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Jessica Rondash | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 28, 2020

The Benefits of Mimecast

Score 10 out of 10
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Mimecast is used across our whole organization. It serves as our email archiving system as well as our spam filter. It is also a great tool for catching phishing emails before they get to our end users. Mimecast also allows us to send large files, basically serving as a dropbox but cutting out the step of uploading the files.
  • Catches spam and phishing emails
  • Saves and archives all emails for the designated period
  • Sends large files that are too big for Outlook to handle
  • It has a great search feature for finding old emails.
  • Phishing scams are getting more and more sophisticated so it could always improve on catching phishing emails.
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is great for searching for previous emails. It allows you to get very granular and create a very specific search to easily find the email you are looking for. It also makes it easy to save all emails, without having to go through an archiving process. You can also set Mimecast to save emails for x number of years and therefore remove all emails older than that period.
Mimecast support has been very helpful. Whenever we have questions they quickly answer or let us know they are working on a solution.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 12, 2020

Mimecast - Worth The Time and Money

Score 10 out of 10
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Mimecast is used as the primary spam filtering software for our company. Mimecast protects our main mail services by being an intermediary between our company and the outside internet. We then go further and only permit Mimecast to send our company email directly. Furthermore email is smarthosted out of the Mimecast gateway, so our customers can be assured clean emails.
  • Anti-Spam.
  • Anti-Malware.
  • Death by details - admins can screw things up easily when it comes to advanced message routing.
  • How-to's to train users/admins on more difficult functions.
The product is best used for medium and larger businesses with more than 100 people. It's not cost-effective for less than 100 users.

It's good for any company that wants to block spam before it gets to your on-premise servers and end-users. Their anti-spam engines are amongst the best in the business. The number of customizations on sending and on-premise delivery available can be mind-boggling at first, but are incredibly powerful to get your messages to the right place.
US-based English-language support - amazing! Don't find this often, but I'm very happy they have it!
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 31, 2020

Remove one major headache from your life and consider Mimecast Secure Gateway.

Score 10 out of 10
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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is first and last stop our email makes as it traverses to and from us. We have our MX records set such that all email sent to our domain is actually sent to Mimecast first and they forward it to our on-premise mail server. All users in the company benefit from it. Having it as our front end gives us the capability of knowing it is very unlikely an actual virus laden email makes it through while also blocking the majority of phishing type emails. It also benefits us by not having to expose our SMTP services to the internet.
  • Allows you as the user to not expose your SMTP gateway to the internet. All emails go to Mimecast and you just need to allow SMTP traffic from Mimecast only.
  • Very reliable in up time with rarely an issue receiving or sending mail through it.
  • They have limited electronic resources available for support. It is rare that I find the answer to an issue without having to call them.
  • They are frequently emailing in an attempt to sell extra services...which can be annoying.
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is appropriate for any mid- to large-scale business that wants to limit their exposure to internet-based mail threats. It basically runs itself so requires very little admin time once it is setup and executing properly. The pricing is also a HUGE bargain when compared to what some companies pay for other cloud-based services. Just about any company can afford to set aside this amount to secure their email. Having it lessens the impact of dealing with local users who either do not care about security or are not trained well enough to avoid schemes. The only place where it may not be suited is really small business where the cost may be overkill vs. making sure the users are well versed in avoiding email virus and malware trickery.
When calling them you get best in the world customer services but as previously mentioned their online community and capabilities are a bit lacking. They want you to log into their portal to see updates on issues (vs. using a public facing service) and I rarely find the answers to my issues in electronic format. Their online presence is only helpful with the simplest of issues.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Mimecast remains the gold standard of email edge filtering.

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Mimecast as our mail delivery point for the entire organization. Both incoming and outgoing mail is filtered and scanned through the service. It addresses the serious issue of malicious emails entering our environment. We find that it is a much more effective solution than what it replaced, which was a third party adaptation of spam assassin.

  • Sandbox filtering of mail attachments is great, and we are alerted to caught items.
  • Greymail tagging is useful to some employees.
  • There have been issues of downtime or slow delivery, but we have not lost any mail.
  • The initial setup is a bit counter-intuitive.
If you host your own mail you really do need a solution such as this. Keeping malicious actors out of your user mailboxes is a high priority with current threat vectors. Mimecast is always highly recommended to this purpose. It may be less needed if you are on GSuite and make use of Google's filtering.
We are able to get a person on the phone quickly and can submit tickets online. The support reps are knowledgeable and are able to access our instance remotely. I do wish that outages and issues were communicated more quickly, however. Occasionally I will find out from a user that they are unable to access their portal.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 15, 2019

Mimecast, Great for DR.

Score 8 out of 10
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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is being used by our whole organization, but our end-users typically do not interact with it on a daily basis. We use Mimecast behind the scenes to scan all incoming email and filter out ones that may be considered spam or threatening. We also use it to encrypt any outgoing email. We use this in conjunction with Proofpoint to further protect our end-users from email attacks. We also utilize Mimecast for disaster recovery purposes. In the event of a disaster where we are unable to connect to our on-premise exchange server, we utilize Mimecast to allow our users to log in and see an exact 1:1 copy of their email inbox. This also allows them to send and receive an email if our exchange server is down.
  • Standing up an exact 1:1 copy of email inboxes for DR purposes.
  • Scanning any incoming email to be filtered for spam/threats.
  • Automatically encrypting all outgoing email.
  • Email filtering can be hit or miss. Will incorrectly filter out emails that will go noticed by end-users.
  • Admin web UI can be confusing and not so intuitive.
  • Inability to release incorrectly filtered messages to the end-user mailbox.
Specifically for our organization, we use Mimecast as a defense for our users. This can seem redundant because we also utilize Proofpoint to do basically the same thing. In my opinion, Proofpoint does seem to do this better, but the needs may differ from other Organizations. What I think Mimecast does really well is email backup. For DR testing purposes, we have to stand up a copy of every user's inbox ready for access at any time. Mimecast is able to handle this really well, and also allows our users to send and receive in the event of a disaster.
From personal experience, the only time I've had to utilize the support function for Mimecast is in situations where our pre-defined filter was filtering emails incorrectly and users were missing mail. Mimecast support was spotty at times, but it could be due to being in a weird timezone (EST-6). Once I was able to get in contact with a support agent, things were usually pretty smooth. The support agents definitely try their best to help with the problems.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 02, 2019

An Invisible, Powerful, Magnetic Net that Catches Everything!

Score 7 out of 10
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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is being used across our entire organization for e-mail security. The security solution covers both desktop and mobile clients. Being in the defense industry, a lot of very sensitive information is transmitted via e-mail, and to ensure that this is securely done is very important. Protection against unsafe links and phishing is another key problem that Mimecast solves.
  • Runs relatively unnoticed in the background, not interfering with daily tasks.
  • Has a very powerful search feature.
  • Has a very intuitive management console for users to manage blocked addresses, their online inbox, and various other configuration settings.
  • Requires each device used with it to be enrolled to open links. This enrollment is removed every time cache is clear.
  • Links that are opened in e-mails are first scanned, and then the user is asked to confirm that they think the link is safe, and then only do you possibly get access to where the link is pointing.
  • Sometimes Mimecast will place e-mails on hold, without sending a notification, resulting in delayed delivery. This can be avoided by working within the online mailbox and keeping a look-out for held mails.
The software is well suited to large corporate organizations with a high volume of emails sent each day within, and out of, the organization. Another good fit is in organizations where communication does not take place in the public domain, but rather contains confidential information. Organizations, where a phishing attack could be of greater significance than in non-defense related industries, are also a big market.

Mimecast is not well suited to smaller businesses in which communication volume is low, and the staff is very technically savvy. These staff can typically ascertain the safety of e-mail content themselves and speed up their working experience.
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Jon Shurtliff | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 25, 2019

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway Keeps it Real

Score 7 out of 10
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We implemented Mimecast Secure Email Gateway to combat the many vulnerabilities that have blossomed through email over the past decade. This is implemented company wide and integrates with our G Suite email architecture. With Mimecast we have been able to limit phishing scams, minimize spam, prohibit unsafe links and give our users a customizable experience to keep them focused on the safe, secure and important emails that they need to perform their job.
  • Mimecast really minimizes Spam distraction by providing an hourly or daily digest (time length is fully customizable) of questionable emails. Now, our users only have to monitor those occassionally, and can train the system to prevent spam in the future.
  • Mimecast's sandbox can analyze any questionable email and prevent it from ever getting delivered or executed by our users.
  • The software prevents any malicious links from getting through and even obfuscates to real link until it is proven safe.
  • While the daily or hourly digest of spam/questionable emails is very useful, it does make it easy for users to forever block senders - which they may actually needd those emails in the future. Providing a link to the management console with blocking may be a better option - training the user how to unblock and use the more sophisticated management console.
For both Office 365 as well as G Suite Email platforms, Mimecast provides an excellent layer of security and protection from unwanted and malicious emails. I do admit that training is a key part of the implementation process and if not careful, users can block emails so much that they cause problems receiving valid emails in the future. But with proper training this can be avoided.
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Jeff Nickles | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 29, 2019

Very Satisfied Mimecast Customer!

Score 10 out of 10
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We switched to Mimecast Secure Email Gateway for our entire organization three years ago when our former provider discontinued the product we were using. It was a great upgrade for us! Mimecast does an excellent job of filtering spam and other unwanted messages. It also provides a lot of control in terms of the ability to modify rules, make exceptions, and search to find what happened to an email message. Furthermore, Mimecast offers additional security features which protect our users from threats. For example, Mimecast rewrites the URLs in all incoming messages and checks those when a user clicks to block malicious URLs.
  • Excellent filtering of spam and unwanted messages. It really cleans things up in this regard without producing a lot of false positives.
  • It has great security features that enable us to protect our users from email borne threats.
  • Powerful configuration options that help you to dial in exactly how you want Mimecast to behave.
  • A great Outlook add-in for users that is simple and convenient.
  • Mimecast offers the ability to spool mail if your mail server is down. Users can access this spooled mail for business continuity.
  • The admin console is powerful, but it isn't always intuitive. It seems like things could be a little better organized to make it easier for admins to use.
  • The impersonation protection rule is good and keeps getting better, but could still use work.
In my opinion, Mimecast is suitable for any business that wants greater control over the content, URLs, and attachments they receive via email. It also serves a great business continuity function, given the business-critical nature of email communication today. We have been very pleased with the value of our investment in Mimecast's services and would sign up again in a heartbeat if we had it to do all over.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 21, 2019

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway will make your email spam and malware filtering a breeze...

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway is being used by our firm for all users to perform the following critical functions:
Filter out spam.
Detect and block emails containing dangerous malicious links and attachments.
Manage whitelisting and blacklisting senders, both on a firm-wide bases and by individual users.
Detect outgoing email with potentially dangerous content.
Cache email during production email system downtimes and then deliver it when the production system comes back online.
  • Filters spam well. About 66% of our email is rejected and never hits user Outlook Mailboxes. There are very few times when a legitimate email is blocked.
  • Catches malware-laden attachments. Mimecast catches the vast majority of these.
  • Filters and blocks dangerous links embedded in email. Mimecast blocks almost all of these.
  • The Outlook plugin is intuitive and works well.
  • Has been extremely reliable. Virtually no down time.
  • The user interface could be a little more intuitive on the admin side.
  • Sometimes response times for accessing features via the Outlook features is slow
  • Proper configuration to optimize filtering can require quite a bit of tweaking.
Mimecast is well suited for any enterprise of over 25 individuals who wish to have first-class spam and malware protection on inbound email. It is reasonably priced and straightforward to implement. It does require some attention, and I would not recommend it to anyone who does not have a technical person who can invest the time to learn the system's administration to provide for its maintenance and ongoing adjustment as threats and desires for varying system performance evolve.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 21, 2019

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway - Security You Can Trust

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our law firm uses Mimecast Secure Email Gateway to protect our network from email malware delivery, spam and phishing attempts. Everyone in the firm uses Mimecast and I couldn't be happier. We saw an immediate reduction in the number of malicious emails getting through to end users.
  • Mimecast has a great spam engine, and great controls to permit, deny or release spam it puts on hold.
  • Mimecast does a great job of preventing impersonation and phishing attacks.
  • Mimecast does a great job of providing failover Outlook connectivity if our on premise Exchange server is down.
  • Mimecast administration is complicated, I wish the admin console and policies were more intuitive.
  • I wish Mimecast error messages were more granular, you get the same error message for multiple issues.
  • Other than those two minor issues, Mimecast is great.
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is well suited for businesses that need email security and protection from phishing/social engineering attacks, so basically it's good for businesses of all sizes. All it takes is one malicious email to get clicked by an end user and your whole network is down, Mimecast security is well worth it.
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Debbie Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 17, 2018

Mimecast - End User's Dream for Spam and Malware

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Mimecast is used by our entire organization for our business continuity plan as well as our production email security. We added the email threat management package to our original subscription in 2017. We license each user and use it in conjunction with high availability Exchange on prem and SMSMSE for antivirus.
  • Mimecast is fantastic as a spam blocker. Our users get the traditional noon day email with their "held" items for release at their discretion, but we have a small rate of failure for recognizing true spam vs. true emails.
  • It is extremely easy for the users to use, especially with the Outlook ribbon feature enabled so that they can access their held (spam) emails, allowed senders list (white list), blocked senders list (blacklist) and other features quickly.
  • We have experienced a few outages or maintenance windows internally for our on prem email system, but we have not had Mimecast unavailable for us once. It's been 100% reliable.
  • The Admin Management console is absurdly complicated. For every first time we wanted to setup we've had to call their support for assistance. Support is quick and fantastic but it's so difficult to do anything yourself. They seem to have gone out of their way to call features unique things instead of using standard language from other providers so you as an IT professional know what you're looking for to setup.
  • They have lots of KB articles, which their support will point you to. They are written on the most basic level and don't actually provide the help you need. For example, the KB page will tell you the list of options on the page... but not actually tell you what you do, why you might use them, or define their terminology.
  • Their email threat management system has several nice features. One of the features available is that it will rewrite links in emails so that users click the link and it sandboxes the link, testing it on their server space and the user sees it there. This means the actual link in the email gets changed to the address of one of their servers. As a law firm, the EXACT LINKS are important to maintain in our communications and editing actual data from our clients to point to a Mimecast server is an unacceptable practice. I wish they had an alternative that did not edit the link itself on the page.
For companies with larger IT departments, especially someone Exchange savvy, Mimecast is a great tool that works terrific after you set it up. Administering and managing it is easy once it's up. The initial setup of any rules or functionality is overly complicated and takes great patience and lots of support time to accomplish what you want. The ability to use the Mimecast app or website during our onsite Exchange maintenance periods is terrific and it works great for business continuity.
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Dale Simpson | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 30, 2018

Protect your system and enhance your outbound mail

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We implemented Mimecast as an extra layer of protection in our cyber security plan. We opted to implement company-wide to ensure all departments were protected.

When we were first shown the platform we were only looking for a solution to replace our then current automatic disclaimer, however, we soon realised it was much more than this. The disclaimer option was just one feature of a security gateway platform.
  • URL Protection - Mimecast filters and checks every URL which allows a double check for malicious links. Each link is re-directed through the Mimecast platform and if it is malicious the user is prohibited from accessing it. Occasionally it will ask the user to decide whether the link is clean or not to help train user awareness. I find this very helpful in reducing downtime from false links.
  • Attachment Protection - alongside filtering URLs Mimecast also checks all attachments for malicious code and other undesirable content. If it identifies something that doesn't look right it will hold the email and notify the user. If it is an expected email, it can be released to a sandbox to verify the contents. We have found this very useful in preventing phishing attacks through malicious code sent in word documents.
  • Bounced & Rejected mail - Mimecast employs a host of different filters and rules for mail traffic. Should mail meet certain criteria it either bounces or is rejected. This can be for many reasons. Impersonation is a classical and very useful filter which rejects phishing mail from people trying to impersonate individual users. Following implementation, we have seen a vast reduction in mail purporting to be from us sent to us.
  • Held mail - this is a form of junk mail filtering. When an email is identified by Mimecast as potential junk or spam it will hold the email in the queue and send a notification email to the user allowing them to block, allow, or release. If you release the email it will allow you to receive that specific email but hold all future emails from the sender until you select allow. This has helped to dramatically reduce spam and junk email entering our system.
  • Mimecast also applies an automatic disclaimer to all outbound email. There is a lot of functionality which allows for different disclaimers to be used for different domains or departments etc. This flexibility is very useful for us as it enables us to use one system for multiple domains and departments.
  • Designing the disclaimers is a little bit difficult as it requires advanced HTML knowledge. Currently, there isn't a visual editor just a preview page which displays the HTML content. It would be very good if they could add this functionality in the future.
I would say Mimecast is well suited to most organisations - the bigger the more important. That said, even small organisations need to protect themselves and Mimecast is a fantastic offering. I can honestly vouch it is the market leader in providing a secure email gateway.
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Hans Huang | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 06, 2018

Solid cloud based email perimeter software

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our entire organization uses Mimecast Secure Email Gateway; it handles all of our spam/junk email bounce/blocks as well as offers other features such as attachment threat scanning/blocking, anti-phishing measure (replaces URLs with a Mimecast URL), and DR continuity. Mimecast offers even more products and services at the perimeter but we do not use all of their features.
  • Spam/malware blocking
  • Allows you to customize rule sets for specific individuals, groups, or all staff
  • Good support and an engaging user base that offers questions and solutions to issues
  • The web portal for end users could be a bit more UI friendly
  • Getting a message to pass through the Mimecast policies can be a bit long sometimes depending on how many policies are applied
Very good for SMBs and large organizations to have an email security solution at the perimeter and also if you need a solution that can do things like archiving, legal holds and disaster recovery. These would be very useful in not just day to day operations but also in the event of a major disaster declaration.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2018

Excellent security for a reasonable price

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mimecast Secure Email Gateway to scan all of our incoming and outgoing e-mail for approximately 10 unique domains, and 1400 users. It performs multiple security functions: scanning for unsolicited commercial email (spam), scanning and removing malicious content, preventing impersonated emails for all internal users, phishing prevention, and preventing users from sending out sensitive content like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.
  • Spam detection - Mimecast does a great job of filtering spam and giving admins and users control over the sensitivity of the spam filter.
  • Email security - we love how Mimecast detects and removes malicious attachments.
  • URL & link security - all URLs within emails are scanned and re-written so that when users click on links, they are first checked for security and blocked if the destination is malicious.
  • Data loss prevention - Mimecast does a good job of scanning outgoing email for sensitive content.
  • Admin interface is a little clunky but slowly improving.
  • Methodology - their approach to policies and rules is a little different from other products. It can take a little bit of time to "think like Mimecast" when setting up your environment.
  • Control - some policies and scanning sensitivity give you a lot of control, other areas could be better.
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is well suited to companies looking for a cloud-based email security solution at a reasonable price. Mimecast offers several different pricing levels and optional packages so you can craft a solution that has the features you need, within your budget. It works well with Office365 and with on-premise e-mail systems. If you are hesitant to route your email through a cloud-based provider, then Mimecast (and other cloud solutions) might not be suitable for your environment.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 19, 2018

Mimecast - Finally in love with my spam filtering solution

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Mimecast to scan all inbound and outbound email for spam and malicious content for the entire organization. We're also using the secure messaging product as well.
  • Impersonation Detection - We've received a lot of fake CEO emails recently. The previous product we had had limited ability to detect this. Mimecast on the other hand can use multiple factors to help determine whether an email from outside the organization is impersonating an employee.
  • It allows you to customize rules for specific people or groups
  • It has a lot more features
  • The web interface, while powerful, can be counter intuitive to use. If you're not in there all the time and very familiar with how it works, often you will have to reach out to support to remind you how to get something done
  • The email support is just okay. I would be very frustrated if I didn't opt for the option for phone support.
When we were a smaller company we couldn't justify the cost of something like Mimecast. However, for a medium to large organization, a product like Mimecast is well suited.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 10, 2018

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway - Great filtering but issues with Archival, contract and shady practices

Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is being used by our organization to filter unwanted email for half of our company. We had been experiencing less than stellar filtering results with our previous vendor and decided to go with Mimecast, who was viewed as a leader in the field.
  • Filtering of spam, viruses and fraudulent emails
  • Mail Archival (going forward from the time of install only)
  • Account Managment
  • Integration with Outlook and Active directory
  • User friendly client interface
  • Mimecast contract has an autorenew clause, if you don't notify them by the given date that you plan on canceling service you will be locked in to paying for another year.
  • It is very very very hard to export your archived data in a format that can be used should you need to.
  • Mimecast charges to ingest emails from before the date of service. The prices are very high.
Mimecast's ability to act as a email filter is amazing. While their archiving service is little beyond useless. The cost to ingest pre-existing email is astronomical compared to the cost of their product. The cost to download email (in bulk) from the archival platform in a format that is easily usable is also nuts. The inability to cancel service in the weeks leading up to your renewal because of a line in their contract is goofy. It's a shame that a company with such a fantastic product uses such shady sales practices.
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Kurt Ferguson | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 10, 2018

Mimecast - Email Gateway Done Right!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mimecast as our email gateway. It filters all inbound and outbound messages for our entire organization. Mimecast helps us make sure that virtually all of our outbound email messages were encrypted, provides us with both a secure website and an Outlook add-in to review blocked/filtered messages. Being able to be certain that our outgoing messages are properly encrypted, as well as being able to send secure messages via the web portal to companies that don't accept inbound encryption, has proven indispensable.
  • Encrypts email quickly and efficiently - We went from having a large amount of unencrypted outbound email to over 96% of outbound messages being encrypted, which was a big win for both IT Security and the company as a whole.
  • Easy access to blocked/filtered messages - The Mimecast Outlook add-in makes checking your filtered and/or blocked messages a breeze, and also allows adding new entries to block lists to be done without needing to log in to the website, which is very popular with our end-users.
  • Simple administration - Administering Mimecast is quite simple. SSO makes login a snap, and the web interface is very easy to navigate, while still offering robust controls and information about our Mimecast environment.
  • Imperfect for shared mailboxes - Accessing the blocked/filtered messages for shared mailboxes is much trickier. The Mimecast add-in for Outlook is bound to the user that's logged in, so it won't function correctly for accessing the blocked/filtered messages for mailboxes for which the user has Full Access Permissions in Exchange.
  • Dependence - While this is certainly true of just about any email gateway if the gateway servers go down or are otherwise inaccessible, your email system is effectively dead in the water. This only happened to us once in two years, but it was still very disruptive when it did happen.
  • Lack of notifications - Aside from the daily quarantine summary you receive, you really have no way of knowing when messages have been either blocked or filtered. It would be nice if there was an Outlook or tray icon notification informing you that you had new messages to attend to, rather than manually doing so periodically.
I think that overall, Mimecast is an excellent email gateway. The performance is great, the overall accessibility is very good, and the administration is fairly straightforward. Many companies may be very attached to the notion of on-premise email gateways, but we have been extremely happy with Mimecast's cloud-based email gateway. Overall it has proven very effective and reliable for our organization, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other companies. It is best-of-breed, in my opinion.
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Bill Holmberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 10, 2018

The best of the best

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the service for all incoming and outbound emails, across every department. It dramatically reduces the end users' spam and malicious emails, including phishing. Additional services are attachment protection and URL protection. Both are very low impact to our users and have a high yield in results. Rollout of the additional services was cost-effective as well as openly accepted by our users. I would use the word transparent but that is a "jinx" word in IT (similar to "seamless"). ;)
  • Stops the vast majority of SPAM
  • Easy to use daily list to users of held emails
  • Protects users from dangerous attachments
  • Protects users from dangerous URL's in emails
  • Its a complicated task to deal with every variety of email issue(s) that arise, and though they do the best I have seen at it, there is still room for AI and clarity improvements in the portal.
Mid to large size companies its a no-brainer. Small companies may struggle with the costs (but it's worth it).
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Michael Ellerbeck | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 06, 2018

Mimecast: not just for mimes... itis for everyone

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mimecast is used across the whole organization. We take advantage of many of its great features. For example, email first flows to Mimecast servers before they hit 0365. Mimecast has an array of rules that weed out people trying to spoof domains, or spoof emails that look like they are coming from say our CEO (anti-whale phishing) it checks our and redirects any links looking for malware. It also detonates and checks out various attachments for malware, macros and other bad stuff.
  • Very straightforward and well documented setup!
  • Good whitelisting
  • Good rule set for tailoring it to your needs.
  • I'm not a fan of their interface yet, the new one is better... but still
  • Getting archives out takes for ever
  • It is a complex product, so more training resources is always appreciated!
It works very well for medium to large enterprises who want someone to help filter the deluge of spam, malware, spyware, macros, phishing, and crypto locking junk that is flying all over the internet these days. Having email up in the case of an internal outage is great for peace of mind.

It might be expensive to smaller companies.
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Christopher St.Amand | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 25, 2017

Mimecast is the new hotness!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mimecast is being used across the whole organization to provide protection against spam, malware and phishing attempts. We also utilize the Attachment and URL protections to bring an added layer of security to our end users. Mimecast addressed issues that we could not have thought of in regards to Whaling and Impersonation attempts.
  • Stops spam messages based on it's vast known bad and reputation lists
  • Easy to find where a problem exists in the chain of getting an email through it's tracking area
  • Fairly easy to configure and setup with the very nicely provided guides and videos
  • We've found that the console will timeout frequently when trying to search for various things or look at different sections of the console
  • We have a hard time getting into support without waiting for at least a half hour or more
We think that any organization that is looking to have a flexible and not overly complex email gateway should consider Mimecast. It was an fairly simple cut-over and the implementation team was helpful. With that said you may find support a little lacking. You will spend a little more, however, you get what you pay for.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 04, 2018

Mimecast - The best in email for your organization

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Mimecast handles all aspects of our email for the entire organization. From a basic level it allows and blocks mail. However it also protects against aspects such as DLP (Content Examination) looking for regular expressions in your email and performing appropriate actions against the email. It also gives you options with your email such as changing email data, such as if it came in from X person, change it to look like it came in from Y person. Mimecast is extremely powerful and worth every penny.
  • Blocking Spam
  • DLP (Content Examination)
  • Blocking other malicious files
  • Customer engagement on their forums
  • Reporting - They have a few options, but are limited to what they give you (for the most part)
  • Phone support - They have access to your configuration, however do not have tools to see your screen
  • First Time Setup - At the time we set the product up it was very difficult. However after talking with their experts they have proven that they took great strides to fix this.
Email protection both from spam, viruses, and other malicious entities. They are very active in their community and take requests/ideas very seriously. I cannot think of an area where Mimecast would be less appropriate as all businesses are affected by email and the risks associated with it.
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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Anti-malware (9)
Cusomizability (9)
Data Loss Protection (7)
Threat Detection (8)
Sandboxing (7)
End-to-End Encryption (8)
Management Tools (9)

About Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is a messaging security option with anti-spam / anti-malware, data loss prevention, large file send, and other features, from UK company Mimecast.
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