculous question. It’s scalable and that is why we would want to use it
Why are you asking me

Integrating DataMotion

  • Exchange
It was not difficult
  • No others at this time
This question was already asked previously

Relationship with DataMotion, Inc.

Upgrading DataMotion

  • Fix this long survey. Previous question asked me if we have gone through the upgrade process and said we have not. Yet the next question I this one
  • I cannot imagine why you would ask this question. I mean enough already. What do you think I expect as a benefit? We expect the upgrade to work, fix the issues that your company introduces with bugs and problems and not cause any issues after the upgrade